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Cosmic Commandos



When The Charter ambassadors living onboard their mobile headquarters, The Hub, were murdered, the remaining delegates dispatched their tactical unit to find and arrest the culprit. The Cosmic Commandos, led by Captain Morphex arrived at the scene of the crime only to find the Earthling, Quasar, waiting for them in the docking area. A bogus message sent throughout the galaxy over the Hypernet incriminated Quasar as being the one responsible for these horrible crimes and he was asked to surrender. Not wanting to be the cause of any unwanted violence, Quasar complied until he learned of the phony broadcast. Feeling that none would want to listen to his side of the story, Quasar escaped the Commandos clutches determined to find the true guilty party. The broadcast also brought the Silver Surfer and Beta Ray Bill to investigate the uncharacteristic message, and the Surfer’s power cosmic determined that Quasar was not the malicious person behind the communication. The Silver Surfer and Beta Ray Bill agreed to join Quasar in finding out who was behind the senseless deaths and the phony transmission.

The Cosmic Commandos found Quasar and his allies as they were in the process of preventing Earth from being destroyed by a planet-sized meteor. Morphex explained to the Silver Surfer that his quarrel was not with him but should the Surfer interfere with the apprehension of Quasar, then action will be taken against him too. The Surfer told Morphex of Quasar’s innocence, and he would not hand him over to be imprisoned for crimes he did not commit. Morphex ordered his unit to attack, but as soon as they hit the vacuum of space Quasar captured most of them in a quantum energy field. The Commando called Xenith evaded capture and delivered a blow to Quasar that slammed him into the meteor heading for Earth. With Quasar out of the way, she turned her attention toward Beta Ray Bill, but the power of Bill and his mallet, Stormbreaker, was too much for her to overcome. Morphex found a way to free the rest of the Commandos from their temporary prison which allowed them to attack the Silver Surfer. However, the combined powers of the entire commando unit could not faze a former herald of Galactus. The Silver Surfer defeated his foes quickly and returned to the task of saving the Earth.

As the battled went on, Morphex realized that the Earth would be annihilated if the meteor wasn’t destroyed and decided that it would be against the Charter’s prime directive not to help. He told his shipmate, Stenth, that they would aid Quasar and his allies, but Stenth refused. He told Morphex that would be a violation of their current orders. Morphex was put in contact with his superior at the Charter’s military installation, Command Central, and was told to ignore the situation and leave Earth to its fate. Morphex disobeyed Command Central’s orders and told the Cosmic Commandos to assist their rivals. Stenth ambushed his captain, knocking him unconscious, throwing his body from the safety of the ship, and proclaimed himself the new Captain of the team. Stenth was also surprised to find out that his former Captain is really a Skrull disguised as a member of the Axi-Tun race. Xenith flew to help Morphex, but it was Quasar that saved him by surrounding him in an atmosphere filled quantum bubble. The remaining Cosmic Commandos left the scene which enabled Quasar, the Silver Surfer, and Beta Ray Bill to save the Earth from the meteor and the marble-sized black hole that was embedded inside it. Morphex and Xenith were joined by the others and asked to band together in order to solve the mysteries surrounding the violence that had already claimed thousands of lives. Feeling betrayed by the actions of Command Central and their former teammates, Xenith and Morphex accept. It was at that moment that the Star Masters were born.

Seeking answers, the Star Masters decided to see what the Cosmic Commandos knew and sought them out. The resulting battle brought them up against their former Captain and team member, but neither side was holding back. In the end, it was the Commandos that knew defeat and were taken back to their ship as prisoners. Morphex explained to Beta Ray Bill that no amount of torture could make any of his former subordinates divulge any information, so they would have to get their answers some other way. The Commandos were eliminated from any further acts of violence against the Star Masters by remaining as detainees aboard their own vessel. It was eventually found out that the Axi-Tun race and their leader, Votan, were responsible for the deaths of the Charter’s delegates, the manipulation of Command Central, the attack against Earth, and the presumed genocide of the M’ndavi and Korbinite races.

It can be assumed that the Cosmic Commandos were handed over to the Charter to be dealt with under their set of laws. Now that Command Central has supposedly been purged of Votan’s taint, it remains to be seen what side of the law the Cosmic Commandos will be on if they resurface.

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