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Heather Tucker was a reluctant member of the terrorist Mutant Liberation Front (M.L.F.). While under Stryfe's leadership, Tucker secretly sabotaged one of the M.L.F.'s missions for personal reasons by warning their target of the impending attack. In a later operation, Tucker was apprehended and sent to the Whitman Maximum Security Penitentiary in Virginia. Eventually freed by the M.L.F.'s new leader, Reignfire, Tucker turned against her teammates to prevent them from killing N.S.C. member Henry Peter Gyrich. Tucker intended to leave the conflict between humans and mutants behind, finish her education and build a family.

When Operation: Zero Tolerance was activated, Tucker briefly rejoined the M.L.F. to oppose Zero Tolerance forces, indicating that any future sanctions against mutants may yield a similar effect.

When Exodus reformed the Acolytes, Tempo joined the team. After Exodus disbanded the team, she went to Utopia.




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