Published March 26, 2019

Deadpool's 5 Unlikeliest Team-Ups

Read up on the merc's most bizarre buds!

Deadpool Gorilla Man

When you're a fast-talking, gun-toting, irreverent, slapstick mercenary like Deadpool, you're bound to keep pretty odd company. Wade Wilson's ability to attract heroes from the strangest corners of the Marvel Universe have given him some of the weirdest team-ups to date. Familiarize yourself with these five wacky romps below.

Deadpool & The Great Lakes Avengers

Cities in the middle of America need protection just as much as New York City and Los Angeles. Thankfully—we think?—for Americans in the center of the country, the Great Lakes Avengers can answer your call for help! Okay, just because their codenames are Mr. Immortal, Dinah Soar, Big Bertha, Flatman, and Doorman does not mean you should dismiss them! Probably. Wilson would go on to become a reserve member of the team after the events of the DEADPOOL/GLI – SUMMER FUN SPECTACULAR.

Deadpool & Spider-Man

After tripping through the Great Lakes Avenger Doorman, Deadpool found himself stuck in Marvel's Silver Age in the weirdest one-sided team-up of all time. No, Spider-Man's not a really odd character—but he is when Deadpool's wearing his face! The merc used his camouflage tech to disguise himself as Peter Parker, offending pretty much everyone in the wall-crawler's life along the way.

Deadpool & Dr. Bong

Wade Wilson finally sought help back in DEADPOOL #27. Deadpool being Deadpool, he of course picked ex-super villain Dr. Bong as his psychiatrist. Bong's career change didn't hold and he went back to pursuing his original passion: concocting ridiculous schemes. Wade and the Secret Avengers joined forces to stop the mad doctor, resulting in another weird team-up.

Deadpool (2008) #29

Deadpool (2008) #29

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Deadpool & Gorilla-Man

Ken Hale turned his curse to live as the Gorilla-Man into a plus when he decided to use his newfound ape strength as a member of the super team called the Agents of Atlas. He also had to put up with Deadpool's antics during a mission on a remote island. Yeah, Deadpool's so weird that the heavily armed super smart gorilla seems normal by comparison. Watch these two kooky characters lasso prehistoric animals in this adventure!

Deadpool Team-Up (2009) #889

Deadpool Team-Up (2009) #889

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Deadpool & Galactus

If there's one person you don't want guiding the cosmically hungry Galactus to the buffet, it's the cosmically amoral Deadpool. But after trying to get a job with every super criminal in town, Deadpool finally found a gig with Galactus—one that took him across multiple galaxies and pit him against the Silver Surfer.

Deadpool Team-Up (2009) #883

Deadpool Team-Up (2009) #883

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