Zoe Laveau

Zoe Laveau

Zoe Laveau is a powerful, undead mystic from New Orleans who uses her magical abilities to protect herself and her fellow Strange Academy students.


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Zoe Laveau hails from a long line of Voodoo Priestesses, and most notably, Marie Laveau. She attends Strange Academy to learn more about her abilities and carries a secret.


A Grave Mistake

Zoe is from New Orleans, Louisiana and her great-great-grandmother, Marie Laveau, is the Voodoo Priestess who fought Steven Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, and Strange Academy’s teacher Jericho Drumm, AKA Doctor Voodoo. Zoe inherits Marie’s Voodoo talents, but she struggles to use her gifts. Afraid she was going to be the end of her legacy, she turned to a dark magic user who deals in wishes and wishing her powers stronger, she got her wish. But the dark magic was short lived and she paid the ultimate price for purchasing additional wishes: death. Zoe’s parents brought her to Marie’s grave and asked for her help to restore their daughter. Marie did so but she couldn’t undo the spoiled magic that took Zoe’s life. As such, Zoe became undead, alive but dead as if a zombie but with all their faculties. Her mother gives her a mystical necklace that she enchants herself so that Zoe can revert to her former appearance when she was alive, keeping her death-like appearance hidden from the world.

She enrolls in Strange Academy, a magically hidden school in New Orleans for those with magical abilities to learn more about her own. There, she meets fellow students coming into their powers and her new teachers. She takes a tour of the school and meets her new roommate with Despair, AKA Dessy, a demon from Limbo who can sense others despair, and senses the dark secret that Zoe carries.


Voodoo Magic

Inheriting the magical abilities of her great-great-grandmother Marie, Zoe is a novice Voodoo priestess, able to hypnotize others by casting spells. Her true form is a zombie-esque visage resulting from her death. Zoe wears an enchanted necklace spelled by her mother to maintain a glamour of her former appearance to the outside world.


Magical Friends

At Strange Academy, Zoe is paired up with Dessy, a demon from Limbo who can see people’s secrets. While they get along, Dessy reveals to Zoe that she knows her secret, but Zoe says she knows nothing of what she refers to and says that Dessy does not know what she’s talking about.


Harboring a Secret History

While Zoe unpacked in her new room at the Strange Academy, she chatted with her roommate Dessy. Dessy revelaed that she knew a secret of Zoe’s but Zoe expressed that she had no idea what she referred to. After they unpacked, and changed into their school uniforms, they continued on the tour with the rest of the group and near the end Doctor Strange arrived with a large beast and in need of their assistance to fight it back. She uses her abilities alongside the other students and together, they defeat the monster. They then hear a welcome speech from Strange that ends on a “try not to die” note.

On the first day of classes, Zoe noted how crazy the school’s textbooks are to Dessy while they were in their room getting ready. She attended classes all day with her fellow students where she learned about mystical objects and zombies. At the end of the day, Zoe studied quietly as Dessy stared at her. Zoe informed Dessy that she did not like it when she stared, and asked Dessy to stop being weird.

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