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When soaring through space, America Chavez doesn’t run from a fight because she’s a groundbreaking, interdimensional Super Hero. When on Earth, she punches and stomps star-shaped holes between planes of existence. When in her home country, she fights for what’s right from sea to shining sea.

She is America.


A Heroine from Heroines

With the ability to create cross-dimensional portals, superhuman strength, and flight, America Chavez comes to believe she and her powers originate from the Utopian Parallel, a realm outside conventional time and space formed from the “unbinding of magic” by the multidimensional messiah Demiurge. She also believes that her mothers sacrificed themselves to save her from dimensional rifts that threatened to tear the Parallel apart, leading her to escape into the Multiverse through her star-shaped portals. 

AMERICA (2017) #7, page 18

But, America is born in the USA on Earth-616. Her mothers, Elena and Amalia, were doctors from the Bronx who attempted to save her and her sister Catalina from a degenerative genetic disorder, Edges Syndrome. Desperate to save their daughters, Elena and Amalia work with billionaire Dr. Gales on his remote island to cure them and other girls with Edges that Gales had dubbed “Starlings.” America receives Gales’ unconventional treatments, which involve exposing her and the other Starlings to the Utopian Parallel, an otherworldly place beyond a chamber door on the island. America shows signs of remission, and her powers manifest, inspiring Gales to experiment further.

Gales encourages America to use her powers

But America’s mothers grow suspicious of Gales and plan an escape for their family and the other Starlings. To do so, Amalia sacrifices herself to save everyone. Elena continues their escape plan, but Gales shoots her, leaving America, her sister, and the Starlings left to fend for themselves. While the Starlings fight off their captors, America uses her portal powers to punch through to another dimension as an escape method, but her sister Catalina gets ripped from her arms by Gales. America falls through her portal and arrives on the shores of Jones Beach, New York, defeated and exhausted. She passes out, but passersby, in the form of the Satana family, find her and take her in as one of their own. 

Though suffering from amnesia, America grows up alongside her adoptive brother, Alberto, in their Washington Heights neighborhood. A few years pass, and America begins to remember things about her life from before, however distorted. She shares a fantastic story with her adoptive parents about how she was from the Utopian Parallel, where her mothers sacrificed themselves to close dimensional rifts. She also shared how she escaped into the larger Multiverse to emulate her mothers’ heroism in other universes.

Concerned about America’s beliefs regarding her origin, they send her to a child psychologist, who reveals that little America created this fantasy to cope with the trauma she endured. Suddenly, America’s abilities present themselves before her adoptive parents and the psychologist. Unable to explain her powers, America maintains that she’s from the Utopian Parallel, solidifying her story, and begins her journey towards becoming a vigilante who fights for justice.

America's powers manifest outside the psychologist's office

At 11, she sneaks into her friend Magdalena “La Sirena” Velez’ boxing class and they spar with one another. America reveals her powers to her, and they become best friends. They share a kiss but Magdalena, afraid of her feelings, takes off without a word. 

By her early teens, she joins Ultimate Nullifier’s Teen Brigade—a covert cadre of super-operatives, as Miss America—a codename previously held by Madeline Joyce Frank. America shares a brief experimental affair with Nullifier, but it turns out that she’s romantically drawn to women with one of her earliest crushes being her friend, Magdalena. She later joins the Young Avengers to stop a powerful mind-controlling parasite and takes the codename America.


Interdimensional Butt-Kicker

America possesses superhuman strength, durability, and speed, as well as the power of flight. She can make physical contact with non-corporeal points of existence, allowing her to apparently touch a gravitational singularity’s center and to create interdimensional portals by punching the air or stomping her foot, literally breaking the barriers that separate dimensions; her eyes, necklace, and wrist tattoos glow when she creates such portals.

YOUNG AVENGERS (2013) #14, page 5

Fiendish Foes

Mother, an interdimensional entity, seemingly resurrects deceased parents, such as America’s two mothers. The entity mind-controls the parents of her teammates all in an attempt to take fellow Young Avenger Billy Kaplan, AKA Wiccan’s potential Demiurge power.

Young Masters of Evil is Daniel DuBois, AKA Executioner’s team of Super Villains that try to recruit Loki Laufeyson, AKA Loki, but at the time in his younger form known as Kid Loki. America and the Teen Brigade help undermine their nefarious efforts.


Classmates and Teammates

While fighting injustice with Teen Brigade, America co-leads the team with the Ultimate Nullifier.

To stop the interdimensional parasite Mother, America joins the Young Avengers, which includes the shape-shifting alien goliath Teddy Altman, AKA Hulkling; the magical Wiccan, son of Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch; size-morphing Cassie Lang, AKA Stature;, daughter of Scott Lang, AKA Ant-Man; the sharpshooting Kate Bishop, AKA Hawkeye; the alien hero Noh-Varr, AKA Marvel Boy; the highly intellectual David Alleyne, AKA Prodigy; and occasionally Kid Loki, when he’s not manipulating nor opposing the team.

America becomes best friends with Kate and they often team-up to help others and dispel dangerous threats. America also joins other teams as well to defend and protect those in need, including the West Coast Avengers, Luke Cage’s Thunderbolts, and Eternity’s new team of Defenders.




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American History

After joining the Teen Brigade, the cosmic entity In-Betweener warned the cadre about an imbalance between order and chaos that Executioner’s Young Masters of Evil were inadvertently escalating. To undermine their efforts, America intervened in the Young Masters’ attempt to recruit Kid Loki. Seemingly interested in neither her nor the Young Masters, Loki banished her to the Sixth Dimension, where she battled demonic despot Tiboro. Tiboro, in giant form, threatened to drain her life force and make her his “concubine of violence.” America, in flight, punched into and through Tiboro’s head, creating a wound that drained his mystic essence. The Defenders retrieved her, returning her to Earth to assist them against another exacerbation of chaos, the demonic Brotherhood of Braak’nhud. She reunited with the Brigade in Latveria, where the Brigade and Defenders defeated the Braak’nhud and Young Masters.

Leaving the Brigade soon afterward, America resumed her extradimensional travels, avoiding Earth-616. On Earth-212, nearly 10 years after her departure from the Utopian Parallel, she again encountered Loki, who tried to persuade her to kill Earth-616 hero Wiccan, the mortal incarnation of the Demiurge who would eventually transcend time and space to revolutionize magic and create the Parallel. Rejecting Loki’s offer, she returned to Earth-616 to watch over and protect Wiccan, precisely as Loki intended.

Weeks later, Loki tried to prevent Wiccan from inadvertently summoning the extradimensional parasite called Mother, who craved Wiccan’s potential Demiurge power; however, America misinterpreted Loki’s actions and intervened. The resultant mystic energy surge bound her, Loki, Wiccan, and his Young Avengers teammates to Mother, allowing her to mind-control their parents as pawns. Mother seemingly resurrected and mind-controlled America’s mothers; unsure if the women were truly her mothers or merely Mother’s duplicates, she was forced to apparently destroy them.

YOUNG AVENGERS (2013) #3, page 8

To prevent the spell’s power from spreading further, the Young Avengers, including America and Loki, departed Earth in Marvel Boy’s spaceship. Later, via America’s portal-creating power, they pursued Mother’s ally, the mysterious “Patriot-Entity,” through several alternate realities; during their travels, America became best friends with Kate Bishop.

America and the Young Avengers ended up facing their alternate reality adversaries and former allies, including Ultimate Nullifier, whom Mother had recruited as her personal “Young Avengers” team. She sent the alternates to attack Earth, but the Young Avengers gathered dozens of young Super Heroes to repel the invasion. They fought Mother’s team until Loki revealed the truth, that Mother’s team was a creation from his guilt, guilt over slaying his younger self and admitted to manipulating the real Young Avengers. Once he admitted it, the evil variants disappeared, and the team worked together to trap Mother in her in her home dimension. 

With an incursion event destroyed the Multiverse, America ended up on Victor Von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom’s patchwork planet, Battleworld. She lived in Arcadia with her foster family: her sister Nico Minoru and mother Loki Laufeyson (Earth-16191). They joined Arcadia’s protectors, A-Force, until she broke a cardinal rule by endangering everyone and disrespecting the borders of Arcadia. She was jailed by Thor of Thor Corps and sent to work at the Shield. There, she befriended fellow lawbreaker Lady Kate Bishop, but when the Shield collapsed, America fled with Kate through a portal. Together they quested and found Pizza Dog and sought out a man named Barton.

America fights with A-Force to defend Arcadia

When Earth-616 and the Multiverse was restored, and upon the recommendation of Monica Rambeau, America joined the Ultimates alongside Rambeau and the other members,  T’Challa, AKA Black Panther, Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, and Dr. Adam Brashear, AKA Blue Marvel, fending off local and interdimensional threats. With the team, she faced the world-eater, Galan, AKA Galactus, and Conner Sims, AKA Anti-Man

When the second Civil War began between superhumans, Captain Marvel wanted to use Inhuman Ulysses Cain, who could predict the future, to stop crime. When using one of his predictions to stop Thanos, it led to the death of James Rhodes, AKA War Machine, and left Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, mortally wounded. Taking the consequences to heart and after helping a being called the Infinaut, America opposed using Cain’s ability and most of the team agreed with her, leading to the team disbanding. 

Although, America reformed the team to help Galactus and Anti-Man find the culprits who captured the cosmic being Eternity, which led to the defeat of Eternity’s jailer, the First Firmament, another cosmic entity. Afterward, the Ultimates were eventually absorbed into Alpha Flight.

America started college with Prodigy at Sotomayor University. In between her studies, she learned to travel back in time, and teamed up with her past self to fight an energy monster. She also met a luchador-looking old lady, who ended up being a woman named Madrimar from Planeta Fuertona. But America ended up chasing her old crush, Magdalena, who reached out for help. Teaming up with Kate Bishop, they met Magdalena in Nevada but she promptly stabbed America with a syringe. America ended up in a ring fighting to save Magdalena from the evil Midas Corporation.

She then found out that Madrimar was apparently her other-dimensional grandmother who left the Utopian Parallel to save Fuertona when America was born, a choice America has had trouble forgiving. With Madrimar, Chavez traveled through the Multiverse to the Ancestral Plane—the metaphysical manifestation of America’s people, the Fuertona. There, she witnessed her earliest personal foundations, her mothers, and her larger place in the universe.

AMERICA (2017) #1, page 19

Back at Sotomayor, the campus came under attack by Mindless Ones led by new college dean Dr. Brightly, AKA Exterminatrix. Armed by the dark Midas Corporation, Exterminatrix took control of the university before kidnapping America’s allies and turning her friends against her. Summoning the power of Madrimar and the Fuertona, America powered up like never before, unleashing a new level of star-punching might that allowed her to take down the Exterminatrix and the Midas Corporation.

America then joined Kate Bishop on the newly reformed West Coast Avengers in LA. While on the team, she helped them defeat George Tarleton, AKA M.O.D.O.K. During this time, America dated Ramone Watts, sister to her fellow teammate Johnny Watts, AKA Fuse.

America on a first date with Ramone

While fighting giant moles with Kate, America’s powers started fritzing without warning. She shrugged it off and kept going. Ramone arrived with an assist, but America didn’t stop until her powers ceased to work and left her falling from the sky. She woke up in her bed being tended to by Ramone, who seemed worried. Ramone lovingly questioned her, but America needed air and started testing her powers on the rooftop. Ramone joined her and begging America to talk to her, the proud Super Hero finally admitted that whatever was happening had been happening for a while, where her powers would just stop. Suddenly, an app notified her of breaking news in her old neighborhood of Washington Heights. She rushed off to New York City to save the Santana family, who raised her after she fell to Earth. America chased down the mysterious person who attacked the Santanas out of the city, but they got the jump on her, and welcomed her to the Utopian Parallel.

The mysterious person turned out to be her long-lost sister, Catalina, claiming that the Parallel was a research facility run by Dr. Gales, a billionaire megalomaniac experimenting on children with magic, and not actually another dimension as America had come to believe. Catalina explained that America, like herself, had Edges Syndrome and their mothers, Elena and Amalia, were doctors from the Bronx who worked with Gales at the facility to save them. Gales experimented upon the girls, and many others like them, girls he dubbed “Starlings”, and sent them through a chamber door located on the facility, a gateway that led to a seeming utopia. Catalina offered America a serum that would help her remember, but America refused. Catalina then revealed that she restarted Gales and their mothers’ experiments on the Starlings, who were all still in cryostasis. 

Feeling wary of Catalina and her lofty goals, America sent Catalina through one of her portals to New Jersey to buy time. Taking the serum, she remembered her life with her sister and mothers at the facility, and how they were heroes that sacrificed themselves to save their daughters and the other Starlings from Gales. She recalled how her and her sister were separated with Catalina taken by Gales and America falling through one of her portals. America landed in the ocean off the island and crawled to some debris, where she later washed ashore and was discovered by the Santanas suffering a kind of amnesia. America woke up from her memories and determined to stick to her mothers’ plan of escape, she woke up the Starlings and helped them to their feet.

America liberates the Starlings

But Catalina appeared with America’s adoptive brother Alberto, held against his will. America reassured her brother that things would work out, but Catalina pressed America to help her open the Starling Chamber and bring their moms back from the other side. Catalina could hear their moms calling to her and as soon as she started to open the chamber, America heard them too. Catalina insisted that America use her powers to enlarge the doorway, but America knew she couldn’t bring back the dead. The doorway continued to open slowly and as they argued, Catalina fell into its portal and as America screamed after her, it closed. America reunited with her brother and they helped the Starlings to safety. Despite America’s Edges symptoms returning and her powers waning as a result, she returned to helping people and decided to find the original Starlings, those that she came up with who weren’t at the facility. She also desired to find her sister. She shared everything with Ramone, her misremembered past and the future that lay ahead.

Despite her powers being on the fritz, America then joined Luke Cage’s team of Thunderbolts. Desperate to find her sister and without an ability to traverse the Multiverse in the same way, she sought out her Ultimates colleague, Blue Marvel, for help. She found him in his underwater fortress, Kadesh, and explained how she needed his assistance to find her sister. But he asked her to leave due to rogue magic set loose by Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, before he died. It was a cosmic call from Eternity for The Defenders to protect reality. A version of Loki from when the Multiverse blew up arrived with Scienceer Supreme Taaia from the Sixth Cosmos, and the four of them reluctantly set off on a quest to save reality. Loki pulled out a pack of magical tarot cards and drew one, explaining that since they were on the Inside, they needed to find out what threatened the Multiverse on the Outside. America joined them but didn’t trust Loki the God of Lies, but Loki claimed she was a humble storyteller. They were soon met by Greer Nelson, AKA Tigra, another unbeknownst Defender. They tumbled through the Multiverse and traveled beyond it.

They soon encountered the Beyonders and the Beyonder, who all insisted they return to the Inside. America expressed concern to Blue Marvel that the Beyonders were outside her weight class, so he gave her an Eternity Mask, which made her an equal to the powerful beings.

America dons the Eternity Mask to fight The Beyonder

While she fought the Beyonder, the other Defenders fought as well with Taaia being mortally wounded. They soon realized there was a gateway nearby and a means of escape. Jumping through together, they fell through fire and Taaia goaded death and the Phoenix Force heard her call. The Phoenix used Taaia as its host and brought them all to the White Hot Room. The Phoenix communicated with each of them, and informed America that she was the paramedic for the Multiverse, but the path was difficult. America was ready for it. Suddenly seeing them all as trespassers, the Phoenix started fighting the Defenders, but America used the Eternity Mask to try out the Phoenix’s powers and battled the fiery force. Meanwhile, Tigra connected with the Tiger God who helped them escape the White Hot Room. They landed in the Abyss, the Land of Couldn’t-Be-Shouldn’t-Be, where they encountered Glorian, the dead and former god of the Eighth Cosmos, who offered to make their dreams come true.

Glorian placed the Defenders in illusory worlds, except Loki who he incased in a statue, but America, still equipped with her Eternity Mask, was immune and asked about their whereabouts. Glorian explained that they were in the farthest place from reality where nothing happens. He offered America a world where she could have her old life back and that every one of the Defenders could have what they wanted, with himself as the benevolent god. America, knowing her old life was a mishmash of trauma-induced memories, refused and the rest of the Defenders joined her. But Glorian still had the Beyonder under his thrall, or so he thought. The Beyonder found the Defenders’ refusal of Glorian’s offers fascinating and wanted to hear from Loki. Unleashing Loki from her statue prison, America realized that Loki could be the threat to Glorian and tossed her the Eternity Mask. Loki used it to call upon the Queen of Nevers who showed them to the other side of the Abyss, the Mystery or the Can-Be-Shall Be where they encountered Cloud, another Defender of the cosmos. The Queen of Nevers led them onto their next journey to the House of Ideas.

Together, they met the One Above All, and when Blue Marvel questioned whether the entity was truly above it, it sicced its giant monsters on them for daring to question it. Ultimately, Blue Marvel’s line of questioning about who created it intrigued the entity and offered to answer their questions. America asked about her sister, to which the One Above All stated that she’d find her and more. The One Above All also showed them a glimpse of what was coming, a crown above all things, an enigma. With that, the Defenders returned to their respective places in time and space, save Loki who chose to become part of the prime Loki while America returned to the Thunderbolts.