The world’s smartest person with huge red dinosaur for an ally—life couldn’t be better young Super Hero Lunella Lafayette, AKA Moon Girl. With her array of gadgets, her bizarre Inhuman ability, and her vast intelligence, Moon Girl has the brains to outsmart just about anyone.

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette) and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Unit

A lifelong daydreamer and inventor, nine-year-old Lunella Lafayette picked up the name Moon Girl from teasing classmates, thanks to her head-in-the-clouds demeanor. Her obsessive interest with the Kree led her to invent a device to track down that alien race’s technology, and Lunella then discovered a Kree Omni-Wave Projector. Her teacher accidentally activated it, which brought a tribe of primitive Killer Folk from an alternate Earth to Lunella’s. Along for the ride was the 20-foot-tall red Devil Dinosaur, who wanted revenge on the Killer Folk for the death of Devil Dinosaur’s former partner, Moon Boy.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur formed an instant bond, and Moon Girl confessed her secret to her new ally: Lunella discovered she was a NuHuman, or a Human/Inhuman hybrid, and was terrified of undergoing Terrigenesis. Many adventures later, Lunella did indeed undergo the process, and came out the other side with the Inhuman power to switch minds with her dinosaur.

Between the Moon and New York City

Primarily, Lunella is aided by her genius-level intelligence when fighting the bad guys. Surpassed by nobody in terms of intellect, Lunella is the smartest person in the a mere child.

The ten-story-tall beast called Devil Dinosaur assists Lunella in battle. Devil Dinosaur possesses human level intelligence, along with sharp claws and a vicious bite, which makes him a formidable ally. Moon Girl’s Inhuman ability also allows her to swap consciousnesses with Devil Dinosaur. This power is triggered due to stress caused by anger or hunger, and only during a full moon.

Lunella carries along a variety of tools and gadgets—invented by herself—to aid her heroic pursuits. These devices are bizarre, but functional, including a spring-loaded boxing glove and a taser.

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette) Rollerstating

Dark Side of the Moon

Doctor Doom is one of Moon Girl’s chief antagonists, and only because of his own ego. Lunella Lafayette’s being dubbed the world’s smartest person contradicts with what Doctor Doom believes—he considers himself to hold that unofficial title. Therefore, he takes it upon himself to prove his superior intellect to Moon Girl, causing them to clash.

Kid Kree is a boy from the alien Kree race who, unable to enter the Kree Academy, attempts to kidnap Lunella to impress his masters. Kid Kree, Moon Girl, and Devil Dinosaur have argued and battled ever since.

Over the Moon

Moon Girl’s chief ally, of course, is Devil Dinosaur. They work as a team in many situations, and since Moon Girl can trade consciousnesses with Devil Dinosaur when necessary, their bond is even more important.

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette) and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl also has a kinship with another young genius hero: Amadeus Cho. Though Cho doesn’t trust Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur at first, the duo has more than proven themselves to him several times over.

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette) Joins the Secret Warriors

Lunella also joins the Inhuman team called the Secret Warriors, led by Daisy Johnson AKA Quake. Along with teammates Ms. Marvel, Inferno, and Karnak, Lunella faces off against the villainous organization Hydra.






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Trip to the Moon

After Lunella confessed her true nature to Devil Dinosaur, she was captured by the Killer-Folk, who took possession of the Omni-Wave Projector that allowed their time and dimensional travel. Though Devil Dinosaur was able to rescue Lunella, the pair of them made the evening news, and Lunella’s parents immediately grounded her. Skipping class instead, Lunella used her secret lab in the school’s basement to attempt to locate the Killer Folk, but her wayward friends, playing with matches, accidentally set fire to the school and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur then had to rescue her classmates.

A fight and argument between Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, and Amadeus Cho, AKA the Hulk ensued, and they damaged the school in the process. Hulk refused to listen to Lunella after the battle, chained up Devil Dinosaur and turned Lunella in to her parents.

Devil Dinosaur and the totally awesome Hulk (Amadeus Cho)

Moon Girl promptly snuck back to her lab and determined Devil Dinosaur’s whereabouts to be at the American Museum of Natural History. Donning a costume for the first time, Moon Girl set about rescuing her new best friend. Thanks to her gadgets and know-how, she succeeded in getting herself and Devil Dinosaur out of there. Their friendship now solidified, Lunella finally tracked down the Killer Folk and Devil Dinosaur chased them away. The Omni-Wave Projector was recovered.

It was at that moment that the Terrigen Cloud finally caught up with Lunella, and she was cocooned as part of her transformation process. Devil Dinosaur watched over her for several days until she emerged, seemingly the same as ever, but with her parents extremely alarmed at her disappearance.

Back in school, Lunella was targeted by a youth who called himself Kid Kree, who wished to capture Lunella to appease the Kree Empire. A battle ensued, and Lunella’s Inhuman power finally triggered: her consciousness was swapped with that of Devil Dinosaur. Both her science class and her basement lab were wrecked as a result.

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette) and Devil Dinosaur switched consciousness

The pair of them managed to get away and switch minds back to normal. Soon after, Moon Girl decided to build her own Moon Rocket to visit the former site of Attilan in the Blue Area of the moon. Instead, she was forced to use the rocket to rescue her friend, the mutant Forge, who was nearly killed by another Terrigen cloud.

When a massive army of Leviathans attacked Earth, Lunella managed to translate their speech and determine that the creatures wanted to cleanse the planet to appease their master. She managed to broadcast this speech to everyone, and at the same time met a new friend, fellow NuHuman (Inhuman/Human hybrid) Kid Kaiju.

When Hydra took control of the world due to their manipulation of the Cosmic Cub, Daisy Johnson, AKA Quake, recruited Moon Girl and other Inhumans and NuHumans (and Devil Dinosaur) to form a new team of Secret Warriors to fight back against Hydra rule. The team was instrumental in freeing key Inhumans like Karnak from Hydra custody.

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