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Who Is Wraith?

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Zak-Del was born into pain and strife. He was the son of Sim-Del, a great Kree inventor. When Zak was but a young child his father was exiled to an unknown planetoid near the Bennazar Rift. The Kree Empire sent out an elite death squad that slaughtered Sim-Del and his family. The only surviving member of the massacre wasthe young Zak-Del. He managed to escape in a ship that drifted into wormhole and emerged in place called the Exoteric Latitude. This was the domain of the Nameless.

Thousands of years ago several ancient Kree explorers were lost in this strange place. Once they arrived here, their bodies were invaded by the Exolon. The Exolon were parasitic entities that fed on the souls of living beings. It was through their bonding with the Exolon that these Kree became known as the Nameless. The nameless made Zak-Del into one of their own. As he grew in age, so grew his desire for the revenge of his parents. The day came when he defeated the leader of the Nameless and he stole their weapons and a ship that transported and protected him. The day he journeyed back into the galaxy to hunt down the man, who murdered his parents and condemned him to living death. Zak ran into a universal threat known as the Phalanx, looking to kill a man with a signet ring of a skull engulfed in flames, who played a large roll in the death of his family. He defeated the first wave of the Phalanx and left them dead on their ship. His actions were recorded by the security cameras. He went off looking for the owner of a signet ring, which was his only clue to lead him to the murderer of his family. He found a rebel by the Name of Ra-Venn. She tried to convince him to join her cause, but he refused her. Their meeting was interrupted by the Phalanx, leading to his being captured. He was soon met by the Phalanx Select, known as Ronan the Accuser. Ronan once ruled the mighty Kree, but now he was but a slave. His job was to interrogate Zak and reveal his secrets. Ronan tortured him to the point of disbelief. At that point he called the stranger a ghost or better yet a Wraith. The Stranger liked the sound of the name, and is now known as Wraith. He revealed his origin and purpose to Ronan, just before losing consciousness. He was awakened by a vision of his father Sim-Del, who encouraged him to press onward. Wraith eventually escaped and freed the Super Skrull and Praxagora from the Phalanx. Super Skrull began calling Wraith "Paleface". Together they broke free of their Phalanx, and ran into Ra-Veen and her crew once more, and they were also under attack by the Phalanx. Ra-Veen and crew were rescued them from their apparent defeat, by Wraith and the others, who later agreed to join forces with her and take their attack to the universal conquerors. This led them journeying to the Kree world of Rei-Va’j; there they defeated a multitude of Phalanx. Wraith and the others learned of a secret weapon that the Phalanx planned to unleash on the Kree, by hacking into a captured Phalanx warrior. Wraith found the Supreme Intelligence who was in fact the Phalanx's secret weapon. Supremor informs Wraith that by consuming his soul into his being. Wraith would save the Kree. Wraith is again visited by a vision of his father. This time his father enlightens him to the fact that it is his destiny to save the Kree. The Supreme Intelligence has reached beyond his living death to save Kree. Sim-Del informed Wraith that he was one the chosen saviors of the Kree. Wraith followed the direction to consume the soul of Supremor. He then pummeled Ronan into defeat and freed him from the Phalanx's influence. No one was aware that Wraith had the soul of the Supreme Intelligence inside of him.




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Dark red


Black and white stripes

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