Born without the ability to shape shift like other Skrulls, Talos became a savage fighter and a decorated military commander. With cyborg parts and enhanced strength, Talos developed a reputation as the most feared and esteemed warrior. He would become known as "Talos the Untamed." Following his capture by the Kree during the Kree/Skrull War, Talos failed to comply with the Skrull guidelines to commit suicide upon capture. After his release, he was shamed and ridiculed by his fellow Skrulls. They began to call him "Talos the Tamed," reflecting his weakness. The Skrull Empress offered Talos the opportunity to redeem himself, but he refused, wanting to die in battle.

Due to a prank pulled by the Impossible Man, Talos attended a civil ceremony on Earth where he briefly battled a Kree warrior. After the ceremony, Talos came in contact with the Hulk, an incredibly strong Earthling, who is famed as one of the Earth's most unstable heroes. Talos instigated a fight hoping his honor would be restored, if his death was by the hands of a worthy foe. The battle was being watched by a group of Skrulls on Talos' ship orbiting the Earth; they cheered for the defeat of their lowly Skrull brother. Talos battled the Hulk using his enhanced strength and a very powerful battle axe. Hulk however refused to participate in Talos' suicide attempt. The battle ended with the Hulk begging for his life as part of a plan to avoid succumbing to violence. The disgusted Talos returned to the ship with his fellow Skrulls newly loyal to him.

Recently after their battle both Talos and Devos, were captured by the apprentice Shaper of Worlds, Glorian. They escaped Glorian, who had engaged the soldier bugs of Annihilus in battle. Talos and Devos aided Ronan the Accuser in evacuating the planet before its destruction. On the planet of Daedalus 5, Talos joined the United Front in their battle against Annihilus and his forces for the positive universe.






One green the other cybernetic



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