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Morph has been successful since his mutant abilities manifested in his early teens. Immediately able to control his powers, he hid his abilities from others. It was not until Professor Charles Xavier asked him to enter his mutant academy that Morph realized his own potential. Xavier made him a part of his young team of New Mutants. Morph quickly became a best friend to all of his teammates and, although he was not the group's official leader, he was looked upon as a trusted confidant. He even completed a degree in computer engineering during his time on the team.

Promoted to the X-Men, Morph's sense of humor initially grated upon the much more serious team but eventually his humor and humility won them over. He was instrumental in many of the team's victories and was chosen to be part of a pilot program with the Avengers, along with the Beast, as a public representative of mutantkind.

Morph would return to the X-Men because, in his own words, "he missed his freaky mutant brothers and sisters". On a subsequent mission, Morph and the rest of the X-Men were facing off against a threat known only as Stonehenge when Morph became unhinged from time. The Timebroker informed Morph and the rest of the Exiles that the chains of reality had been corrupted and the lives they remembered would be changed if they didn't do as he asked. Morph discovered that in his reality he would be injured and put into a coma during a battle with the Morlocks. This coma would cause his physical composition to break down, leaving him in a liquid state.

Morph adjusted to the stressful situation as he always did -- he joked about it. The team looked to him for comic relief from time to time, although he did grate on people's nerves in more stressful situations. Eventually, he would display his intellect on missions, including a battle with Galactus and saving a planet from a techno version of the Legacy Virus.

The most important thing to happen to Morph occurred before their second mission. Mariko Yashida, her reality's Sunfire, replaced the dead Magnus, and Morph took it upon himself to help her adjust to the situation. The two became close and Morph began having strong feelings for her. During a brief rest from their hectic missions, the team asked Sunfire to go on a shopping spree with Morph so the rest of them could sunbathe without worrying about Morph's juvenile behavior. During their time together Morph revealed that his feelings for her were more than those just friendly. Sunfire told him that she was actually a lesbian. Morph took the news surprisingly well and hid his emotions in his usual manner - he joked about them. Morph still harbored deep feelings for Sunfire but kept it hidden.

The Exiles battled on, fixing reality after reality and struggling to keep it together. Following one of these missions the team was kidnapped by Mojo, the insane evil dictator of the Mojoverse. Mojo considered Morph the best entertainer he had ever seen and brought him back to entertain the masses. If he didn't, Mojo would kill his fellow Exile, Nocturne. Eventually, Nocturne was able to escape and set Morph free. Mojo went crazy and threatened to kill Morph's friends. An enraged Morph was on the verge of killing Mojo when the Timebroker stopped them. The Timebroker revealed Mojo had disrupted time but he was a necessary evil and could not be killed.

Morph continued to be the heart of the team until a mission in which Mimic was taken over by a Brood egg. During the battle, he killed Sunfire. Mimic was eventually cured but Morph was enraged. He was devastated by Sunfire's death and told Mimic he should have killed himself rather than let something like this happen. Morph stormed off and threatened to leave the team. Magik, an unlikely ally, followed and tried to calm him down. The two connected and despite her past attitude during missions, Morph realized Illyana was just a scared girl trying to get home. He remained angry with Mimic but helped his team fight against the rogue reality-hopping team, Weapon X.

Before the battle began, Magik attempted to switch sides, believing her team was weaker. Hyperion, the self-appointed leader of Weapon X, snapped her neck and Morph was driven into a rage. He attacked Hyperion, who attempted to blast Morph with his eyebeams, but Mimic saved him. During the brawl with Weapon X, Morph fought against an evil Ms. Marvel. Their battle caused a building to fall in on them, killing Ms. Marvel but Morph was able to survive. Hyperion was crippled by Blink and then killed by Gambit who sacrificed himself so that Hyperion would die.

The Exiles were triumphant and the Timebroker told Morph he could finally go home as his world was now repaired. Morph considered the offer but decided to stay with the team as he realized that they still needed him. Timebroker agreed and let Morph stay with the team. Morph also asked him not to tell the rest of the Exiles of his decision. Morph and Mimic reconciled shortly after Timebroker left as Morph had realized that Sunfire's death was not Mimic's fault and that it really was a accident.

When they arrived to next destination they found themselves in Earth-616 with a new member Namora from a Earth-2189 where she was the ruler of Atlantis. There were many complications on this mission because her reluctance to work with the rest of the team and so he involved them in a conflict against the Fantastic Four and Namor inside the Baxter Building. Beak who had befriended the Exiles before the fight tried to stop the fight but couldn't really do nothing until Invisible Woman (who was in reality possessed by Nocturne) captured every exile in her force fields to stop the fight. Exiles then explained why they had come here, as they didn't understand the mission they have been given. Mister Fantastic realized that one of them had to stay in this reality specifying that it was Nocturne who had to stay. Shortly after this Timebroker appeared (even if the Baxter Building sensors didn't pick him up) and confirmed Reed's assumption to be correct. He also informed them that Beak was no unhinged from his reality and had to join the team on Nocturne's place.

After this Exiles visited several different realities and fought several people including Impossible Man who had gone insane and changed almost every living thing in lifeless objects and world were they had to buy one bagel that started a chain event that stopped alien invasion. Assignment given to them from the Tallus started to change to be either more brutal or insane like transferring them to alternate earth were they forgot who they were because of the magical spell that changed hole surroundings and peoples appearance to medieval ones. They managed to survive this world but Sasquatch lost to her inner spirit Tanaraq that took control of her. They later managed to extract Heather out of the Tanaraq with a help of alternate universe Shaman and sent Tanaraq in to its magic realm where that worlds great beasts waited to get their hands on this "imposter". Then they were transferred to earth were Sabretooth had stayed long time ago and were ordered by the Tallus to kill Mimic. As they all declined to obey the order they all were moved to the next reality Earth-295 (Blink's and Sabretooth's home reality) missing Heather and Beak. Timebroker replaced them with this reality Holocaust. Holocaust immediately caused trouble but he soon realized that he needed the others to get his hands on the main man Timebroker. Using the M'Kraan Crystal and Tallus they managed to transport themselves in place best described as Crystal Palace some where out space and time. There they found wall full of people and soon realizing they are the old members of Exiles and Weapon X teams. They soon found the control room where they found several bug like creatures that were the Timebrakers that they were warned about but soon even bigger problem made itself known. Weapon X Hyperion revealed himself alive and that he was the one behind the recent suicide missions. Holocaust attacked Hyperion almost immediately and lost almost as fast when Hyperion sucked his energies out of his containment suit killing him. This sparked the fight that cost life of Namora and left Mimic and Morph severely injured. They managed to win when Beak temporally recruited two alternate Hyperion's (including the "prime" Hyperion from Earth-712) who managed to restrain him for so long until they send him back to his own earth that was dead radioactive planet. They also now knew that there was no Timebroker and that he was just a program that those bugs used to communicate with the team.

As the most specialized in superhuman Doctor Strange were recruited to heal Mimic and Morph of their injuries as he did for Morph but former Weapon X member Deadpool killed him before he managed to found cure for Mimic. Deadpool still accidentally healed Mimic himself as Mimic copied his healing factor and healed himself. They then kept saving worlds until they noticed that something odd was happening in Earth-616. When they arrived to that universe Scarlet Witch had changed world so that mutants were the dominant species on earth (also known as House of M). Beak was really worried about his wife and they searched her out but he soon realized that she was not the same woman anymore. Shortly after this Proteus took control of her body. Proteus own mother Moira MacTaggert tried to stop him from killing people and shot him but she only managed to severely injure the host and Proteus left the body taking over Mimic's body shortly after his departure. As he now knows about the other realities from Mimic's mind he decided to have his fun in other worlds too and moved to another reality. Exiles all followed except Beak who stayed with his wife and was engulfed in white light as the world changed back. They tracked Proteus to several different worlds were he changed body when situation called for it. His victims included Justice, Hulk and last but not least Morph himself. They later managed to brainwash Proteus thinking that he was Morph and so he became part of the team but also great threat if his memories would ever come back.

Recently, the true Morph returned and gave Proteus the chance to work together, and Proteus accept. However, Proteus was absorbed by the Crystal Palace, in Morph's place.


5'10" (Variable)


175 lbs. (Variable)


Black (Variable)


None (Variable)

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