Published September 27, 2018

Daniel Kibblesmith on Marvel's Latest Odd Couple -- 'Black Panther vs. Deadpool'

Deadpool "vs" yet another classic Marvel character -- Kibblesmith tells us what to expect!

Deadpool is not always Marvel's most reliable team player, and he rubs a lot of people the wrong way -- this is why he's often one of the names in a title that includes the word "versus." In this case, BLACK PANTHER VS. DEADPOOL #1. Daniel Kibblesmith, writer of LOCKJAW as well as a staff writer at "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," has come up with a scenario that involves the Merc with a Mouth and Wakandan royalty, so spoke with him to see how in the world this could have happened. So -- Black Panther and Deadpool. Seems like a match made in only the most terrible version of Heaven, but surely a great source for a story. Can you tell us about the birth of this crazy (delightful) idea?

Daniel Kibblesmith: I was finishing up the LOCKJAW miniseries (on sale in paperback now, if you want a book about a hippo-sized teleporting dog who lives on the moon, finding his lost puppy siblings with the help of his bearded, gay, recently dumped, ex-wrestler sidekick). LOCKJAW editor Wil Moss and I bumped into each other at a screening of "Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War." It was our first IRL meeting, despite me working a few blocks away at the Colbert show, and he mentioned wanting to find our next project. The next day he emailed me the best idea for a 2018 Marvel miniseries that I ever heard. Deadpool is in search of vibranium in order to save someone who became collateral damage during a Deadpool tussle. Is he being driven by guilt or the opportunity to be a hero?

Daniel Kibblesmith: Right?! Because he's Deadpool! So who knows?! He could be doing it out of guilt, or for the money, or because it's the right thing to do, or for the money, or even for the money! It could be anything! Our opens with Deadpool on a civic responsibility kick trying to help out his community, and he blows it spectacularly on Day One. So his part of the story is all about trying to make things right, and in the end we might find out the person Deadpool was really mad at... was himself. But probably not, he's probably just mad at Black Panther.


Cover by Ryan Benjamin

Cover by Ryan Benjamin

Cover of Black Panther vs. Deadpool 1 Surely Black Panther and Deadpool can’t spend a whole story fighting just each other. What kinds of obstacles will they have to deal with besides each other?

Daniel Kibblesmith: So, Deadpool has been in a bunch of these superhero "versus" stories at this point -- and since he's Deadpool, he knows it. He's pretty sure that Issues #1 and #2 are just a big misunderstanding, and by Issue #3 they'll be teaming up to fight a real villain. No spoilers on who that villain might be, but BLACK PANTHER VS. DEADPOOL #1 does come out around Halloween, and they do mention Halloween, and also they fight Jack O'Lantern. That being said, just because you can break the fourth wall doesn't mean you're always right. The "real" villain of the story might be something else entirely. Like illiteracy, the silent killer. What kind of collaboration did you have with artist Ricardo López Ortiz?

Daniel Kibblesmith: Ricardo is amazing. He and I both live in New York, but we still do everything over email, which anyone else who lives in New York will relate to. In the scripts, I lay down as many potential visuals as I can to make sure he has plenty of suggestions to work with, but I can never anticipate how much style, and expressiveness, and all the insane kinetic energy he puts into every panel, especially the action sequences. And he draws a fantastic Shuri. The first time I saw his take on T'Challa and Shuri I said out loud, "Those are my kids! I love them!" I think fans of indie comics, street-art, and manga would really enjoy his work, and if those kinds of comics are usually your jam, but you love Black Panther and Deadpool from the movies, we really hope you pick up our humble little blockbuster Marvel cross-over. Is there any chance that both Black Panther and Deadpool could learn Very Valuable Lessons from each other?

Daniel Kibblesmith: I want to say yes. I really, really want to say yes. It's normal to want things. It's human. Thanks so much for taking the time, Daniel! It’s greatly appreciated!

Daniel Kibblesmith: Thank you for having me, and also thank you to local comic shops everywhere and everyone who keeps them in business. If you're reading this, find me on social media and shoot me a selfie with BLACK PANTHER VS. DEADPOOL #1 in your local comic book store. Or, if you're waiting for the paperback, maybe a selfie holding up a decorative gourd? That would also be seasonally appropriate.

BLACK PANTHER VS. DEADPOOL #1, written by Daniel Kibblesmith with art by Ricardo López Ortiz, goes on sale Wednesday, October 24! You can pre-order it now online or at your local comic shop!


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