Published July 29, 2019

Get Your First Look Inside 'Marvel Monsters' #1

Pre-order the colossal comic before it smashes into your city on August 28!

On August 28, the monsters arrive in the big, bold, beautiful celebration of all things brutish and beastly, MARVEL MONSTERS #1!

marvel monsters #1 cover by Nick Bradshaw
MARVEL MONSTERS #1 cover by Nick Bradshaw

Someone is doing terrible things to the Marvel Monsters, and only the wondrous wiz with the powers to draw behemouths into existence—Kid Kaiju—can stop it! But that’s not all! A murderers’ row of artists like Becky Cloonan, Gerardo Zaffino, and others are on hand to provide awesome monster splash pages, accompanied by cross sections from superstar artist Superlog!

Run through the gallery below for a peek at the positively prodigious power on display in this incredible ish!

Pre-order MARVEL MONSTERS #1 at your local comic shop right now!



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