Published May 4, 2023

‘X-Men: Before the Fall – Mutant First Strike’ #1 Preview Assembles an Emergency Response Brigade Led by Bishop

Meet Bishop’s rescue team from the upcoming issue by Steve Orlando and Valentia Pinti, out June 7.

Who struck first? 

As part of a series of one-shots, X-MEN: BEFORE THE FALL – MUTANT FIRST STRIKE #1 helps set the stage for the FALL OF X, which is destined to start at this summer’s HELLFIRE GALA. In this issue, writer Steve Orlando and artist Valentina Pinti tell a self-contained story while teasing the trials and tribulations that await mutantkind. 

When a small town in New England is seemingly attacked by a deadly mutant, Bishop assembles and leads the rescue effort. The mission objective? Come to the town’s aid and uncover the truth about the nature of the attack.  

A new preview for X-MEN: BEFORE THE FALL – MUTANT FIRST STRIKE #1 finds Bishop forming an emergency response brigade comprising of Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Penance, Iceman, Tempo, Angel, Triage, and more! 

In a vibrant double-page spread, the team descends from the skies onto the scene of the crime wearing red and white rescue jackets. On one page, Tempo examines a skull with Theia and Cerebra, while an angry mob starts to form around them.  

On another page, a violent anti-mutant militia besieges the Krakoan rescue effort. Penance, Cyclops, and Archangel then work together to protect the tragedy-stricken town and their teammates from this hostile force. Meanwhile, Storm takes to the skies amidst a mysterious green trail, Angel swoops in to save a civilian, and Bishop absorbs energies from his foes, while Jean and Monet manage the crowds.  

Get a glimpse at all the action in X-MEN: BEFORE THE FALL – MUTANT FIRST STRIKE #1 below: 

Artwork by Valentina Pinti

On Sale 6/7

Check out the preview now, stay tuned for more X-Men news in the coming weeks, and be sure to pick up X-MEN: BEFORE THE FALL – MUTANT FIRST STRIKE #1 on June 7!

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