America Chavez was born in the stars.

When soaring through space, she doesn’t run from a fight because she’s a groundbreaking, interdimensional Super Hero. When on Earth, she punches and stomps star-shaped holes between planes of existence. When in her home country, she fights for what’s right from sea to shining sea.

She is America.

A Heroine from Heroines

Formerly known as Miss America—a codename previously held by Madeline Joyce Frank—America Chavez is from the Utopian Parallel, a realm outside conventional time and space formed from the “unbinding of magic” by the multidimensional messiah Demiurge. When America was six years old, mysterious forces permeated the Parallel with dimensional rifts that threatened to fracture it, kill its inhabitants, and scatter its fragments throughout the Multiverse’s infinite realities. To stabilize the Parallel, America’s two mothers sacrificed their lives to seal the rifts, dispersing their atoms through them in the process.

America, in the act of grief-stricken anger and half-formed idealism, created an interdimensional portal to flee her home realm into the larger Multiverse to emulate her mothers’ heroism in other universes, rather than remain in the seemingly perfect Parallel.

She spent the remainder of her childhood adventuring in many dimensions, with her powers protecting her from harm. By her early teens, she resided on Earth-616, where she joined Ultimate Nullifier’s Teen Brigade—a covert cadre of super-operatives, as well as the Young Avengers to stop a powerful mind-controlling parasite. America shared a brief experimental affair with Nullifier but is romantically drawn to women.

AMERICA (2017) #7, page 18

Interdimensional Butt-Kicker

America possesses superhuman strength, durability, and speed, as well as the power of flight. She can make physical contact with non-corporeal points of existence, allowing her to apparently touch a gravitational singularity’s center and to create interdimensional portals by punching the air or stomping her foot, literally breaking the barriers that separate dimensions; her eyes, necklace, and wrist tattoos glow when she creates such portals.

Fiendish Foes

Mother, an interdimensional entity, desires Wiccan’s potential Demiurge power and can mind-control the parents of others and seemingly resurrect deceased parents, such as America’s two mothers.

Young Masters of Evil is Executioner’s (Daniel DuBois) team of super villains that try to recruit Loki Laufeyson, A.K.A. Kid Loki. America and the Teen Brigade help undermine their nefarious efforts.


America has acted as co-leader of the Teen Brigade with the Ultimate Nullifier. The Teen Brigade is a group of covert super operatives.

To stop the interdimensional parasite Mother, America joins the Young Avengers team, which includes the shape-shifting alien goliath Hulkling, Teddy Altman; the magical Wiccan, Billy Kaplan, son of the Scarlet Witch; size-morphing Stature; Cassie Lang, daughter of Ant Man; the sharpshooting Hawkeye, Kate Bishop; the alien hero Marvel Boy, Noh-Varr; the highly intellectual Prodigy, David Alleyne; and occasionally Kid Loki, when he’s not opposing the team.

YOUNG AVENGERS (2013) #14, page 5




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American History

After joining the Teen Brigade, the cosmic entity In-Betweener warned the cadre about an imbalance between order and chaos that Executioner’s Young Masters of Evil were inadvertently escalating. To undermine their efforts, America intervened in the Young Masters’ attempt to recruit Kid Loki. Seemingly interested in neither her nor the Young Masters, Loki banished her to the Sixth Dimension, where she battled demonic despot Tiboro. Tiboro, in giant form, threatened to drain her life force and make her his “concubine of violence.” America, in flight, punched into and through Tiboro’s head, creating a wound that drained his mystic essence. The Defenders retrieved her, returning her to Earth to assist them against another exacerbation of chaos, the demonic Brotherhood of Braak’nhud. She reunited with the Brigade in Latveria, where the Brigade and Defenders defeated the Braak’nhud and Young Masters.

Leaving the Brigade soon afterward, America resumed her extradimensional travels, avoiding Earth-616. On Earth-212, nearly 10 years after her departure from the Utopian Parallel, she again encountered Loki, who tried to persuade her to kill Earth-616 hero Wiccan (William Kaplan), the mortal incarnation of the Demiurge who would eventually transcend time and space to revolutionize magic and create the Parallel. Rejecting Loki’s offer, she returned to Earth-616 to watch over and protect Wiccan, precisely as Loki intended.

Weeks later, Loki tried to prevent Wiccan from inadvertently summoning the extradimensional parasite called Mother, who craved Wiccan’s potential Demiurge power; however, America misinterpreted Loki’s actions and intervened. The resultant mystic energy surge bound her, Loki, Wiccan, and his Young Avengers teammates to Mother, allowing her to mind-control their parents as pawns. Mother seemingly resurrected and mind-controlled America’s mothers; unsure if the women were truly her mothers or merely Mother’s duplicates, she was forced to apparently destroy them.

YOUNG AVENGERS (2013) #3, page 8

To prevent the spell’s power from spreading further, the Young Avengers, including America and Loki, departed Earth in Marvel Boy’s spaceship. Later, via America’s portal-creating power, they pursued Mother’s ally, the mysterious “Patriot-Entity,” through several alternate realities; during their travels, America became best friends with Hawkeye, Kate Bishop.

Arriving in Mother’s home dimension, the Young Avengers tricked their alternate reality adversaries into attacking Mother. But, Mother made the extradimensionals her pawns, then recruited some of the Young Avengers’ former allies, including Ultimate Nullifier, as her personal “Young Avengers” team. She sent the extradimensionals to attack Earth, but the Young Avengers gathered dozens of young Super Heroes to repel the invasion. They fought Mother’s team, distracting her long enough for Wiccan to briefly manifest his Demiurge potential and break the spell that bound Mother to him and to Earth, trapping her in her home dimension.

America then attended Sotomayor University, where she gathered a new group of friends, while simultaneously fending off local and interdimensional threats as the leader of the Ultimates. During her adventures, America fought alongside Captain America, the X-Men, and even met up with her other-dimensional grandmother, Madrimar, on the Planet Fuertona.

Alongside Madrimar, Chavez traveled through the Multiverse to the Ancestral Plane—the metaphysical manifestation of America’s people, the Fuertona. There, she witnessed her earliest personal foundations, her mothers, and her larger place in the universe.

AMERICA (2017) #1, page 19

Back at Sotomayor, the campus came under attack by a college dean who became a Super Villain called the Exterminatrix. Armed by the dark Midas Corporation, Exterminatrix took control of the university before kidnapping America’s allies and turning her friends against her. Summoning the power of Madrimar and the Fuertona, America powered up like never before, unleashing a new level of star-punching might that allowed her to take down the Exterminatrix and the Midas Corporation.

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