The Skrull General Talos leads his soldiers for one end: to save the last remaining Skrulls from Kree rule.

War-torn Origin

After the Kree Empire destroys the Skrull’s home planet Skrullos, Talos leads the Skurll military in the continuing conflict. Talos allies with Kree scientist Mar-Vell who offers him and the refugees from their planet safe haven on her spacecraft. She also offers to create a Light-Speed Engine for the Skrulls so they could finally have the technology to escape the Kree’s far-reaching wrath while on Planet C-53, AKA Earth. When Mar-Vell was killed by the Kree, her technology lost as was the spacecraft, Talos hunts down any information that could help him find it.


Talos Skrull physiology allows him to shapeshift, or sim, into other humanoid lifeforms but must see it first. This ability is more of a skill to be practiced, and it camouflages his green skin and pointy ears so that he can blend into any environment. As a Skrull, he also possesses increased strength and agility, and is a trained armed and unarmed combatant.

Kree Empire and Elemental Enemies

After a lifetime of war with the Kree, Talos comes to realize what really mattered and that’s the survival of his race and finding his family. He will fight the Kree out of self-defense, but does not actively seek war with them. He engages the Kree’s Starforce team and tricks  them so that he can extract valuable information from their teammate Vers concerning the whereabouts of a lost Light-Speed Engine and Skrull refugees. Vers turns out to be an ally, who was lied to by the Kree.

While posing as former S.H.I.E.L.D. Director and spy Nick Fury on Earth, Talos comes up against Quentin Beck, who he at first allies with against Elemental creatures that attack Earth. But Beck proves to be a duplicitous enemy and tricks Talos into trusting him, when all along Beck was responsible for the Elemental attacks.

Earth and Skrull Allies

Talos ultimately allies with Kree Starforce member Vers after he helps her discover her true heritage and history on Earth as Carol Danvers.

When he encounters S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury on Earth, he infiltrates his intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D. as Fury’s boss, R. Keller. Once he reveals his true self as a Skrull, they become situational enemies, but ultimately form an allyship when Fury realizes he’s a refugee in an endless war.

While Talos searches for the Light-Speed Engine, he also searches for missing Skrull refugees, his wife Soren and daughter among them. After reuniting with his family, he and Soren end up working together on a mission from Fury years after leaving Earth to find a new home.

A Life of War

Talos intercepted and captured Kree spy, Soh-Larr, and from him discovered valuable information that could help him find Mar-Vell’s Light-Speed Engine. He used invasive techniques to invade Soh-Larr’s mind which helped him extract a secret code. Talos and his allies set a trap on planet Torfa to capture the Kree warrior known as Vers, who had more intel about Mar-Vell than she knew. The Kree sent Starforce, their elite special forces team, to save their spy, worried that the three years of intelligence that Soh-Larr gathered would be at risk.

Once Starforce arrived on Torfa, the Skrulls disguised as Torfans distracted the Kree with a skirmish, allowing Talos to pose as Soh-Larr and trick Vers into trusting him. He gave her a secret code that only Soh-Larr would know and then got the upper hand and knocked her out.

Back on Talos’ ship, Talos and his Skrull compatriots hooked Vers up to a machine that looked into her memories and extracted them into televised visuals. They uncovered Mar-Vell in her memories and her secret identity as Doctor Wendy Lawson which she used on Planet C-53. Though Vers regained consciousness and made her escape by attacking and defeating every Skrull she came into contact with on the ship. Talos attempted to slow her down, but she escaped in one of the ship’s escape pods.

Tracking the pod, Talos and a few of his allies landed in the Pacific Ocean near Los Angeles, California and walked ashore. They immediately simmed into the nearby surfers to blend in and search for Vers. When they found her, she was surrounded by Earth’s S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Nick Fury and Phil Coulson. One of Talo’s allies shot at Vers and a chase followed with Vers running after them. Talos’ subordinate simmed as Coulson and joined Fury in the chase. Meanwhile, Talos infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. and simmed Fury’s boss R. Keller, and learned that Fury killed his subordinate. As Keller he pretended to be shocked by the alien’s body to maintain his cover and then ordered Fury to track down Vers and keep him in the loop.

Talos/Keller later received a message on his pager from Fury informing him of his whereabouts and that Vers was with him. Upon arriving to the Joint Dark Energy Mission base in Nevada where they were, he rendezvoused with Fury and called him by his first name, arousing suspicion in Fury. Fury tested Keller, asking about a strategy they performed together in Havana. Talos/Keller, possessing limited access to only recent memories of those he sims, was not convincing enough for Fury to believe he was truly Keller. Realizing his cover was blown, he shot at Fury using advanced weaponry. But Vers arrived and using her superhuman abilities, knocked Talos/Keller back. They escaped the facility using a Quadjet, and despite Talos/Keller and his S.H.I.E.L.D. allies firing at the jet, the pair escaped.

Tracking down Vers and Fury in Louisiana at the Rambeau’s, Talos infiltrated her home as himself and made his presence known. Maria looked out the window to see herself talking to her daughter Monica. Talos reassured her that no one would hurt her and asked them not to kill him. Fury threatened him with a gun and Talos apologized for simming his boss. He defended himself when Vers questioned him, noting that he saw her crush 20 of his best men with her hands bound. Talos then shared with them that while he was Keller, he obtained a six-year-old audio recording from a plane crash that had her voice on it from Project Pegasus. Noticing they were all on edge, he made a deal with them to listen to the recording and help him identify coordinates and he’d call off his ally posing as Maria. A cat then rubbed up against Talos’ leg and he became defensive and scared, insisting that it wasn’t a cat, that it was a Flerken. Monica came into the house to find her mom, and the Skrull posing as her mom revealed themself as a Skrull.

After listening to the audio recording together, Vers discovered her true past as an Air Force pilot Carol Danvers working for Lawson, AKA Mar-Vell, and that she was killed by Carol’s ally Yon-Rogg. The audio also revealed that Carol destroyed the Light-Speed Engine which blew her back and the energy from the explosion bonded with her. Learning she was lied to, Carol wasn’t sure who to trust. Talos pointed out that Yon-Rogg killed Lawson because she discovered she was on the wrong side of an unjust war. Carol argued with Talos, having seen the ruins on Torfa and atrocities committed by the Skrulls, but Talso insisted they were ruins that the Accusers were responsible for. He explained that his people were refugees on Torfa ever since they resisted Kree rule and they and their planet Skrullos was obliterated because of it. Worried the remaining Skrulls would be slaughtered he begged her to help him finish Mar-Vell’s work. The core that she found would have powered a light-speed ship that would carry the Skrulls to a new home. Maria backed up what Talos spoke of, reminding Carol that Lawson wanted to end wars not fight them. Noting that she already destroyed the core six years ago, Talos corrected her that she destroyed the engine, the core was in a remote location in Mar-Vell’s hidden lab. He then asked for her help in decoding the coordinates pulled from her memories so they could find it. Thinking he’d use it to destroy the Kree, he attempted to convince her that they just wanted a home and that she wasn’t Kree, that they stole everything from both of them. Maria tried and successfully convinced Carol to help them.

Talos revealed to Carol that he and the Skrulls had discovered her energy signature matched Mar-Vell’s core and begged her to decode the coordinates to Mar-Vell’s lab. Carol and Maria explained that the coordinates were state vectors, not Earth coordinates, but a location in space, in Earth’s orbit. Talos, despite being disappointed in his science guy Norex, Norex offered to modify the Quadjet so that they could finally find Lawson’s lab.

After the modifications were complete, the group launched their craft into space, but Norex stayed behind, posing as Carol to distract Yon-Rogg and the other Kree who were headed their way. Despite losing his life, he gave them the time the group needed to find the lab. On their way, Talos advised Fury not to have the Flerken on his lap. Maria asked him if he could turn into anything he wanted, and he said that yes, but it was a talent to be mastered. Maria asked him if he could turn into a filing cabinet and Fury offered him $50 to turn into a Venus fly trap.

When they arrived at the location of the lab, nothing was there but empty space. Carol used her suit to deactivate cloaking and the lab appeared before them as a spacecraft, or rather a Kree Imperial Starcruiser. They entered the craft and Talos found a baseball in the hallway. Finding the craft’s control room, they also discovered the core there as well—a glowing cube, which Carol informed them that in Lawson’s notes she called the Tesseract. They noticed there was kid stuff all around them, and suddenly Talos started bellowing. The doors surrounding the control room opened and a group of Skrull refugees entered, with a woman running towards Talos who hugged him, his wife Soren. She introduced Talos to a young Skurll girl, their daughter. Soren informed him that Mar-Vell warned them not to send a signal for fear that the Kree would find them. He embraced his family and Soren noticed Carol’s suit, a Kree uniform and became afraid of her. Talos reassured her that they were safe, and Carol apologized to them for her part in the Kree-Skrull war. Talos reminded Carol that it was war and his hands were filthy too, but they were there now and she found his family. He thanked her and called this moment the beginning. Suddenly, Yon-Rogg and his Starforce team arrived and held them all at gunpoint. Talos asked that they be let go, that they weren’t soldiers, and offered up himself instead as a more valuable catch. Carol and Yon-Rogg started to fight, but he used technology to control her powers and quickly got the upper hand. He knocked her out and arrested everyone, placing them in the ship’s brig.

While in the brig, the energy used to contain them started to fade, allowing Talos an opportunity to sim one of their captors. The Kree then escorted the Skrulls off the ship and on their way found Fury and Maria with the Flerken. Threatening to blast them into space to maintain his cover, Talos then whispered to Fury about Havana, making sure he knew who he really was, and he asked after the Tesseract. Fury covertly told him that the Flerken ate it. Meanwhile Carol fought off the rest of the Kree Starforce team. Talos allowed the others to go before him on the Quadjet and told Soren to cover their daughters eyes as he shot the remaining Kree captors. Getting them all onto the ship, they were just about to make their escape but the remaining Kree fired at Talos hitting him in the shoulder.

Fury helped Talos up as Maria flew the Quadjet. She outmaneuvered and shot down the Kree Minn-Erva who followed them in a drop ship, while Carol held off Yon-Rogg and Kree Accusers who had arrived to Earth as well. Still on the Quadjet, the Flerken scratched Fury’s eye and he played it off as just a scratch, but Talos knew it was more than that.

After defeating the Kree, Talos, his immediate family, and Fury shared dinner at the Rambeau residence. Carol offered to help Talos and his fellow refugees find a home as well as the scattered Skrulls across the galaxy. Since the Tesseract was contained in the Flerken, Talos, the refugees and Carol departed Earth in Mar-Vell’s ship with Carol using her powers to direct it.

Five years after Thanos destroyed half of all life on the universe and Earth’s Avengers reversed the damage, bringing everyone back, Talos and Soren returned to Earth at Fury’s request to pose as himself and Maria Hill for a mission of upmost importance, while he vacationed on a spaceship. They did so, and while impersonating Fury and Hill, they investigated an unidentified creature larger than life and with power over the elements in Ixtenco, Mexico, which left a wake of destruction in its path. While there, the elemental that had power over the sand appeared but so did Quentin Beck, who defeated the out-of-control creature. They learned from him that this creature was the first of a several from an alternate Earth where he was from, and it was intent on destroying their planet.

Talos/Fury called the only Avenger he knew how to contact, that was Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man. Calling him and Happy Hogan several times and having no luck, Talos/Fury showed up on Peter’s study abroad in Venice, Italy in his hotel room. When Peter and his friend Ned Leeds arrived to the room, Talos/Fury tranquilized Leeds so he could speak with Peter in private. He noted that they were both at Stark’s funeral, confirming his identity to Peter. He informed Peter about the Elementals but experienced several interruptions by Peter’s peers and teachers who kept coming to the door. Frustrated, he threatened Peter that another funeral was imminent if he didn’t come with him. Talos/Fury brought Peter to his hideout and on the way, gave him the late Stark’s glasses which were equipped with an advanced A.I. called E.D.I.T.H.

At the hideout, Talos/Fury introduced Peter to Beck, who gave him the rundown on the Elementals. Peter thought the task of taking on the Elementals and stopping them was too big and asked about the availability of the other Avengers. Talos/Fury explained that they were all too busy and requested Peter’s help against the next Elemental, the Molten Man, who would likely appear in Prague. Worried about protecting his identity and not wanting to upend his trip, Peter declined. Talos/Fury then went to the extreme to get Peter to help and hijacked his school’s field trip, changing the class’ itinerary to stop in Prague. He even rerouted Peter’s trip to stop in Austria where a woman delivered Peter’s new stealth suit which he would use in the upcoming battle against Molten Man.

The next time Talos/Fury saw Peter was in Prague where they discussed the mission to contain the Elemental. He also learned Peter used his new glasses to order a drone strike on his fellow peer, endangering all of his classmates. Scolding him in front of his team and Beck, he later felt bad about it, sending Beck after him.

Talos/Fury contacted Peter via an earpiece just before he was about to attend an opera with his classmates. Once Peter was in position at the predicted coordinates of the Elemental’s appearance, the Elemental rose from the ground and began to attack. Talos/Fury and Soren/Maria rushed to the scene to offer aid as Peter and Beck fought the Elemental, while Peter mostly protected his friends who were in harm’s way. They arrived when the Molten Man was growing exponentially and Beck apparently sacrificed himself to save everyone, but came out of it unscathed.

Talos/Fury wasn’t so sure if Parker was focused enough to handle being an Avenger despite Stark making him one. Later, an appearance of another Elemental in London prompted Talos/Fury to call Beck into action. But he sensed a lie when Beck exaggerated in his status report via comms. Talos/Fury sent Soren/Maria with a rocket launcher to the top of the building that they were in. Spider-Man swooped in and exposed Beck’s illusion, including one drone that was sent to assassinate Talos/Fury. Soren/Maria shot at it with the rocket launcher, disabling it.

After Spider-Man victoriously defeated Beck, Talos/Fury wanted to check-in with him for a debrief but Hogan refused the request since he had vacation left to enjoy. Talos/Fury and Soren/Maria then discussed the events and Talos/Fury noted how embarrassed he was that a shapeshifter was fooled by Beck’s illusions. He and Soren/Maria shapeshifted back into themselves and contacted the real Fury with an update. Talos confirmed that he delivered Stark’s glasses and requested that Fury return to Earth.