Ryoko Saguri



The woman known as Ryoko Saguri was an ambitious lieutenant in the Four Winds crime cartel and was very loyal to the former unidentified Eastern Wind. She regrettably felt the power of the organization had died with their fallen leader, and the other under-bosses saw the promotion of Higashi as great mistake. Saguri informed Higashi he was looked upon as a weakling, and he would need to show an act of strength or face the rebellion of the other Winds. Higashi heeded her warning and ordered Saguri to kill Gendo Sonoda for his failure to acquire the eyesore known as Alpine Park from its owner, Paul Steinen. The Four Winds released Steinen's animals in an effort to obtain his property, but Steinen sought help from Agent X to get them back. As payment for his services Agent X was given the deed to Alpine Park. Saguri accompanied Higashi when he personally went to Alpine Park to extinguish the resistant Agent X, however, Higashi became smitten by the stunning Sandi Brandenberg, and began to romance her. Saguri found the relationship appalling and disrespectful to the memory of the former Eastern Wind. Growing tired and suspicious of her constant opposition to his post, Higashi secretly contracted Agent X to kill Saguri, thereby protecting his position of leadership among the Four Winds.









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