Captain Morphex was a Skrull and a member of the multi-species Cosmic Commandos peacekeeping Unit One. He posed as a member of the Axi-Tun race. Morphex and the Cosmic Commandos were dispatched to arrest the cosmic Avenger known as Quasar, for murdering all The Charter members aboard The Hub. Morphex was betrayed by his teammate Stenth, who sought to take command of the squadron by knocking him unconscious. No longer conscious and aware Morphex failed to maintain his disguise and revealed his true Skrull form. Stenth threw Morphex out of an air lock thinking he would die due to lack of oxygen. However, Morphex was rescued by Xenith cousin to the Shi'ar, Gladiator Kallark. Later Morphex and Xenith both joined the Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill and Quasar to form the Star Masters.






Yellow (in Skrull form), Brown (human form)


None (in Skrull form), Purple (human form)

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