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The Darkhold Redeemers was a group of beings with various degrees of supernatural and occult backgrounds gather together to protect the mystical pages of the ancient Darkhold. This collection of way-out weirdos included Sam Buchanan, a Canadian detective who reluctantly came to believe in the occult, although he never liked things of a supernatural nature, such as magic, demons and goblins. Sam would come to possess the Exorcist Gun, which spit out a horrific blast of energy that attacked the structure of all things supernatural. Buchanan was assigned to protect Victoria Montesi, a woman from a line of priests who safeguarded and prevented misuse of the Darkhold, who began to have visions every time a page was used. Victoria was under attack by the forces of lord Chthon, who were trying to bring their master by using the pages of the Darkhold. Louise Hastings was also a member of the Redeemers John Blaze of the Midnight Sons would attempt to protect Hastings fearing that she would be the next target of Chthon’s forces, due to her being an expert of the occult. Although a vision by another member warned that Hastings could become a target of Lilith mother of demons. In their quest to track the pages of the Darkhold Hastings, Blaze, Montesi, Buchanan and the Ghost Rider all followed a trail which led them to the home of Donald Walsh, who had invoked the Chameleon Worm spell from the Darkhold. Once they mystically exterminated the Chameleon Worm. Hastings, Montesi and Buchanan decided to stay together. They would later be joined by Hastings’ grandson William Hastings, who they would later call Jinx. He possessed innate mystical powers. The Darkholders were also joined by the centuries old sorcerer, Modred the Mystic, who had his own soul corrupted by the Darkhold.

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