Captain Monica Rambeau, daughter of S.W.O.R.D. founder Maria Rambeau, leads investigations into supernatural events and charges into danger, determined to save others from harm. She puts her experience and knowledge to the test when looking into the Westview anomaly, only to discover that one of the most powerful Avengers, that of Wanda Maximoff, AKA The Scarlet Witch has a whole town held hostage.



As the daughter of Air Force pilot Maria Rambeau, Monica comes to think of her mom’s best friend and fellow pilot, Carol Danvers, as one of the family. After her “Auntie Carol” apparently dies in a plane crash, Monica holds firm to the belief that she survived. Six years later in 1995, Monica’s theory proved correct while sitting in one of her mother’s planes at their home in Louisiana when Carol all of a sudden walks towards her, accompanied by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury. Filled with joy, Monica embraces her, but quickly discovers that Carol had no memories of her past.

Carol explains that in her time away from Earth, she became a soldier for the Kree’s Starforce and shares her powers with the Rambeaus while talking about having adventures in space. Thinking she could help jog Carol’s memories, Monica, with Fury’s assistance, shares her Auntie’s personal items—things she kept as if she knew Carol would one day be back for them.

Forgetting Carol’s leather jacket, Monica rushes to retrieve it and while doing so, a figure she thought was Maria approaches her, but they were instead the Skrull agent Norex, who had shape-shifted into Maria’s form. With the Skrull Talos and his operatives in possession of black box recordings from Carol’s plane crash, Maria sends Monica to wait outside while the adults listened to the audio. Afterward, Monica listened to Talos explain to Carol that he and his kind were not the villains most people thought they were, and asks her to go into outer space to help him recover something important that Maria and Carol’s superior Doctor Wendy Lawson, an undercover Kree operative known as Mar-Vell, had in a secret laboratory.

After Carol invites Maria to be her co-pilot, Maria hesitates and uses her daughter as an excuse. Monica encourages her mom to go, convincing her to join the mission. Before being taken to her grandparents, Monica was asked by Carol to pick out new colors for her Starforce outfit. Monica goes through a few color combinations but lands on red, blue, and yellow, which she gets from the t-shirt she was wearing.

Upon their return, they reveal to Monica that the outer space lab housed Skrull refugees, and brought Talos’ wife and daughter with them. While the adults sit around the dinner table and talk about the future, Monica bonds with Talos’ daughter and compliments her eyes. Monica invites the Skrulls to stay there but her mom says it’s not safe and agrees with Carol that they need their own home. Eagerly wanting to join, Monica tells Carol that she could fly up and meet her halfway or build a spaceship one day. After dinner, Monica gives Carol her leather jacket back and says goodbye to her auntie Carol, watching her fly at superhuman speed up into space.


Full Spectrum

After entering, exiting, and entering the Westview anomaly, AKA the Hex, created by Avenger Wanda Maximoff, Monica’s cells change on a molecular level and as such she then possesses the ability to see the light spectrum with the naked eye. She also gains the ability to absorb energy used against her, converting it into energy she can use. She can also change her physical form to adapt to energy directed at her, absorbing impacts and slowing them down by becoming intangible. Adapting her form can slow down bullets without any injury to her body, increasing her physical durability to superhuman levels.

Monica is a S.W.O.R.D. agent, trained in armed and unarmed combat. She has strong leadership skills which earns her the title of Captain. She possesses keen observation and investigative skills.


Workplace Threats

While working with S.W.O.R.D. Director Tyler Hayward studying the Westview anomaly, Monica finds his tactics and ability to share pertinent information in a timely manner lacking. She often criticizes his decisions, particularly when it puts other people in danger. It turns out that her instincts are proved correct when it comes to light that he had hid information from his colleagues and attacks Wanda’s children, whom Monica defends.


Heroic Allies

Despite her young age, growing up Monica Rambeau refuses to believe that her mom’s Air Force pilot partner, and best friend, Carol Danvers had died in a plane crash. Growing up, her mother Maria and Carol are so close that Monica comes to know her as “Auntie Carol” and thinks of her as family.

When Carol returns to Earth in 1995, Monica meets her ally S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury and a handful of alien shape-shifting Skrulls that become her allies.

Monica connects with and helps Avenger Wanda Maximoff despite suffering under Wanda’s mind-control inside the Westview anomaly. Monica feels Wanda’s grief and having just lost her mother, she has a unique understanding of Wanda’s pain. She becomes determined to reach Wanda since she believed she was not only the problem, but also the solution to the anomaly which was holding over 3,000 people captive, also under Wanda’s mind-control. Despite Wanda’s stubbornness to hear Monica out and believe her, she eventually comes around after other factors come to light. Monica even protects Wanda’s children from an out of control Hayward.

While investigating the Hex, Monica works with FBI agent James E. Woo, AKA Jimmy Woo, and astrophysicist Dr. Darcy Lewis. They come to each other’s aid against Hayward and fight to protect Wanda and the people impacted by the Hex.


A Hero’s Path

After Carol’s departure from Earth in 1995, Monica’s mother Maria founded Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division (S.W.O.R.D.), a American government intelligence agency that focused on extra-terrestrial and supernatural threats.

Monica grows up to become a S.W.O.R.D. agent, working under her mother. When Maria was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, Monica stayed with her at the hospital during a surgery. During this time, Monica fell asleep next to her mother’s hospital bed, and simultaneously in Wakanda, the Avengers fought Thanos for control of the Infinity Stones. When Thanos used the stones to end of half of all life in the universe, Monica was one of the disappeared, who apparently died in her sleep. When the Avengers reversed the event five years later in 2023 bringing everyone back, an event known as the Blip, Monica woke up in the same spot and panicked since her mother was absent. Contacting one of the hospital’s doctors that she recognized and asking after her mother, Monica learned that she had died from cancer years prior and Monica had disappeared before that.

Monica returned to S.W.O.R.D. a few weeks later, which was now run by Maria’s successor Director Tyler Hayward. He assigned her a missing person’s case in Westview, New Jersey, a bit under her capabilities as an agent, but Hayward thought it best for her to start with something easy after suffering such a loss since returning from the Blip.

Monica joined FBI agent Jimmy Woo outside of Westview’s town borders and learned quickly that it was not a simple missing person’s case—it was in fact a missing town of more than 3,000 people. Jimmy informed her that he could not reach anyone in the town, and no one remembered the missing people or recognized that the town existed, including local police officers from the nearby town of Eastview. Monica assessed the situation, noting that anyone affiliated with the town had selective amnesia and wondered why both Jimmy and herself had an awareness of it. She sent in a S.W.O.R.D. drone to fly into the town and gather data. Upon crossing the town line, it disappeared which prompted Monica to investigate closer, discovering an energy field surrounding the town line. Despite Jimmy’s warnings to be careful, Monica put her hand into the field and was immediately sucked into it.

All of a sudden, Monica found herself in another reality at a talent show meeting with a bunch of women, dressed in 1950s clothing and modeled after television of the era, and wondering what she was doing there. She introduced herself as Geraldine to the woman sitting next to her who responded in kind introducing herself as Wanda—who was actually the Avenger Wanda Maximoff. Monica as Geraldine then helped host the talent show and suddenly ended up in a cabinet, a prop provided by talent show contestants Wanda and her husband Vision for their magic show. Dottie Jones who led the talent show gave them all an award and Geraldine asked how she got into the cabinet, but he and Wanda answered with a joke that they’d never reveal their secrets.

The eras in this reality changed frequently across the the town. Once in the 1970s, Geraldine experienced some odd occurrences, namely that all the pipes in her home burst, so she rushed over to her neighbor’s house, that of Wanda and Vision to borrow a bucket and contain the mess. She soon discovered that Wanda was pregnant and going into labor, so she helped deliver Wanda’s twin boys. She also noticed strange things happening around her, things going haywire not unlike her pipes bursting. Afterward, Wanda mentioned her twin brother Pietro to Geraldine. This memory broke Monica free from her Geraldine personality but then recalled that Pietro was killed by Ultron—a fact that she said out loud which made Wanda suspicious of her. Afraid of Wanda, she switched subjects and offered to rock the babies to sleep, but Wanda refused and noticed Monica’s necklace which featured S.W.O.R.D.’s symbol. Asking her who she really was and threatening her with her magic, Geraldine still couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. Wanda questioned her identity again and Geraldine claimed she was her neighbor. Wanda called her an outsider and used her powers to eject Geraldine from Westview, thrusting Monica outside of the town’s borders. Surviving the event and now surrounded by S.W.O.R.D. agents, including Jimmy and Dr. Darcy Lewis, she blamed Wanda for the alternate reality before she passed out.

Monica updated S.W.O.R.D. Director Hayward on all the information she gathered while within the anomaly, specifically noting that she remembered feeling pain and Wanda’s voice in her head. S.W.O.R.D.’s doctors checked her out, ensuring she was healthy after coming out of the Westview anomaly. They confiscated her clothes and ran multiple tests on her which turned up blank, literally nothing on them. When Jimmy and Darcy joined her, Jimmy introduced her to Darcy, who discovered a television broadcast coming out of the anomaly, and she made it clear that she was a big fan of Monica. They invited her to a briefing which would focus on Monica’s experiences in the anomaly. While there, Monica shared her experiences, and tried to convince Hayward who called Wanda a terrorist that despite Wanda’s role in creating the anomaly, Monica did not believe she was a threat. Monica shared that even though she was under Wanda’s mind-control, she believed that she survived her ejection from the anomaly because Wanda protected her. During the briefing, Hayward revealed new information that Wanda had previously stormed into S.W.O.R.D.’s headquarters and stole Vision’s corpse. Monica was surprised to learn this very late information from the director.

Monica then determined that she’d need a highly-advanced vehicle to safely reenter Westview and contacted an aerospace engineer that could help. Darcy expressed concern that reentering the anomaly, which she dubbed the Hex for its hexagonal shape, could mindwipe her again. Monica was determined to go back in while Jimmy asked about Wanda’s twins and their identity. Monica confirmed that Wanda’s twins were hers and that everyone in the Hex was real. The trio then argued about Wanda’s power levels, with Jimmy commenting that so far they had never seen her wield this amount of power before, but Monica defended her, recalling that no one came as close to killing Thanos. Jimmy argued that Captain Marvel came close, with Darcy noting that her powers came from an Infinity Stone as well, just like Wanda’s abilities. Monica immediately changed the subject, very clearly not wanting to talk about Carol. Monica then demanded to see the lab containing her ‘70s clothes from the Hex. In finding them, she assessed their composition and then borrowed Jimmy’s gun and shot at her outfit. The outfit deflected the bullets and Monica revealed that the pants had been altered from her original clothing that she wore prior to entering the Hex, specifically her Kevlar vest seemed to be the basic structure of the pants. Having discovered this, Monica realized that Wanda was rewriting reality. She also realized from how her clothes changed to fit the era that Wanda created that they could send in something of that didn’t need to change. So they sent in a drone from the ‘80s to match the era of the current the broadcast. Monica located Wanda and attempted to make contact with her, as S.W.O.R.D. personnel such as Hayward and Monti monitored. Suspicious of the drone, Wanda’s eyes glowed red and as such Hayward saw her reaction as a threat leading him to order a strike on her. Monica was furious that he took such drastic action. Shortly thereafter, Wanda exited the Hex with the drone and threw it at the S.W.O.R.D. agents who stood outside the Hex at the ready with their weapons drawn. Monica tried to intervene and connect with Wanda, noting that she must have trusted her enough to deliver her babies and that she could trust her now. Wanda made it clear that they had nothing she wanted and to leave her alone.

Afterward, Darcy expressed frustration with Hayward’s actions and he asked if she worked for him. Monica came to her defense and said that she was with her and that his actions were uncalled for. Hayward disparaged her and Darcy, prompting Jimmy to come to their defense as well. Hayward then dismissed the trio for being impediments the mission. They were escorted off the property by S.W.O.R.D. agents but Monica and Jimmy turned on them, knocking them both out. The trio then disguised themselves with the agents ponchos and hats to figure out what Hayward was hiding since he had overstepped his authority to dismiss them. Finding a tent with a computer, Darcy hacked her way into S.W.O.R.D.s files to find out what Hayward was really up to, and found that he was tracking Vision inside the Hex. Determined more than ever to reenter the Hex, Monica left with Jimmy to meet up with her aerospace engineer friend, leaving Darcy to break through Hayward’s last firewall. She commandeered a vehicle and they left the S.W.O.R.D. base. On their way out, the Hex’s borders grew and Monica sped up to not get sucked into Wanda’s reality again.

Before arriving, Jimmy heard from Darcy who made it through the last firewall. She found a R&D reports under the project codename Cataract. Hayward’s intention Jimmy surmised, was to bring the original Vision back online and suggested to warn Wanda. Once Monica and Jimmy met up with her aerospace engineer friend, Major Goodner who was a friend of Monica’s mother and conveyed her loyalty to Monica. Goodner delivered a specially designed vehicle according to Monica’s specs. Monica outfitted herself in a protective suit with headgear and attempted to drive through the Hex. The Hex seemed more fortified and it rejected the vehicle. Monica escaped the vehicle before it was tossed through the air. Believing she could get through, she decided to enter the Hex herself, putting her body on the line and determined to help Wanda. It was a struggle, she heard her mother in her head and had memories surface from the past, hearing things that Fury, Captain Marvel, and her mother had said to her. As she finally made it past the barrier her eyes glowed blue, and she saw everything inside the Hex differently, as if she could see the electricity’s light spectrum. She closed her eyes tightly and her vision seemed to restore itself to normal and she ran forward towards the town. Once at Wanda’s home, she didn’t bother knocking and stormed in to warn Wanda about Hayward’s plans with Vision, but before she could get a word out, Wanda used her telekinetic powers against her, shoving her out the door and into the air. Wanda refused to hear about it, blaming her for the drones and the arrival of her dead brother Pietro. Monica denied having anything to do with Pietro but Wanda called her a liar and forced her to the ground. To Wanda’s surprise, Monica absorbed the energy against her and stopped herself from slamming into the ground, her eyes glowing blue again. Monica warned her about Hayward and tried to connect to Wanda’s through their shared experiences of grief. But they were rudely interrupted by the nosy neighbor Agnes, who at the time Monica did not know that she was actually the witch Agatha Harkness in disguise. Monica demanded that Wanda take down the Hex and Wanda refused and threatened her. Monica decided to follow them, and keeping a distance, she watched Agnes and Wanda enter Agnes’ home. Not seeing anyone through the windows, she explores behind the house and finds an external entrance to the basement and opening it sees roots all along the wall containing a purple energy signature, to which her eyes glow purple. Wanda’s brother Pietro then came up behind her, startling her and they fought.

Pietro got the upper hand and locked her up in Agnes’ house. Monica, rubbing her arm after the fight then noticed Pietro’s headshot on a nearby table, listing his name as Ralph Bohner. Monica then connected the dots and realized that the house wasn’t Agnes’ at all, it was Ralph’s and she took him down easily and noticed a purple energy emanating from his necklace. Ripping it off, it released Ralph from its hold.

Monica escaped and found Wanda’s children facing off with S.W.O.R.D. agents who entered the Hex after Wanda opened some of its walls. When Hayward fired a gun on them, she threw herself in front of the bullets, absorbing the energy and slowing them down. One bullet got away from her, but Wanda’s son Billy magically stopped it using his telekinetic powers. Hayward tried to escape in a nearby vehicle but Darcy smashed into his with her own.

After Wanda and Vision dealt with their personal battles against Hayward’s restored White Vision from the Cataract project and Agatha (who had revealed herself to be a witch that sought Wanda’s power for herself), Wanda brought the Hex down, destroying the family she had created within it. Thinking Monica might hate her, Monica corrected her and recognized what Wanda gave up in taking down the Hex. They parted ways, with Monica staying behind to debrief Jimmy who entered the town to led clean up, evidence collection, and medical care for the town’s citizens. Monica complimented Jimmy that authority looked good on him and conveyed that Darcy had departed. Another agent then requested Monica’s presence in the nearby movie theater. Upon entering though, the agent revealed themselves to be a Skrull sent by an old friend of her mother's who would like to meet with her. Monica asked where and the Skrull pointed up to the sky, suggesting outer space.