Marie Laveau



The Dark Side of Doctor Strange

Even Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme has felt the lure of evil!



Born in New Orleans in 1801, Marie was a Creole beauty who treated victims of warfare and epidemic. In 1819, she married Jacques Paris and, after his disappearance, bore Christophe Glapion five children, the first also named Marie. Allegedly inducted into the Voudou (Voodoo) faith by houngan John Bayou and/or manbo Sanite Dede, Marie supplied clients with mystic charms and led ceremonial dances, her namesake joining her at adulthood. Marie held mystic and political power, reportedly helping slaves escape and opposing religious oppression. Reported dead in 1881, Marie survived via sorcerer Cagliostro's potion but continued aging. Her good deeds were slandered, but Cagliostro's secret may have corrupted Marie in truth. Little is known of her for over a century, but the tales grew taller and darker. Finally, she captured Dracula, whose vampire blood, in Cagliostro's potion, restored her youth.

A rival of Brother Voodoo in recent years, Marie was captured by the fanatic Silver Dagger to lure sorcerer Doctor Strange into a trap. Marie was prepared to kill either Strange or his nemesis to escape, but it was the latter who fell, earning her Strange's wary respect. When Strange destroyed Earth's vampires, Marie sent local super hero Captain Marvel (later Pulsar) to 1784 for fresh vampire blood, again from Dracula; however, Strange's spell destroyed the prize, and Marie searched the world for any hint of surviving vampirism. Ironically, she discovered Strange's comatose brother Victor, partially vampirized from Strange's failed healing efforts. With Victor in tow, Marie performed the Vampiric Verses spell and - despite Strange, Brother Voodoo, and others - resurrected Varnae, long-dead first of vampires, whom she thought to control; but Varnae escaped, spreading vampirism until dying in a clash with Blade and the Nightstalkers. Marie and some newly made vampires re-created Varnae, who again broke her control. Months later, Marie and vampire Deacon Frost, seeking control of New Orleans, fought Brother Voodoo and Blade. Marie invoked the Loa (Voodoo Gods) to empower her zombie-legions, but Brother Voodoo convinced the serpent-god Damballah that Marie did not respect him and he seemingly crushed her to death.




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