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Mayor. Industrialist. Inventor. Rival even to Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Victor Timely is all these things and more than meets the eye.


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Who Is Kang the Conqueror?

Time-traveling tyrant or a broken man in love? Learn Kang’s comic history here.



In 1901, the brilliant industrialist and inventor Victor Timely founds the town of Timely, Wisconsin. As its first Mayor and a leader in industry, he transforms the city into a technological marvel. Though his true self acts behind closed doors and lays the foundation for future conquests.


A Timely Disguise

Born in the year 3000, in the future reality of Earth-6311, Kang the Conqueror (Kang Prime) grows up to discover his ancestor’s time machine. Bored of his time, he travels back to Ancient Egypt where he quickly becomes the Pharaoh Rama-Tut and places everyone there under his thrall, forcing them to do his bidding.

Though, he’s driven out of Egypt by the modern age’s Fantastic Four, the young En Sabah Nur, AKA Apocalypse, the moon god Khonshu, and modern-era heroes Dr. Steven Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, and the Avengers. Traversing through a time storm, Kang Prime ends up rescued by a space-lost Victor von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom, and passes himself off as Doom’s possible future self (though it’s alleged that Doom is an ancestor of his). After several other adventures through time, Kang Prime eventually seeks to return to his native time but he’s hurled into Earth-6311’s 40th century, a bleak world decimated by global wars. Unable to escape to a more hospitable era, he assumed the name Kang the Conqueror, set himself up as a warlord, bent the barbaric people to his will and transformed them into an army.

Conquering that planet, he spares only the tiny kingdom of Carelius, due to his interest in the king’s daughter, Ravonna Renslayer (later Terminatrix). Kang’s life becomes progressively non-linear, as each foray in time produces at least one divergent-time-stream counterpart; it is extremely difficult to identify which Kang counterpart was involved with each encounter. Further, Kang’s past incarnations each spawn numerous divergent realities and selves throughout their adventures (see Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, Immortus, Iron Lad, and Baby Kang).

Conquering everything within 100 light years of Earth, Kang next attacked his ancestor’s native world in the modern age of marvels, but the Avengers forced him to flee. Seeking a new power base, Kang travels back to 1901 AD and establishes a new identity as Victor Timely.



Since Victor Timely is in fact Kang Prime, and from the future, he ages at a slightly slower rate than modern humanity and is more resistant to radiation’s effects, though he can be harmed by concentrated doses. He has access to his time’s technological advancements and time-travel equipment, and has mastered both.  He is an expert strategist, a veteran of armed and unarmed combat, and has an indomitable will to succeed through struggle.

As Timely, he seems to be of average height, strength, and stamina of a human his age, but as Kang Prime, his full-body armor gives him superhuman strength, force fields and it contains an array of weapons. His primary base is the Center located in 40th century Earth-6311, but he also establishes Chronopolis within Timely, Wisconsin. It serves as a crossroads into virtually every era in human history, but lays just out of phase with the timestream and is therefore undetectable. Its palace and inhabitants are unaffected by temporal divergence or the passage of time.


Timely Connections

Victor Timely has few if any enemies since his guise keeps his true self as Kang Prime hidden. His closest allies are those he recruits, warriors from across time, to act as his strike force. They are known as the Anachronauts.


Many Lives

As Victor Timely—a brilliant inventor and industrialist—Kang Prime founded the city of Timely, Wisconsin, becoming its first mayor, and transformed it into a technological marvel over the next century. He builds factories and establishes Timely Industries, where he introduced basic principles of robotics and computer science to his staff. He oversaw their work and occasionally introduced new advancements in the field—at least they were new to his staff. No one was the wiser that Timley was in fact from the future.

Though Kang did not age, over time, “Victor” appeared to age and be replaced by his son and his grandson in turn (Kang in new guises). In 1929, as Victor Timely Jr., he recruited Professor Phineas T. Horton into Timely Industries, who would go on to construct the first android, the original Human Torch. In 1980, “Victor Timely III” developed a prominent computer company that saw its technology incorporated into homes and cybernetic prosthetics, effectively shaping the century.

The city of Timely also housed a portal to Kang’s base Chronopolis (created by one of the counterparts whose memories he now possessed) where he could exist in his true form as Kang Prime. While he oversaw his conquests through time, he left robot doubles to play the role of Mayor Timely. From his base, he also gathered warriors from various eras to serve as his strike force, the Anachronauts.



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