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moon girl

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The world’s smartest person with huge red dinosaur for an ally—life couldn’t be better young Super Hero Lunella Lafayette, AKA Moon Girl. With her array of gadgets, her bizarre Inhuman ability, and her vast intelligence, Moon Girl has the brains to outsmart just about anyone.

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette) and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Unit

A lifelong daydreamer and inventor, nine-year-old Lunella Louise Lafayette gets dubbed “Moon Girl” from teasing classmates, thanks to her head-in-the-clouds demeanor. Her obsessive interest in the alien Kree race leads her to invent a device to track down their technology, and Lunella then discovers a Kree Omni-Wave Projector. Her teacher accidentally activates it, which brings a tribe of primitive Killer Folk from an alternate Earth to Lunella’s. Along for the ride is the 20-foot-tall red Devil Dinosaur, who wanted revenge on the Killer Folk for the death of Devil Dinosaur’s former partner, Moon-Boy.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur form an instant bond. Moon Girl confesses her secret to her new ally: Lunella discovers she’s a NuHuman (a Human/Inhuman hybrid) and feels terrified of undergoing Terrigenesis. Many adventures later, Lunella does indeed undergo the process and comes out the other side with the Inhuman power to switch minds with her dinosaur. Together, they protect their home turf on Yancy Street in New York City.



Between the Moon and New York City

Primarily aided by her genius-level intelligence when fighting bad guys, Lunella is the smartest person in the world as a mere child.

The ten-story-tall beast called Devil Dinosaur assists Lunella in battle. Devil Dinosaur possesses human-level intelligence, sharp claws, and a vicious bite, making him a formidable ally. Moon Girl’s Inhuman ability allows her to swap minds with Devil Dinosaur, but it’s not entirely within her control. Several things can trigger the mind swap, such as stress, anger, or hunger. Additionally, they will spontaneously switch brains during the full moon lunar phase.

Lunella carries a variety of tools and gadgets—invented by herself—to aid her heroic pursuits. These devices, including a spring-loaded boxing glove and a taser, are bizarre but functional.

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette) Rollerstating

Dark Side of the Moon

The robot known as Doombot, AKA Doom-Head, is one of Moon Girl’s antagonists at first, and only because of his ego and belief that he’s the real Victor Von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom. Lunella Lafayette’s being dubbed the world’s smartest person contradicts what Doom believes—he considers himself to hold that unofficial title. Therefore, he takes it upon himself to prove his superior intellect to Moon Girl, causing them to clash. However, Moon Girl defeats the robot and uses it to create her version, Moonbots, which stand in for her at school while she’s off on adventures.

Kid Kree is a boy from the alien Kree race who, unable to enter the Kree Academy, attempts to kidnap Lunella to impress his masters. Kid Kree, Moon Girl, and Devil Dinosaur have argued and battled ever since.



Over the Moon

Moon Girl’s chief ally, of course, is Devil Dinosaur. They work as a team in many situations, and since Moon Girl can trade consciousnesses with Devil, their bond is even more critical.

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette) and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl has a kinship with another young genius hero: Amadeus Cho, AKA Brawn. Though Cho doesn’t trust Moon Girl and Devil Dino at first, the duo more than proves themselves to him several times over.

Lunella joins several superhuman teams, including the Inhuman Secret Warriors squad, led by Daisy Johnson, AKA Quake, and allies with the Avengers.

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette) Joins the Secret Warriors

Later, Lunella joins Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel, Dante Pertuz, AKA Inferno, and Karnak, to face off against the villainous organization Hydra. Luenlla also joins the teenage Super Heroes, the Champions, on their reinforcement roster, and the Fantastic Four's Ben Grimm, AKA The Thing, and Johnny Storm, AKA Human Torch, when their troop becomes a duo. No matter what team she's a part of, she offers her genius-level intelligence and know-how to help keep the villains at bay.

Aside from her double life as an adventurer and the colleagues she makes along the way, her most protective allies are her parents, James and Adria Lafayette. When they discover her secret identity and after-school activities, they put an end to her adventures for fear of her safety.




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Trip to the Moon

After Lunella confessed her true nature to Devil Dinosaur, she was captured by the Killer Folk, who took possession of the Omni-Wave Projector that allowed their time and dimensional travel. Though Devil Dinosaur was able to rescue Lunella, the pair of them made the evening news, and Lunella’s parents immediately grounded her. Skipping class instead, Lunella used her secret lab in the school’s basement to attempt to locate the Killer Folk, but her wayward friends, playing with matches, accidentally set fire to the school and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur then had to rescue her classmates.

A fight and argument between Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, and Amadeus Cho, who was in his Hulk form, ensued, and they damaged the school in the process. As his Hulk-self, Cho refused to listen to Lunella after the battle, chained up Devil Dinosaur and turned Lunella in to her parents.

Devil Dinosaur and the totally awesome Hulk (Amadeus Cho)

Moon Girl promptly snuck back to her lab and determined Devil Dinosaur’s whereabouts to be at the American Museum of Natural History. Donning a costume for the first time, Moon Girl set about rescuing her new best friend. Thanks to her gadgets and know-how, she succeeded in getting herself and Devil Dinosaur out of there. Their friendship now solidified, Lunella finally tracked down the Killer Folk and Devil Dinosaur chased them away. The Omni-Wave Projector was recovered.

It was at that moment that the Terrigen Mist Cloud finally caught up with Lunella, and she was cocooned as part of her transformation process. Devil Dinosaur watched over her for several days until she emerged, seemingly the same as ever, but with her parents extremely alarmed at her disappearance.

Back in school, Lunella was targeted by a youth who called himself Kid Kree, who wished to capture Lunella to appease the Kree Empire. A battle ensued, and Lunella’s Inhuman power finally triggered: her consciousness was swapped with that of Devil Dinosaur. Both her science class and her basement lab were wrecked as a result.

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette) and Devil Dinosaur switched consciousnesses

The pair of them managed to get away and switch minds back to normal. Soon after, Moon Girl decided to build her own Moon Rocket to visit the former site of Attilan in the Blue Area of the Moon. Instead, she was forced to use the rocket to rescue her friend, the mutant Forge, who was nearly killed by another Terrigen cloud.

When a massive army of Leviathon monsters attacked Earth, Lunella managed to translate their speech and determine that the creatures wanted to cleanse the planet to appease their master. She managed to broadcast this speech to everyone, and at the same time met a new friend, fellow NuHuman, Kei Kawade, AKA Kid Kaiju.

When Hydra took control of the world due to their manipulation of the Cosmic Cube, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Quake recruited Moon Girl and other Inhumans and NuHumans (and Devil Dinosaur) to form a new team of Secret Warriors to fight back against Hydra rule. While most of S.H.I.E.L.D. was brainwashed, Mutants established a sovereign state called New Tian, and Inhumans were hunted and imprisoned on New Attilan, their allies grew thin, but their mission was clear: take down the Hydra-transformed Captain America and free the Inhumans from Hydra’s prison camps. The newly formed team was instrumental in freeing key Inhumans, like Inferno and Karnak, from Hydra custody, and added them to the team.

In one of their missions to track down Leer—who Karnak claimed was the key to defeating Hydra—the Warriors learned from Henry McCoy, AKA Dark Beast, an evil alternate-dimension version of Hank McCoy, AKA Beast, that Leer was in Hydra’s custody. Though, they were all suddenly captured by a faction of Hydra led by Daisy’s father, Calvin Zabo, AKA Mister Hyde. Taken aboard Hyde’s Hellicarrier, Daisy used her powers in an attempt to escape while Lunella took care of her captors by covertly rewiring their suits. Though free, Daisy’s abilities sent the ship was careening towards land.

Moon Girl saves Quake

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur were separated from the others in the chaos. Moon girl found Leer, who was a young boy about her age, but then Hyde found her and knocked her out, locking Devil Dinosaur in a Vibranium cage. The others had help from the X-Men, but the Helicarrier crashed with Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur still aboard.

While Devil Dinosaur landed unharmed on land and was discovered by the rest of the Warriors, Moon Girl awoke and defended herself from her attacker, which landed her in a cage of her own. Leer, also a prisoner, kept Lunella company. When the Warriors arrived to liberate her, she informed them about Dark Beast’s experiments upon Leer, and how he helped unlock Leer’s Inhuman gene to boost Inhuman powers, but it would only work once. The team soon discovered that Leer was Karnak’s son and discussed how best to proceed. While Ms. Marvel wanted to take back New Attilan and Quake wanted to wait for a chance to take out evil Captain America, Karnak asked Lunella what she thought. Lunella suggested that they help people now and so Leer used his one-time ability to boost their powers. They joined a bunch of freed prisoners and fought Hydra with the Avengers joining the fray, and together defeated Hyde’s faction.

After Lunella’s adventures with the Secret Warriors came to a close, Karnak informed Luna of his plan for her, to have her lead the Inhumans since she was a natural hero. Though she wasn’t ready and wanted to be a kid for a while longer.

After picking up a distress call from space, Lunella and Devil built a spacecraft powered by the Omni-Wave Projector. They used it to find the source of the cry for help: Illa the Living Moon. The sentient moon was lonesome without her father, Ego the Living Planet. Using the Projector, Lunella goaded Ego to come face-to-face with his daughter for the first time and it went off without a hitch. Except, the Projector’s ability to transport Lunella and Devil home dwindled and Lunella thought it had only one jump left in it. They made their way home but something went wrong and they ended up in Devil’s home time in the Valley of the Flame. Their Projector ran out of power and dematerialized. The pair soon came upon Moon-Boy who possessed his own Omni-Wave Projector (which was the original) but was being beat up by others like him. Devil swopped in and protected him. Lunella knew it was time to leave Devil where he belonged and use the Projector in front of her. She said goodbye but Devil protested.

Lunella says goodbye to Devil Dinosaur

Lunella put her foot down and cried for having to make the toughest decision of all, but Devil wouldn’t stay behind. Lunella then put her foot down and told him she didn’t want him around anymore. She used the Projector to go back home to her time. Upon arriving she became upset with the device and tossed it in the trash.

Now on her own, Lunella completed the Banner Ominicompetence Examiner and was recognized by the scientific community as the World’s Smartest Person, a title previously held by the dearly departed Dr. Reed Richards, AKA Mister Fantastic. Following that, The Thing bestowed upon her some old Fantastic Four tech. The tech included a decommissioned H.E.R.B.I.E. unit. Soon, the cosmic beings Galan, AKA Galactus, and Norrin Radd, AKA Silver Surfer, warned Lunella that the universe devourer Omnipotentis was summoned to Earth. Meanwhile, a series of robberies around the city led by a mysterious culprit possessing all the powers of the FF was revealed as Kl’rt, AKA Super-Skrull, and he was responsible for opening an interdimensional portal for Omnipotentis. Moon Girl joined with the Thing and Human Torch as a new team to battle the world-destroying threat.

Using H.E.R.B.I.E. as an interdimensional search engine, Lunella brought Devil Dinosaur back to re-form a new Fantastic Four to take on Super-Skrull and prevent Omnipotentis’ arrival. Through teamwork, the newly-formed troop defeated Super-Skrull by destroying his machine. Omnipotentis, however, warned that an end was coming to Lunella’s universe and threatened to come back. Lunella returned to the team and encouraged Ben and Johnny to find their missing teammates and departed with Devil Dinosaur having found what she was missing. Lunella and Devil reunited properly and she apologized for being wrong about sending him back home and Devil forgave her.

The new Fantastic Four: Lunella, Devil Dinosaur, The Thing, Human Torch

Getting back to school and their regular scheduled programming of saving the day, Lunella and Devil Dinosaur spontaneously switching brains was becoming a problem. Meanwhile, Mayor Wilson Fisk, AKA Kingpin, had taken an interest in Lunella’s school and enrolled his newly adopted daughter, Princess, there. After some untimely mind-swaps with Devil—including one where Lunella as Devil attacked Princess who was stealing Lunella’s school file—Lunella became determined to block their mental connection and developed a machine that would cure them.

Lunella conducts scientific trials to break her connection with Devil Dinosaur

The machine instead transformed Devil into a 9-year-old boy with the mind of a dinosaur, which left Lunella chasing after him and encountering the villainous Wrecking Crew. Luckily, the side effect wore off just in time and Lunella with her prehistoric partner restored, battled and defeated the Crew. Following the fight, Lunella put her and Devil through a myriad of trials, attempting to break their connection, but it left them both frustrated.

Lunella and Devil Dinosaur battle the Wrecking Crew

Lunella had a string of restless nights and ended up passing out in her lab, only to be transported to the Dream Dimension, an astral realm linked to the collective unconsciousness of all sentient beings. There, she met a human boy named, Bad Dream, with the power to make dreams real. Lunella’s nightmares started manifesting in the real world and as citywide drowsiness spread, Sleepwalker and Dr. Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, contacted Lunella to set things right. Bad Dream revealed that the demon Nightmare kidnapped him and the troop soon faced off with the terrifying fear lord. Nightmare then revealed that it was Bad Dream that caused the citywide chaos so he could create a doorway into the real world. Strange cast a spell to get them out of there so they could form a plan to take on Bad Dream and his captor. While Strange and Sleepwalker attempted to form a plan, Lunella had to get to school.

Fighting sleep, Lunella got through school and then researched the lost boy for hours. She let Devil fall asleep so that he could meet her, Strange, and Sleepwalker in the Dream Dimension, and soon fell sleep herself. She was met by Bad Dream and tried to convince him that he didn’t belong there but he wouldn’t listen and his stubborn determination to enter the waking world no matter the consequences left Lunella no choice. Finally, Devil appeared and concentrating, she made herself and Devil Bad Dream’s worst nightmare.

Lunella and Devil Dinosaur face off with Bad Dream

Elsewhere in the Dream Dimension, Strange and Sleepwalker fought the tormentor Nightmare, who overpowered them. Nightmare then tried to convince Bad Dream to trap the four heroes, but Lunella made her escape with Devil. Bad Dream followed and Lunella used it as an opportunity to convince him to have a good dream, making him believe they could escape and he made it happen. Back in the waking world with the other heroes, Bad Dream fell asleep quite quickly, never having slept before, and Lunella tracked down his parents, returning their missing boy.

Lunella and Devil had a run-in with Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, who attempted to teach her a lesson in humility, and they teamed up against a pink Goblin rampaging through the ciy. Lunella revealed that she knew his secret identity but Spider-Man didn’t confirm it. At one point, she and Devil helped out the Avenger, Thor Odinson, AKA Thor, with an unsolvable riddle on Asgard posed by the God of Lies, Loki Laufeyson, AKA Loki. The riddle involved a young prince, Prince Jokul, who was locked in a tower guarded by a dragon. Lunella sicced Devil on the dragon but the two giant creatures were more attracted to each other rather than enemies. Feeling betrayed, Thor threw his hammer Mjolnir at Devil and Lunella came to Big Red’s defense.

Lunella defends Devil Dinosaur from Thor

She punched Thor with her spring-loaded boxing glove, knocking the hammer free. Caught by Devil, he transformed into Thunder Lizard and possessed the power of Thor. Frustrated, Prince Jokul transformed into a Frost Giant but Devil used the hammer against Jokul, sending him careening into space. Lunella promised she’d get payback for being tricked, and sure enough a few days later in Manhattan when the War of the Realms collided with Earth, Jokul was there and Lunella with Devil paid him back in kind by chasing him down the streets.

Lunella then attempted to re-engineer a new Omni-Wave Projector, despite protests and warnings from Doom-Head and Moonbot-7. Lunella, thinking she could improve the present by changing the past, accidentally traveled back to the 1960s thanks to Devil’s interference. There, they bumped into Lunella’s young grandmother, Josephine “Jojo” Jacobs, AKA Jojo Jacobs-Lafayette.

Lunella meets her grandmother in the past

Lunella encouraged her grandmother to take an admission test for her school’s Gifted and Talented Program (a test she originally skipped) and doing so created a temporal fracture that pulled an alternate Doctor Strange into this time.

Once Lunella realized what she had changed, Strange warned that if her grandmother passed the test, her own future would cease to exist. Lunella returned to her grandmother to stop her from taking the test, but couldn’t go through with it and suddenly switched brains with Devil. From Jojo’s perspective, Lunella’s bonkers behavior was offensive and it caused her miss the test. Lunella felt the timeline was corrected and the Projector reset and sent them back to their time. But she was determined to try again.

Lunella and Devil were soon visited by an unexpected and uninvited guest, Mister Fantastic, who had returned from being seemingly dead. Offended that he was spying on her, she fought him with Devil assisting but he outsmarted her by using her own technology against her, freezing her in time in an isolated area, which she called her Time-Out Machine. Reed claimed he was reviewing her work but she wasn’t interested in his feedback. She then went off to feed Devil with a bunch of candy from a bodega on Yancy Street without paying for it, reminding the shop owner of his offer that she could have all the candy she wanted since she and Devil saved the block many times over. A crowd formed and thought Devil Dinosaur was on a rampage and the Fantastic Four arrived and intervened. They joined her in her lab, which upset Lunella. Reed called her out for risking public safety so Lunella challenged him to a competition to see who was the smartest.

Meeting and challenging Mister Fantastic

Though he couldn’t solve Bruce Banner’s Brain Omnicompetence Examiner (B.O.X.), he instead suggested to create scientific challenges that would stretch their upper limits. Lunella agreed and the game was on. They went through their challenges but then Doom-Head attacked them, having constructed a body with spare parts in Lunella’s lab. Reed was quick to say, “I told you so” but when Lunella and Devil handled the problem, he saw that he was wrong about her and apologized for it.

Later, Lunella with Devil joined the teenage Super Hero team known as the Champions on their reinforcement roster. While Lunella was attending the science summit, the Concerned Future Scientists of America, at Coles Academic, the school was attacked by a dragon and armed mercenaries. The Champions were there serving as protection for a young environmental activist and promptly defeated the dragon, but miscalculations led to Champions member Viv Vision to inadvertently destroy the school and cause widespread injury. Following this accident, underage vigilantism became illegal with the government-sponsored task force C.R.A.D.L.E. enforcing the ban, and leaving Lunella hiding in her parent’s basement from them. Ms. Marvel who had been missing since the Coles disaster made a virtual statement that the Champions would endure. Afterward, the Champions gathered in a basement where Ms. Marvel video conferenced in, explaining she had to make a statement that conveyed a united front. Lunella spoke out against her decision since she hadn’t taken everyone’s opinions first. As the group questioned Ms. Marvel’s leadership, C.R.A.D.L.E. crashed their meeting, capturing a few while others fled.

Lunella calling out Ms. Marvel's leadership decision

When the fiery cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force arrived on Earth seeking its next host, Lunella, Devil Dinosaur, several Avengers, and Namor McKenzie, AKA Namor the Sub-Mariner, were transported by the Phoenix to the White Hot Room. Each one awaited to be empowered by the Phoenix and pitted against each other in trials of combat to determine the new host. Though the heroes explored the room to no avail. Lunella explained that it was a dimensionally transcendental space of some kind to keep them contained. Devil fought in her place because no wanted to fight a fourth grader. Devil and Lunella were soon eliminated but worked with Broo and Ken Hale, AKA Gorilla Man, back at Avengers Mountain to get the Avengers back. Lunella was impressed with the Stark Technology there and hoped to schedule another visit.

Lunella and Devil Dinosaur teaming up with Gorilla Man and Broo to save the Avengers

After a family trip to Wakanda, Lunella’s parents found out about her second life as Moon Girl and her prehistoric pal Devil Dino, and they were markedly upset. Concerned for her safety and that underage Super Heroes were illegal, they put the kibosh on her Moon Girl adventures. Lunella wasn’t happy either and called out her parents for being hypocrites, since they risked their lives at their jobs—her mother Adria worked as a counselor at a maximum security prison while her father James worked in the disease unit at the hospital.

Lunella's parents find out about her adventuring

Her parents resolved that she needed to process everything that happened to her, from the Terrigen Mist to fighting monsters and capturing criminals, in a more healthy way. Finding a therapist for their superhuman daughter while maintaining her secret identity was tough so they compromised and Lunella started hanging out with other kids like her. She started a derby team made up of kids affected by the Terrigen Mist Cloud, and called it the Support Alliance Derby for Sensationally Abled Kids, or the SAD SAKs.

Lunella founds the derby team, the SAD SAKs

But Lunella soon found out that one of her teammates, OMG Olivia, was actually a Kree in disguise hoping to control the Inhumans on Earth—an issue that only team Lunella Lafayette and Devil Dinosaur could hope to solve.