Published January 14, 2019

Ego's 5 Greatest Battles

Look back at Ego’s showdowns with the likes of Thor, the Fantastic Four, and more!


We take a look back at some of Ego’s biggest battles with the likes of Thor, the Fantastic Four, Nova, and even Galactus!


When the Rigelians trapped Earth, the God of Thunder agreed to help them investigate the deadly Black Galaxy in exchange for Earth’s freedom. During this mission, Thor first encountered Ego and battled the Living Planet when it revealed its plans to conquer the universe. Ego couldn’t take Thor's barrage of lightning, so it agreed to forego its dreams of conquest.


If a planet serves as a meal for Galactus, then a Living Planet must look like an all-you-can-eat buffet. A weary Eater of Worlds discovered the existence of Ego and attempted to consume him, but Ego and Thor—along with the Wanderers, the first race who ever saw their planet eaten by Galactus—fought him off. A grateful Ego allowed the Wanderers to settle on his surface.

Fantastic Four

When Ego traveled to Earth seeking revenge against Galactus, he caused massive damage. The Fantastic Four rocketed into space to stop him, battling his hostile surface and discovering the propulsion units, which he used to come to Earth. When the Thing failed to blow up Ego’s brain, the planet tried to ram Earth, but with one of the units damaged, he instead veered into the sun and seemingly died.

Maximum Security

Not even the sun could kill Ego permanently. After reforming and battling spaceknights and Beta Ray Bill, Ego would next take center stage in Maximum Security. After the Supreme Intelligence drove Ego mad, he ended up on Earth—now a prison planet for the Kree—as a smaller “spore” version of himself. A growing Ego tried to absorb the Earth, but Quasar trapped him in his Quantum Bands.


Quasar’s death led to Ego’s escape. As the Xandarian Worldmind began recruiting new members for a new Nova Corps, Ego somehow made the list—and merged with the Worldmind to become Nu-Xander. After Ego brainwashed the Nova Corps into doing his bidding, Richard Rider lobotomized the Living Planet. Once its consciousness resurfaced, Nova manages to chase him away.


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