Published November 26, 2019

Exclusive Preview: 'The Philosophy of Deadpool'

Discover the musings of our morally confused Merc with a Mouth in this gift-appropriate hardcover, now available!

Philosophy of Deadpool

Uncover the wiles and insights of the Merc with a Mouth in this lavishly presented collection from Titan Books of Deadpool's best, worst and frankly outrageous moments from his comic book history. THE PHILOSOPHY OF DEADPOOL is available today, wherever books are sold.

Philsophy of Deadpool

Deadpool: a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a frankfurter skin suit. Even he doesn't know what the *?@$ is going on in his brain!

In this little guide to everyone's favorite mercenary, discover what makes the katana-wielding, gun-toting, insult-firing anti-hero tick, or maybe more accurately in his case, tock. With a collection of the greatest comic book covers, scenes we love to remember (or forget, depending on your disposition), and the musings of our morally confused comrade, there's sure to be some wisdom gained from the ravings of a psychotic killer who cracks wise more than a comedian on Prozac.

Thanks to Titan Books, we have an exclusive look at some of the pages below!

Philsophy of Deadpool
Philsophy of Deadpool
Philsophy of Deadpool
Philsophy of Deadpool
Philsophy of Deadpool

THE PHILOSOPHY OF DEADPOOL from Marvel Comics and Titan Books is now available wherever books are sold.



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