Published February 11, 2019

5 Things to Know About Howard The Duck

Learn more about the elusive Duckworldian.

Howard the Duck

Occasional intergalactic traveler, aspiring cop, and resident of Cleveland—Howard the Duck has always been quite the character.

While he’s had his fair share of team-ups, adversaries, and sordid affairs with the ladies, there’s plenty the world still doesn’t know about this elusive Duckworldian. With Howard stepping back into the limelight, let’s clear the air about Howard and get down to brass quacks...sorry, we mean brass tacks.

Super Powers, Schmuper Powers

Howard’s an anthropomorphic duck from another planet. Unfortunately, that doesn’t grant him any super heroic abilities. He lacks flight, our sun and gravity haven’t affected him in a positive way, and he can’t shoot anything out his eyes. Howard does possess a deep level of the seldom-practiced art of Quack-Fu, which makes him pretty solid when it comes down to a street fight.

Brains > Brawn

While Howard may be power deprived, he makes up for this deficiency where it really counts—minds out of the gutter, please.  Following the events of Original Sin, Howard learned that he’s got the inherent potential to be the most intelligent being on Duckworld. This may not be a shock to Howard, but the rest of the Marvel Universe remains skeptical.


Street smarts aside, Howard has dabbled in the ancient arts of magic, giving him a whole new level of awesome. Dr. Strange himself once took Howard under his proverbial wing, teaching him the mystic arts. Howard declined to become Strange’s apprentice, but developed a number of nifty artifacts in his time with the Sorcerer Supreme.

The Ladies' Duck

Don’t let the feathers and the beak fool you—Howard does quite well with the ladies of earth. His true love will always be Beverly Switzler, but this dashing duck has dabbled outside the human persuasion—like when he blew his lottery winnings on making the “perfect” mate, Alexis.

Bring On The Bad Guys

Not being a super hero hasn’t stopped Howard from accumulating his own stable of archenemies. He’s duked it out with the likes of The Bellhop, Le Beaver, and the villainous Dr. Bong.  As long as Howard has his stogie—and the B.F.G.—he’ll be ready for any diabolical threat. Within reason…


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