Published March 28, 2024

'Deadpool & Wolverine: WWIII' Comic Book Trailer Wages a Two-Man War

Joe Kelly and Adam Kubert's 'Deadpool & Wolverine: WWIII' hits stands on May 1.

This May, an all-new three-part, globe-spanning saga starring the most intensely mismatched team-up in pop culture begins in DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE: WWIII #1

Deadpool and Wolverine’s latest joint adventure comes courtesy of two of the pair’s most legendary storytellers: formative DEADPOOL writer Joe Kelly and iconic WOLVERINE artist Adam Kubert. Together, they’ve crafted a relentlessly explosive and deliciously violent series that’s both a must-have for comic fans and a perfect entry point for newcomers.

Featuring never-before-seen artwork, the all-new DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE: WWIII trailer shows just how deadly the situation Wade and Logan find themselves in this time. The series kicks off when the pair is targeted by Delta, an all-new super villain with the power to amplify a person’s abilities, strength, and savagery to their ultimate limit!

Taken to the ends of the earth by this new foe, Deadpool and Wolverine must embrace radical change and manage to work together to survive and bring down a twisted group of individuals bent on seeing them rip each other to shreds—THOSE WHO WATCH. The action-packed trailer provides a first look at this villainous group and the weaponry at their disposal but fans will have to wait till later in the series to behold the Delta’s fury!

On the action he and Kubert will be delivering, Kelly told, "We've seen both guys get put through the physical ringer in many ways, and part of the fun is trying to one-up the next person, or whoever played with these characters before you, but always in service of the story. And I think in this case, my hope at least, is that we came up with a way to use these guys' very, very unique abilities in a way that reflects what's going on with them emotionally."

DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE: WWIII #1 cover by Adam Kubert

Written by JOE KELLY
Art and Cover by ADAM KUBERT
Variant Cover by ROB LIEFELD
Variant Cover by INHYUK LEE
Virgin Variant Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO
Windowshades Variant Cover by TODD NAUCK
On Sale 5/1

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