Glob Herman (Robert Herman)

Robert HermanGlob Herman

With a unique physique—a waxy form and a visible skeleton—mutant student Glob starts out as a troublemaker but grows to become a valuable and caring recruit for the X-Men.


Dead Man Logan #8


Ed Brisson and Mike Henderson Tease the Return of a Hulk Villain in ‘Dead Man Logan’ #8

The creative team also reveal what’s ahead for Logan and Glob…



The young Robert Herman learns to hate other mutants and then becomes one himself. He reluctantly joins Xavier’s school only to realize it’s where he belongs, going by the name Glob on account of his waxy exterior.


Nose of Wax

Robert Herman learns to hate mutants from his father who drags him to protests. Then, when Robert’s mutation manifests and his body transforms into a bio-paraffin wax, with his skeleton visible through his new exterior, his father lashes out at him. One night, Robert’s mother wakes him up and drives him to Westchester to live with Charles Xavier, AKA Professor X, and his school for mutants. When she drops him off, she kisses him on the forehead and tells him not to call home. He attends the school as Glob, despite feeling intense hatred for mutants. At first, he hates it at school but he comes to realize that it was where he belonged. He still feels full of anger but his feelings transfer to humans and to his dad. 


A Whole New Ball of Wax

Robert’s exterior body is made up of a transparent bio-paraffin wax, allowing his skeleton to show through. Thanks to his wax form, he possesses superhuman durability and resistance to injury, where fire and a bomb cannot harm him. He can light his wax on fire, fling globs of himself as well, and encase others in his wax to seemingly help with memory retention or protection.


In a Wax

Glob often ends up fighting those who hate and fear mutants, including the coalition Humanity Now! and the time-traveling mutant hunter Ahab. The Purifiers, an anti-mutant organization, manipulate Glob to set off a bomb in his school, and while he sets it off, he does so in an area where no one is harmed. 


As Close as Wax

Glob allies with his fellow like-minded students, the Omega Gang, who believe in a mutant revolution where mutants should fight back against their human oppressors. He becomes friends with Santo Vaccarro, AKA Rockslide, and Victor Borkowski, AKA Anole, Julian Keller, AKA Hellion, and Iara Dos Santos, AKA Shark-Girl.

He’s mentored by Old Man Logan, a future version of James Howlett/Logan, AKA Wolverine, who consoles him after he’s manipulated by a girl he liked. He also studies at Xavier’s school under X-Men veterans Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Dr. Henry McCoy, AKA Beast, and Anna Marie, AKA Rogue.


Wax On, Wax Off

Glob joins other kids at school who felt similarly to him that humans were the problem, including telepath Quentin Quire, AKA Kid Omega, Christian Cord, AKA Radian, Vincent Stewart, AKA Redneck, and Christine Cord, AKA Tattoo, and they called themselves the Omega Gang. When famous mutant Jumbo Carnation was murdered, the Omega Gang coordinated attacks on humans and joined the massacre of U-Men. They eventually referred to themselves as the New X-Men and attempted a coup, attacking Xavier with hopes that the students would follow them. Enraged, Glob set himself on fire with Redneck’s help, and chased a busload of human children. Beast, Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, and Kuan Yin Xorn, AKA Xorn, set out to neutralize Glob with cement, putting out the flames and stopping the young mutants. The X-Men sentenced them to community service and Wolverine threatened them with time in a human jail.

When Simon Trask led the anti-mutant coalition Humanity Now! in a protest against mutants in San Francisco, Beast led mutant protestors to exercise their right to exist. Glob joined the protest, which soon turned into a brawl instigated by the coalition’s members. Riot police showed up and despite Beast trying to de-escalate the situation, it got out of hand quickly with the mutants getting the blame in the media.

In the wake of M-Day, when most of Earth’s mutants lost their powers, Glob was one of the few who remained unchanged. When malfunctioning Sentinels were activated, the X-Men fought them but were soon divided on how to move forward. Cyclops and Wolverine split over training children to fight so they created two factions of X-Men. Cyclops trained students how to fight from the mutant island home of Utopia, and the latter leading students at Xavier’s school, but renamed to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Glob joined Wolverine at the school and bonded with fellow students Hellion and Shark-Girl. Glob and Hellion soon met Broodling, an alien student, and bullied him for not being a “real” mutant. 

While at the Jean Grey school, Glob continued classes under teachers and X-Men veterans Kitty Pryde, Beast, Anna Marie, AKA Rogue, and Jonothon Starsmore, AKA Chamber, learning about Pym Particles, the X-Gene, antibodies, sex education, and training in zero gravity. Though, the school was soon attacked by Exodus, and Glob with the other students were evacuated. When he misbehaved at school, he was reprimanded and sent to detention. 

When the Avengers arrived to take over the school, Glob used his fire trick to fight them, but Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, easily struck him down. Rogue came to his defense, reminding the Avengers that the mutants were children. 

When the Hellfire Club started scooping up young mutants, they attempted to lure away Jean Grey school students to their new villainous school, the Hellfire Academy, located on the back of the island that walks like a man, Krakoa. Meanwhile, Glob was expelled from school but given 24 hours to earn his way back if he joined Wolverine and several other troublesome students in the Savage Land for survival class. Once there, Dog Logan—Wolverine’s half-brother—defeated Wolverine and took charge of the students, giving them guns and cowboys, cavemen and robots to shoot at. But Dog Logan saw them as ungrateful and turned on them. He threatened them, but the students stood their ground, except Glob who ran. He was then taken to join the Hellfire Academy by the Super Villain Karl Lykos, AKA Sauron, and Glob expressed excitement to go to a school where he’d be respected.

At the Hellfire Academy, Glob studied under Raven Darkhölme, AKA Mystique, and was soon joined by his classmates Oya, Broo and Quentin. When Quentin spoke out of turn, Mystique assigned the class to  gather Quentin’s teeth for bonus points and Glob was all too happy to comply. Glob joined the all-new team Hellions and struck out to collect his points but the X-Men soon arrived to take back their missing students. Glob fought Quentin, but in a telepathic exchange admitted to Quentin that he was afraid of going against Snot on team Hellions. Krakoa soon chomped down on Glob, which pooped him out and he was taken in by Mystique and Victor Creed, AKA Sabretooth.

Glob was soon invited back to the Jean Grey School and attended classes. He continued acting out and felt assured he wouldn’t get expelled. He attended a Hellfire party with friends only for it to be broken up by veteran X-Man and teacher Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm.

Glob started to turn a corner with his rebellious side and took a few pointers from Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man. Spider-Man was investigating the students under the assumption that one of them was working with a villain. During this time, Glob learned more responsibility learning from the Web-Slinger.

When a Terrigen Cloud circled the Earth, it created Inhumans but killed mutantkind with a condition dubbed M-Pox. Cyclops destroyed one of the Terrigen clouds but lost his life in the process. Illyana Rasputin, AKA Magik, and Storm relocated the students, including Glob, to Limbo where they’d be safe and called it X-Haven. As a senior student, Glob supported the X-Men and helped protect mutantkind alongside his friends Anole, Ernst, and Martha Johansson, AKA No-Girl. When  Limbo’s demonic forces attacked X-Haven, Glob and his friends stood up to them and succeeded. As such, they all became X-Men. The new recruits trained under Piotr Rasputin, AKA Colossus. Though Glob was more interested in catching the attention of the time-displaced teenaged Jean Grey. Old Man Logan, who was quickly becoming a mentor to Glob, discouraged his interest in the young Jean, while Anole encouraged it. 

Colossus soon transformed into a Horsemen of the Apocalypse, from an encounter with a future despot known as Apocalypse, and disappeared. Glob and the team searched high and low for their teacher turned fugitive. When Glob found him, he apologized profusely as he hammered him with punches and was instrumental in his capture. After such success, Glob approached the teenaged Jean to ask her out but before he could, she was suddenly overcome and fainted.  Glob tried to get help as she screamed about a presence that would consume everything. He rushed Jean to Kurt Wagner, AKA Nightcrawler, and Forge, and Jean came to and revealed that the young mutant Sapna was possessed by The World Eater, who would consume Limbo. The other X-Men fought Sapna, defeating The World Eater but losing the young mutant, while Nightcrawler sent Apocalypse back and Colossus was restored. Glob then joined the X-Men against the Inhumans.

After the M-Pox crisis resolved, mutants returned to Earth and the school became known as the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, which was focused on teaching again. Glob was a student once more and sporting glasses. During this time, he dated fellow student Jia Jing, AKA Sprite, for a time.

When Glob’s crush, a fellow mutant Sasha, had been captured by the mutant-hating organization, the Purifiers, they manipulated Glob into setting off a bomb at the school as terms for her release. With the bomb strapped to his body, he arrived at the school only to realize he wasn’t up for it and he let the bomb go off in an empty area. He didn’t suffer any physical damage from the bomb. Old Man Logan soon arrived and Glob explained what happened but they were interrupted by the Purifiers who attacked the school. Glob soon found out that Sasha was a mutant-hater herself like the Purifiers, and feeling dejected, he was consoled by Logan. Glob later helped Logan locate Bullseye but they were too late to stop the Super Villain from taking several people. 

hen Glob encountered the tyrannical Mojo, ruler of Mojoverse. They conversed casually and Glob gave him advice on human women, which helped Mojo on a date.

Alongside the X-Men and the original time-displaced X-Men, Glob faced the time-traveling mutant hunter Ahab and his Hounds. A time-traveling young Nathan Summers, AKA Cable, helped in the battle against Ahab but it didn’t stop Ahab from controlling Glob and other mutants. Cable eventually freed Glob and the others, but Ahab escaped.

When Old Man Logan faced a terminal diagnosis of Adamanitum sickness, he departed to hunt Quentin Beck, AKA Mysterio, the villain responsible for the death of the X-Men in his timeline. Glob objected, not wanting him to go, but assisted his mentor where he could and especially when he had hallucinations. Glob intervened when Logan fought the Avengers by notifying the X-Men and joining them to pacify his friend. Mysterio soon flipped on his allies in Neo-Hydra and led Logan, Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, Glob and a small team of X-Men to their secret base in the Pacific Ocean. On land, they were met with Neo-Hydra agents and fought them off. Glob battled with the others and Logan prevented Mysterio’s former allies Sinthea Shmidt, AKA Sin, and Claudine Renko, AKA Miss Sinister, from killing the X-Men in this timeline. When it was time for Logan to return to his timeline, Glob skipped a training mission with Kitty Prdye to object to his friend’s departure. He expressed how he wasn’t sure how he’d get along without Logan, who assured him that he was a good kid and encouraged him to let others see that. They hugged and Glob saw him off with the other X-Men.

While on a training mission with his teacher Kitty Pryde,X-Men recruits Glob and his friends ended up crash landing in the X-Men’s Blackbird jet. The students survived but with injuries, Kitty disappeared, and the young team ended up in a fight with the Mutant Liberation Front. Glob called the X-Men for help and they arrived to save the day. Returning to school, Glob and the others were soon met by agitated protestors and David Haller, AKA Legion—a powerful mutant with multiple personalities and a loose grip on reality—who claimed stability and a desire to save the world. Though he lost control and attacked the students. The students rushed outside the school and the X-Men returned to confront Legion. Glob and Megan Gwynn, AKA Pixie, led the protesters to safety as the Horsemen of Salvation led by omnipotent mutant Nate Grey, AKA X-Man, arrived and blew up the institute in his attempt to bring about world peace. When the X-Men interrogated Legion, he explained how he attempted to warn them about X-Man and his Horsemen, but the senior X-Men members didn’t trust him. The students wanted to oppose X-Man in their own way, so they banded with Legion and Jamie Madrox, AKA Multiple Man. Hisako Ichiki, AKA Armor, appealed to X-Man but Legion psychically warped them all into a mental version of the hellish timeline known as the Age of Apocalypse. Stranded there, Glob, Armor, Rockslide and Pixie gained new powers and hardened emotions, coming to believe that ending X-Man’s life was the only option to prevent the end of their world. Lucas Bishop, AKA Bishop, an escapee of that timeline, rescued the children, but inadvertently left X-Man in control of Legion’s body. When Glob and the others returned, their newfound strength was gone but that didn’t stop them from engaging the Horsemen. but it was too late, X-Man used the Life Seed to create a new world for the X-Men to live in.

In a pocket reality, the mutants lived in a kind of utopia where everyone was a mutant. Though intimate relationships were discouraged and policed. Everyone had their memories wiped but for some reason, Glob remembered everything and wrote it all down in the form of fan fiction as he cared for chickens. His fellow students made fun of him and it wasn’t until Armor approached him with strange things she witnessed, like the police of their world, Department X, were making troublemakers disappear and mind-wiping students. Plus, their friend Anole was running from them. Using a nearby candle, he melted his bio-wax exterior and encased Armor in it to help her to retain information he was about to reveal. He told her that they were living in a farce created by X-Man. She eventually believed him, and soon, they shared the truth with others, such as Rockslide, but some weren’t ready for the truth and assaulted them. Amidst the fighting, Rockslide found blueprints to the Hope Summers library. It turned out Anole was recruited by a radical rebel group to commit a terrorist act there, so they went after him. When they got to the library, part of the building blew to bits. Meanwhile, their strange behavior alarmed Armor’s friend Pixie, who thought Glob was addicted to a drug called Unveil, reported them to the authorities who caught up to them at the library just when they found Anole. Armor advised them to run and they escaped. On the lamb and camping in the woods, Glob revealed the truth to Anole and about the Life Seed that X-Man used to create the world, which apparently was destroyed. He suggested that they find the Life Seed as it would prove to everyone that they’ve been lied to. They went to the beach where Glob remembered seeing X-Man last before everything changed, and as they searched desperately in the sand for the Life Seed, the X-Men and Pixie caught up with them. Arrested and taken to the Danger Room Prison complex days later, no one remembered each other, except Glob who again retained his memories despite the mind-wiping protocol that occurred. He wrote everything down again that he could remember. 

Soon all mutants started remembering more of their lives that they led before and the prisoners started to riot. Glob remained calm and watched as the world began to rip apart. Those that remembered confronted X-Man, and when encouraged by other mutants, he restored everyone’s memories and to their rightful world.

When Xavier and Max Eisenhardt, AKA Magneto, established an island nation-state of Krakoa, a safe haven for mutants, Glob joined them along with a host of other mutants. He celebrated their recognition as a sovereign nation. During a celebration, Glob danced with Pixie and asked Armor if she thought he had a shot with their mutual friend, but Armor was knee deep in trying to find their missing friends, Barnell Bohusk, AKA Beak, and Angel Salvadore, AKA Angel. Glob soon joined Armor, Manon and Maxime to find Beak and Angel who were in Nebraska due to Beak’s ailing father. Once there, their Krakoan medicine restored Beak’s father but they were soon attacked by armed gunmen who found them through a website called DOX that reported on mutant sightings and locations. Led by Túmulo, the gunmen demanded access to the Krakoan drugs and held them hostage. They were soon liberated by fellow mutant Tabitha Smith, AKA Boom-Boom. But in the firefight that followed, Beak was hit and Glob rushed him to a vehicle to get him to a hospital. Túmulo, however, got to Beak’s father and shot him before shooting himself. With the threat eliminated, Glob and the others watched as Beak’s family got him out of there. 

When Glob confronted a human at DOX headquarters with Illyana Rasputin, AKA Magik, and Dani Moonstar, he called the man out for being hateful just like the humans he grew up with and punched him. After being pulled off of the man by Magik, Glob spent some time reflecting. When Magik approached him, he revealed how his upbringing fueled his anger, leading him to join the Omega Gang and become just like his father, repeating a cycle of violence. He shared how happy he was about being safe in Krakoa and how upset he was with himself for letting his anger get the best of him. Magik reassured him that while his anger was justified, she advised him to not let it consume him.



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