Published January 24, 2019

6 of Deadpool's Best Team-Ups

Here’s a look back at some of DP’s finest partners.


Here’s a look back at some of DP’s finest partners—and potential shoulders to cry on if Spider-Man needs to vent about his experiences.


Wade Wilson teamed with Cable for 50 issues of their own comic, plus countless other appearances elsewhere. While the grizzled soldier from the future made a great straight man for Deadpool’s antics, Cable’s ethics eventually rubbed off on Wade, changing his perspective on what it means to be a hero.

Cable & Deadpool Vol. 1: If Looks Could Kill (Trade Paperback)

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Before Cable, though, another hero saw Deadpool as more than just a smart-mouth mercenary: Banshee's daughter, Siryn. The duo teamed up to take on Juggernaut and Black Tom, and sparks flew between the two as she tried to keep him on the straight and narrow. Their doomed relationship fell apart thanks in part to Typhoid Mary and Copycat, but Siryn definitely left an impression on Wade.

The Deadpool Corps

A cosmic being threatening the multiverse could only mean one thing: time to assemble the Deadpool Corps! Deadpool joined several alternate reality versions of himself—including Lady Deadpool, Kid Deadpool, and Dogpool—to stop the being known as the Awareness from devouring the consciousness of the multiverse. And they got to fly around in a sweet spaceship called the Bea Arthur. Really.

Deadpool Corps (2010) #1

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Hawkeye (both of them)

A murder outside Clint Barton's building leads to a team-up with a trick-or-treating Wade Wilson in HAWKEYE VS. DEADPOOL, but the real chemistry develops between Deadpool and Kate Bishop. Dressed as Hawkeye Pierce from M.A.S.H., Kate mistakes DP for a Freddie Krueger cosplayer, but the duo really gel when they have to take down a hypnotized Clint.


Deadpool needed a job. Galactus needed a herald. One newspaper want ad later and the greatest cosmic pairing ever hit the spaceways. Deadpool’s mouth eventually got on Galactus’ nerves, and he sent Wade packing.

Deadpool Team-Up (2009) #883

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Bob, Agent of Hydra

A list like this would feel incomplete without…well, without Cable, and maybe the Deadpool Corps. But don’t discount Bob, Deadpool’s inside man in Hydra. The coward and slacker has come to DP’s aid time and again when the merc’s crossed paths with the evil organization. Maybe if he put as much effort into his job as he does into helping Wade, Hydra would finally offer Bob dental insurance.




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