Published February 9, 2024

Meet the Dragons of the Marvel Universe

Celebrate Lunar New Year 2024 with Lockheed, Fin Fang Foom, Grogg and more Marvel dragons for a spectacular Year of the Dragon!

Meet the Dragons of the Marvel Universe

2024 marks the Year of the Dragon on the Lunar Zodiac Calendar adopted widely by Asian communities. Ahead of the Lunar New Year this February, we’re taking a look back at all the dragons in the Marvel Universe that have helped steer pivotal, fan-favorite moments. And with a universe as rich and varied as Marvel’s, no two dragons are alike; some serve as valuable allies to the heroes, while others threaten to plunge the world into darkness.

Here are all the biggest dragons in the Marvel Universe, including the stories where they crossed paths with the universe’s biggest heroes and villains. Now, let's ring in the Year of the Dragon!


8. Dragon Man/Draconus

Dragon Man is actually an advanced android developed by Professor Gregson Gilbert. Brought to life by the villainous Diablo, Dragon Man was created to attack the Fantastic Four through the costumed crook’s elaborate manipulation. Other villains have taken control of Dragon Man to use him for their own devious ends, pitting him against heroes like the Avengers and Power Pack over the years. Valeria Richards later confiscated Dragon Man and used her super-intellect to upgrade and reprogram him, giving him sentience and making him a valuable ally of the Future Foundation.


7. Dragon of the Moon

One sinister dragon whose corrosive influence has been felt throughout the Marvel Universe is the Dragon of the Moon, an ancient dragon who has corrupted powerful figures throughout the cosmos. Introduced in DEFENDERS (1972) #138, the Dragon of the Moon was responsible for turning Mordred against King Arthur before the Eternals imprisoned it on one of Saturn’s moons. In retaliation, the Dragon of the Moon claimed to have corrupted Thanos into becoming the maniacal threat to the entire universe. The Dragon of the Moon later turned innocent human Heather Douglas into Moondragon, using her against the Defenders and Guardians of the Galaxy on separate occasions.


6. Mr. Lao

Since many dragons live for centuries, they are among the wisest characters in the Marvel Universe, drawing from their extensive experiences through history. When the Mongolian Empire discovered the magical dragon Mr. Lao, he became an invaluable figure in advising the leaders of the Atlas Foundation, a secret society based in East Asia that steered the course of human civilization for centuries. In the modern era, Jimmy Woo similarly looked to Mr. Lao for his counsel, with Mr. Lao lending his insight and wisdom to help the Agents of Atlas.


5. Sadurang

The epic crossover WAR OF THE REALMS (2019) brought the mythical realms, including Asgard, to Earth in a harrowing battle to stop the evil Malekith’s conquest. One of Malekith’s most powerful allies was the Asgardian dragon Sadurang, who studied magic under Dormammu. Malekith recruited Sadurang to neutralize Iron Man. Sadurang attacked Stark Unlimited, the headquarters of Tony Stark’s latest business venture, as well as the New York Stock Exchange, but Iron Man, War Machine, and the Wasp stepped in to fight the dragon. While hiding out in Europe after Malekith’s defeat, the Savage Avengers tracked him down and exiled him to Limbo to recover the Eye of Agamotto, which he had stashed away for himself.


4. Grogg

Deep within the Soviet Union, the ancient dragon Grogg awoke from his slumber in STRANGE TALES (1951) #83 and rocketed into deep space, where he was captured by the Collector. After he was freed from a hidden underground menagerie on Earth by the Mole Man, Grogg eventually came under custody of S.H.I.E.L.D. who recruited him to carry out dangerous missions around the world. Since then, Grogg has alternated between valuable ally and rampaging menace, depending on the powerful dragon's mood.


3. Shou-Lao the Undying

The mystical city of K’un-L’un is nestled deep in the Himalayas, hidden away from prying eyes by powerful magic. Near the city is a cave where the legendary dragon Shou-Lao the Undying resides, living in a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth as the ultimate test for martial artists training at K’un-L’un. Those who defeat Shou-Lao absorb a portion of its power, with this serving as the source of power for Iron Fist. Danny Rand is among those warriors who vanquished the dragon to gain its power.


2. Lockheed

The X-Men’s many adventures in space have introduced them to plenty of friends and foes over the years, but the most adorable of them all is the small, winged dragon Lockheed. Debuting in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #166, the X-Men encountered Lockheed while fighting the Brood on a faraway planet. The dragon quickly bonded with Kitty Pryde, and became something of a pet and protector for her back on Earth, accompanying her while she joined Excalibur. Beyond the X-Men, Lockheed also teamed up with a group of other cuddly heroes to form the Pet Avengers.


1. Fin Fang Foom

The most legendary dragon of them all is Fin Fang Foom, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in STRANGE TALES (1951) #89. Fin Fang Foom hails from an alien race that visited ancient China, sleeping for centuries before the Mandarin revived him in the modern era. Fin Fang Foom and his advanced tech even helped the Mandarin’s rise to power, which placed Fin Fang Foom on a collision course with Iron Man. Whenever he is defeated, the dragon returns to Monster Isle.


Want more Marvel dragons? Check out our recommended reading list below. Happy Lunar New Year! Have a fantastic Year of the Dragon!

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