Published August 8, 2019

Absolute Carnage: Who Is the Sinister Symbiote Seeking Out?

The Marvel Universe is under siege by Carnage and Knull! Find out who might be their latest victims.

Absolute Carnage Targets

ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #1 hit stores this week, and Cletus Kasady didn’t waste any time going for his high-value targets. Carnage/Cletus is trying to free and awaken Knull, the evil God of Symbiotes. It turns out that anyone who has ever been bonded with a symbiote carries a piece of the codex needed to revive Knull. In the Marvel Universe, that includes nearly everyone who lives in Manhattan!

That’s not a joke. During PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES, many of the city’s residents were taken over by symbiotes. A similar event took place during THE MIGHTY AVENGERS #7, when a Venom bomb was unleashed upon the city. More recently, the VENOMIZED crossover swelled the ranks of heroes who briefly had a symbiote.

Obviously, Spider-Man and Venom remain Carnage’s top two targets, and he’s already claimed John Jameson and Norman Osborn. Carnage hasn’t even stopped at the living, as he’s gathered the bodies of several former hosts as well. (Or, at least, parts of them.) Here’s a look at just a handful of tempting targets on Carnage’s potential hitlist in ABSOLUTE CARNAGE.


Wade Wilson was actually the first Marvel hero to encounter the Venom symbiote during a retcon of the original SECRET WARS. Aside from Spider-Man and Eddie Brock, that may make Deadpool one of Carnage’s most enticing targets.

Deadpool symbiote


Thor was a former host for the All-Black symbiote that was created by Knull. While All-Black also possessed Gorr the God Butcher and King Loki, we suspect that the Odinson would be a more accessible target for Carnage.

Thor and All-Black

Mac Gargan

Aside from Eddie Brock, no one has been Venom longer than Mac Gargan. For a few years, Gargan traded in his Scorpion costume for the vengeful Venom symbiote. If Carnage can’t get what he needs from Eddie, then Gargan may be a fitting substitute.

Mac Gargan as Venom

Ghost-Spider/Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy had her own Gwenom experience on her own world when she became the host of a symbiote during her Spider-Woman/Spider-Gwen days. We’re not sure if Knull’s codex would be included in Gwen’s body, but Carnage would likely go after her just for being a spider-hero.

SPIDER-GWEN (2015) #24

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer may be lucky enough to be off-world at the moment in SILVER SURFER: BLACK. But he remains a former host of both the Carnage and the Void Knight symbiotes. If he ends up on Earth in the near future, the Silver Surfer should watch his back.

Silver Surfer as Carnage

Jimmy Hudson

Although Jimmy Hudson (the son of Wolverine from the Ultimate Universe) has kept a low profile since X-MEN BLUE came to an end, he may prove to be a particularly enticing target. He was possessed by a symbiote and a Poison during the VENOMIZED crossover. By the end, he was the last Poison still alive.

Jimmy Hudson Venomized
VENOMIZED (2018) #3

Jubulile van Scotter

If Carnage expands his threat beyond North America, it’s a good bet that he’ll go after Jubulile van Scotter for revenge. During 2015’s CARNAGE series, Jubulile was infected by a Darkhold empowered fragment of the Carnage symbiote, as well as the Toxin and Raze symbiotes. She was instrumental in defeating Carnage, and he’ll probably be looking for some payback.

Jubilile symbiote
CARNAGE (2015) #16


On the surface, Marcus is a dark horse choice, no pun intended. But he may be the world’s only “Diabetic Gladiator Minotaur Werewolf with a Symbiote and Robot Legs.” He’s not quite as formidable as he sounds, but Carnage would probably love the opportunity to meet and kill him.

Marcus the Centaur

Dr. Karl Malus

This one might be a personal choice for Cletus. Karl Malus not only survived being eaten by the Carnage symbiote, he also became the first ever human-symbiote hybrid. Karl and the Wizard previously tried to control Carnage in SUPERIOR CARNAGE, which is more than enough motivation for Cletus to kill him. However, Karl’s new state of being may prove to be invaluable to Knull’s ambitions.

Karl Malus as Carnage


Carol Danvers’ beloved cat/Flerkin is also one of the few hosts of the Grendel symbiote that hasn’t already been claimed by Carnage. Chewie is formidable on her own, but Carnage is a threat to everyone.

Chewie and the Symbiotes

No one is safe during ABSOLUTE CARNAGE -- but maybe some of these former hosts have a fighting chance...

ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #1, written by Donny Cates with art by Ryan Stegman, is on sale now online and at your local comic shop!

Absolute Carnage #1


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