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Some trace Lilith to the Heavenly Hosts, where she and Samael, later "Satan," rebelled and were cast out. On Earth, Lilith conceived the Mazikim by Adam but ultimately refused to be subservient and left him. When self-proclaimed angels slaughtered most of the Mazikim, Lilith vowed her line would dominate. Twenty millennia ago, Lilith survived the Great Cataclysm in Atlantis. A Sumerian god, she eventually withdrew as a storm demon to the desert beyond the Euphrates, abducting unbaptized children and visiting men in their dreams. Ruling mortal kingdoms, she conceived powerful children, including the demonic Lilin; her lovers included the angel Shemhazai, the fertility god Attis, and even, some say, the Judeo-Christian God. Lilith is believed to have spawned different races of vampires. Stories say she fought Gilgamesh circa 3000 B.C. and, over two millennia later, challenged Solomon, banisher of demons, including the Lilin. Supposedly, as the Queen of Sheba, Lilith conceived by Solomon.

Decades later, Lilith bedeviled the prophet Elijah. When Rome fell over a millennium later, she allegedly ruled the ruins. In 12th century Asia, Lilith was trapped in a bottle by a midwife. A century later, Joseph della Reina thought to summon the Messiah by confronting Lilith and her latest demon consort, Ashmodei; no match for Lilith, Reina was transformed into a dog. In the 18th century, Lilith was challenged by Rabbi Elimelekh, who escaped unscathed. Some of her activities were perhaps in spirit form, for at some point Atlantean mages trapped her within a monstrous Leviathan (possibly Tiamat). Tales of her independence made her a heroine to some, with little idea of her history.

In recent years, Lilith emerged from the Leviathan and gathered the Lilin against Ghost Rider and others. As war waged, Lilith directed one son, Bloodthirst, to possess Morbius, weakening their enemies. Eventually, the demon Zarathos was freed and manipulated into joining Lilith. The Lilin were ultimately re-banished, but Lilith remained, having conceived Zarathos's child. Lilith has since bedeviled Doctor Strange and his former protégés, the Witches (Jennifer Kale, Satana, Topaz). She has waited through all human history to claim Earth, and she can wait longer.




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