Published June 7, 2019

Ed Brisson and Mike Henderson Tease the Return of a Hulk Villain in ‘Dead Man Logan’ #8

The creative team also reveal what’s ahead for Logan and Glob…

Dead Man Logan #8 cover
DEAD MAN LOGAN (2018) #8

If you’re new to DEAD MAN LOGAN, here’s the story in a nutshell: To prevent a heinous future where Logan kills the X-Men, he traveled to the present, his past, and rejoined the X-Men. He also teamed up with Hawkeye to find Mysterio, the one responsible for a world where villains triumphed, and apparently killed him. In issue #7, Logan returned to his timeline back in the Wastelands, and ended up becoming a reoccurring meal for some sadistic cannibals taking advantage of his healing factor, which is not what it used to be.

We chatted with writer Ed Brisson and artist Mike Henderson about the road so far, their favorite moments and what we can expect in DEAD MAN LOGAN #8, out now!


What were some of your favorite moments in issues #1-7 and why?

Ed Brisson: I’ve got a few moments and find it’s hard to pick a single moment that stands out for me.

There’s something about the interplay between Hawkeye and Logan in the first few issues that I really enjoyed writing. I think the two characters bounce off of each other quite well, and trying to position them in a way where we’re not duplicating the relationship that they had in the original OLD MAN LOGAN, but instead showing the early days of that same relationship and how, because of circumstances, it’s quite different.

I do love the Avengers vs. Logan battle in the third issue. I rarely write entire issues that are one big fight like that. It was freeing to just let loose in the script and then see what Mike and Nolan Woodard did with it.

And, of course, writing the scene where Old Man Logan and Wolverine sit down for a beer was one of those scenes I’d been waiting to write for over a year. Having Logan in a position where he can potentially wave his younger self off for the same mistakes he’s made, but instead chooses to protect those he loves by keeping Wolverine away from them… I think it speaks volumes toward his character.

Dead Man Logan and Wolverine
DEAD MAN LOGAN (2018) #6

Mike Henderson: My first, nerdiest instinct is to say the meeting between Logan and Wolverine in issue #6, which was a thrill to draw on numerous levels and my first crack at the original Canucklehead. From a purely fun action perspective, Old Man Logan’s showdown with Mysterio and gang on the island was probably the most exciting. But, for my money, I think Ed and I were at our best in Logan’s farewell to Jubilee, Forge, and especially Glob. Explosions are easy to write and draw, heartbreak is a lot harder and a lot more rewarding when you nail it.

When Logan goes up against the Avengers in issue #3 – though thanks to Mysterio, he sees the Sinister Six – there’s quite a bit of uncertainty about how they’ll subdue Logan. What was the hardest part in creating this uncertainty and conveying the epic battle that happens in Times Square?

Brisson: The hardest part about writing the battle was certainly slipping between what Logan sees and what’s really happening. There was a lot of me going back and forth with the script and revising things to a point where I felt it made just enough sense that folks could follow, but was confusing enough that we could understand how Logan had fallen for it (again).

I think Mike did a beautiful job of juggling it all.

Henderson: Flipping back and forth between reality and Logan’s distorted view of it was one of the trickiest things I’ve ever had to draw. It was hard enough to keep a panel or two straight in my own head but making sure the reader was never confused by what was a essentially a 20-page fight scene was a challenge.

In the end, it’s unclear how the link between Logan and Mysterio was broken—the X-Men claim that they subdued Logan but is that true, considering Mysterio’s departure from the villains seemed to happen at the same time? Can anyone really subdue Logan when Mysterio’s illusions are so strong?

Brisson: Yeah, the X-Men certainly did. It’s a failsafe that had been mentioned earlier in the series. They just happened to show up at the moment that Mysterio realized what Sin and Miss Sinister had in store for him.

Logan fighting the Avengers
DEAD MAN LOGAN (2018) #3

Mysterio’s true fate is known only to readers thanks to the end of issue #5. Will Logan see him again before the end of the miniseries or are there other big baddies to worry about?

Brisson: Logan’s gone back to the Wasteland now and has much larger problems on his hands.


I know this book’s about Logan’s journey, but Glob offers some comedic relief in an otherwise serious, dark and bloody tale. What do you like about Glob, and what has it been like to bring the exposed skeleton to life in DEAD MAN LOGAN?

Brisson: Glob is one of my favorite X-Men characters. It’s been a real pleasure to use him in the book and try to make readers love him as much as I do.

The thing I always say about Glob is that he’s essentially the Charlie Brown of the Marvel Universe. He’s the underdog who you can’t help but root for, even when he’s being an idiot.

I think that he’s also a bit of an outsider within a group of outsiders, and there’s a lot of opportunity for some real pathos there.

Henderson: I’ll admit, I never thought Glob was going to be as much fun to draw as he turned out to be. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, given how often I gravitate to the characters that provide the comic relief. DEAD MAN LOGAN has such a heavy pathos hanging over it, it needed a character who could release the tension, whether it was on purpose or not. He’s perfect for it, and I’ve missed him the last several issues.

Since Logan returned to his timeline at the end of issue #6, will we get to see Glob again?

Brisson: Afraid not. Not in DEAD MAN LOGAN, anyway.


Glob in Dead Man Logan
DEAD MAN LOGAN (2018) #3

Who are your favorite characters in this miniseries so far?

Brisson: I had a lot more fun writing Mysterio than I initially thought that I would. But, Glob is always my favorite. That said, one of my favorite D-list Marvel characters pops up in issue #10 and I’m pretty excited to see people react to it.

Henderson: I have no choice but to say Glob. He was a joy to draw. However, an unexpected face turns up later that not only did I never expect to draw, but didn’t expect to have so much fun doing it.


When Logan returned to his timeline in the Wastelands, things seem the same, but did his adventure to the past change his own future/did he create a new alternative timeline?

Brisson: It was established in OLD MAN LOGAN that Logan’s timeline is divergent from the regular 616 (or Prime) timeline. So, his actions here do not impact his actions in the Wastelands.

That said, things have changed since he left as a direct result of things he did before leaving the Wastelands, and Logan’s going to have to deal with the consequences of that.

At the end of issue #7, Sabretooth is alive, patched up and searching for Logan in the Wastelands, and yet he was reported dead by the Daily Bugle at the end of issue #5. Can readers expect to find out how he survived, who put him back together, or maybe a bloody battle between the now-elderly frenemies?

Brisson: Yes to both!

How much has Sabretooth changed from being dead?

Brisson: I want to say that he’s nastier, but he’s always been pretty nasty. There are things we’re going to learn about him that I don’t want to spoil, so will leave it there. Folks will have to read to find out!

Dead Man Logan #8
DEAD MAN LOGAN (2018) #8

Considering Logan’s healing factor is still reduced, and he’s slowly dying of adamantium poisoning, what’s ahead for him in this next arc?

Brisson: Well, the biggest thing is: he dies.

Him dying is not a secret and something that’s been incredibly freeing in writing this book. We’re not trying to surprise readers with a death. Instead, I’m trying to make the book earn that death. Logan’s goal now is to find his way back home. To finally be with Maureen, Jade, and Scotty.

But, as we saw in issue #7, he’s got some other responsibilities to take care of first – primarily Bruce Jr., who’s no longer a baby. He’s a seven-year-old eating, reading, and fighting machine that’s going to be a real… problem.

What is it about Declan Shalvey's cover art that you think helps best convey Dead Man Logan's journey?

Henderson: Declan has a unique way of distilling the arc of a story into just five images without losing any of the gravitas a story like DEAD MAN LOGAN deserves. I think his cover to issue #8 is starting to let you feel some of the desperation and inevitability of this last arc. It’s tremendous.

What do you want readers to know about issue #8?

Brisson: DEAD MAN LOGAN #8 is where readers will get filled in on what’s been happening in the Wastelands in the seven years that Logan’s been gone. (Hint: Nothing good!)

Issue #8 also sees the return of a Hulk villain who hasn’t been seen in the pages of a comic since 1966! We had a lot of fun with that one.

Henderson: It’s a messy one! A lot of new faces to catch up with, and a whole lot of smashing.

DEAD MAN LOGAN #8, written by Ed Brisson with art by Mike Henderson, is on sale now! You can purchase your copy online or at your local comic shop!

Dead Man Logan #8


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