Dessy (Despair)


The demon Dessy from Limbo sees people’s secrets as well as the dark, the painful, and the desperate side of all things.


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The demon Despair, AKA Dessy, feels the pain of others and senses their secrets. With these mystical abilities, she leaves her home dimension of Limbo and attends Strange Academy to learn more about magic.


A Demon from Limbo

As a demon from the Limbo dimension, Despair has hooves and horns as well as mystical abilities. Her powers allow her to get accepted into the Strange Academy—a magically hidden school in New Orleans for those with mystical abilities. She takes a tour of the campus with her new fellow students, who are from all over the 10 realms and various dimensions, and learns where everything is located, from the classrooms to the dormitories. The students take a break from the tour to eat lunch, and one of the students, the Asgardian Alvi Brorson, asks why they are all there. Despair, who goes by Dessy, reveals that it’s because of death, because of all of them, and because of life. She then explains that she’s a demon from Limbo who can see despair in its various forms, darkness, secrets, and desperation at all times. She meets her new roommate, Zoe Laveau, who comes from a long line of the Voodoo priestesses, and senses her secret but Zoe puts her off. Despite Zoe’s resistance, Dessy says she won’t tell anyone.


Despair Perception

As a demon from Limbo, Dessy feels the pain and despair from others, and senses their secrets. Though she does not share these secrets as it’s her burden to keep them. She is also empathetic to the pain of others.


Strange Academy Friends

At Strange Academy, Dessy gets paired up with fellow student Zoe, who has a secret that Dessy senses. Though Dessy assures Zoe that she’ll keep her secret, Zoe denies knowing what she’s talking about. Dessy often feels the pain of others, and the dark sides of things and shares it—though this willingness to share causes other students to feel uneasy.


Dessy’s Diary

After unpacking their belongings in their new room, Dessy and her roommate Zoe rejoined the group in their school uniforms. They learned who their new teachers were going to be, and when one of the students, Doyle Dormammu, asked about the academy’s namesake, Steven Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, Strange showed up through a portal fighting a beast. Strange then asked for their assistance and Dessy volunteered along with the others. She used her powers to fight the creature. Though while doing so felt the creature’s pain and apologized to it and informed it that it was over now. Dessy and the students, with Strange’s assistance, defeated the beast and then heard a welcome speech from Strange. He ended it on a warning to “try not to die”, which shocked Dessy and the others.

Dessy attended all her classes on the first day of school and went to her first period, History of Mystical Objects with Yao, AKA Ancient One. There, he released a Jinn from a lamp and instructed the class to put it back in without magic. Dessy remarked that Jinn’s were annoying. She later watched her classmates Iric Brorson and Doyle get sent to Hell for being disrespectful in Illyana Rasputina, AKA Magik, and Daimon Hellstrom, AKA Hellstorm’s class, Inferno 101.

After classes got out, Dessy continued to watch Zoe as if waiting for something to happen, and despite Zoe expressing she didn’t like it and to stop being weird, Dessy made no promises.