Published August 13, 2021

Look Inside 'Deadpool: Black, White & Blood' #2 Today

One issue, three wild Wade Wilson whoppers—all arriving on September 8!


Did they not read the last one? That one was wild for sure, but this one… Hoo boy. WOW. You think this one’s gonna be LESS gonzo? We're gonna need to buy our lawyers a nice fruit basket or something.

On September 8, it's DEADPOOL: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #2. Thank you, lawyers. 

DEADPOOL: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #2 cover by Declan Shalvey
DEADPOOL: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #2 cover by Declan Shalvey

Featuring three Regeneratin' Degenerate stories, DEADPOOL: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #2 arrives with sharpest katanas you can imagine—and the sharpest creators to boot!

The first, "Purple Craze," is written by David Lapham and Maria Lapham with art by Pete Woods. The second, "Deadpool Party," is written by "Killer" Karla Pacheco with art by Leonard Kirk with colors by Rachelle Rosenberg. And the third, "Pool of Death???" is written by Daniel Warren Johnson with art by Daniel Warren Johnson and colors by Daniel Warren Johnson! And letters throughout the whole kit and caboodle are by VC's Joe Sabino!

Look inside the ish with the gallery below, then pre-order with your lovable local comic shop before reading on September 8!

DEADPOOL: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #2 preview art by Pete Woods


SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL (2016) #8 artwork by Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, and Jason Keith


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DEADPOOL (2024) #1 Foil Variant Cover by InHyuk Lee


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DEADPOOL #1 cover by Taurin Clarke


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