Talos, perhaps the most cunning spy in all of the Skrull Empire, is a master of shapeshifting and intergalactic espionage.

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‘Secret Invasion’ Reunites Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn in New Disney+ Series

The epic, comic crossover event from Marvel Studios is coming soon.

Marvel Becoming

Making of Talos the Skrull | Marvel Becoming

Learn how Keaghlan Ashley and Lindsay Jane created the special effects makeup and costume for Talos the Skrull in a bonus episode of Marvel Becoming!

Marvel Becoming

Talos the Skrull | Marvel Becoming

Watch as cosplayer Dade Elza becomes Talos from Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel with the help from special effects makeup artist Keaghlan Ashley and costumer Lindsay Jane in a new episode of Marvel Becoming!


Talos the Skrull Warlord Invades Marvel Puzzle Quest

Get ready to shapeshift and infiltrate your way past enemies!