Zoe Zimmer

The teenaged former bully turned supportive friend Zoe Zimmer always has her friends’ backs.


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Once a bully, teenager Zoe Zimmer learns from her mistakes and befriends Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel, and Nakia Bahadir.


Born in France, Zoe Zimmer’s father works for Super Mega Corporation Unlimited and her mother is a lawyer. Her family ends up living in Jersey City in the United States, but her parents never bother to file the proper paperwork for her passport, so she believes she’s an illegal immigrant. 

Bubbly and popular, yet shallow teen, Zoe is typically not politically correct and is often mean to her fellow Muslim students at Coles Academic High School, making fun of them for having immigrant parents. She dates fellow student and star athlete Josh Richardson, and while she’s nice to other students such as Nakia Bahadir, Kamala Khan, and Bruno Carrelli, she’s what Nakia describes as “only nice to be mean.”

When the Inhuman King Black Bolt released a Terrigen Bomb into Earth’s atmosphere, it exploded as a mist, unlocking potential Inhumans across the globe. As the mist hit Jersey City, Zoe was drunk on a pier over the Hudson River with Josh, who was trying to dance with her but she refused. In doing so, she fell into the Hudson but was rescued by what looked to be Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, in her old Ms. Marvel costume but with an enlarged hand—it was actually Kamala Khan in disguise whose Inhuman DNA was unlocked from the mist. Afterward, Zoe commits to never getting wasted again.

High School Student

Zoe does not have any powers or abilities as she is simply a teenager living her life as best she can while going through the growing pains of high school. She is also a supportive friend, after she realizes her bullying is wrong.

Digital Bullies

When new student Kaylee Kirk arrived at Zoe’s high school, she tried to befriend her but was immediately and somewhat violently shot down. Kaylee turned out to be the virus Doc.X with a human body who tries to blackmail Ms. Marvel into revealing her secret identity and Zoe’s love life.  

Close Friends 

After Zoe realizes she’s a bully, she makes changes to her life and befriends those she once tormented, including Nakia Bahadir, Kamala Khan, and Bruno Carrelli. She crushes on Nakia and once she reveals her true feelings, Nakia rejects her in the nicest way possible and they remain friends.


After the convergence of universes, Zoe had an existential crisis. She realized that she needed to be honest with herself and broke up with Josh. She also became interested in veganism after watching a documentary about cow farts, and grew closer to Nakia and Kamala. 

After Josh was arrested and held illegally by Captain Marvel’s justice cadets, AKA Carol Cadets, Zoe joined Nakia and Bruno at the warehouse where he was jailed. When one of the cadets, Becky St. Jude, told Zoe she had no authority there, Zoe demanded to see him and to take it up with her mother, a lawyer, and her father who was on City Council. When Zoe spoke to Josh about his arrest, she chastised him for planning to fry the school’s power grid because she broke up with him. She admitted to him that the breakup was because she never liked boys, and that she had a crush on Nakia.

When Ms. Marvel notified her that a sentient computer virus Doc.X tried to blackmail her into releasing Zoe’s secret love letters to Nakia on the school’s listserv, Zoe was impressed that Ms. Marvel didn’t go through with it. She realized that giving the bully what they wanted just gave them what they wanted, admitting that she knew because she was one. She resolved to tell Nakia the truth before she heard about it elsewhere. She met up with Nakia and admitted she was in love with her and had been trying to tell her for months. Nakia admired how much Zoe had grown from being a mean girl and told her that she wished she could return her feelings, but could only offer friendship and having her back no matter what. She embraced Zoe as Zoe shed tears from releasing what she had been hiding for so long. 

She then celebrated the Muslim religious holiday Eid al-Adha, the feast marking the end of Ramadan and the end of the Hajj Pilgrimage with Kamala’s family and Nakia. As soon as fellow student Gabe Hillman burst into dinner announcing that there were K.I.N.D. agents out looking for illegal immigrants, Zoe cried out that she was caught to a confused audience. She explained how she was an illegal immigrant because she was born in France but her parents didn’t fill out her passport paperwork.

When new student Kaylee Kirk arrived to the school, Zoe was instantly attracted to her. She introduced herself in the school’s hallway outside of Kaylee’s locker but Kaylee slammed her hand into the locker beside her, telling her she wasn’t there to make friends (Kaylee was actually Doc.X with a human body).