Published May 20, 2021

Ghost-Spider Announced as 2021 Hugo Awards Finalist

Winners will be announced at a ceremony at DisCon III this December!


Congrats to Seanan McGuire, Takeshi Miyazawa, Rosi Kämpe, Ian Herring and Clayton Cowles!

The 2021 Hugo Awards finalists were recently announced by DisCon III, and GHOST-SPIDER VOL. 1: DOG DAYS ARE OVER was nominated in the Best Graphic Story category.

GHOST-SPIDER VOL. 1: DOG DAYS ARE OVER cover by Jorge Molina

The Hugo Awards are the premier award for excellence in speculative fiction and recognize the best science fiction and fantasy have to offer. They were first awarded in 1953, and have been awarded every year since 1955. 

In GHOST-SPIDER, Gwen Stacy, the former Spider-Woman of Earth-65, makes her way to the Marvel Universe! With a cloud of infamy hanging over her head in her home dimension, Gwen now travels to the Prime Marvel Universe for Super Hero action...and school?! The newest student at ESU is about to get a crash course in multiversity as she splits her time between the world she loves and the world she's just getting to know! But what devious villain has their eyes on Gwen's travels? Is the newly minted Ghost-Spider ready for what comes next?

On writing Gwen Stacy, McGuire previously shared, "There were a lot of things I genuinely loved about writing Ghost-Spider, but my two favorites were a) any time Gwen talked to her dad, and b) the fact that as soon as Gwen figured out she didn't have to do laundry anymore, she just...stopped." On living her childhood dream of writing comics, McGuire said, "I never expected to have the opportunity to write any version of Gwen Stacy, much less be lead on two different titles. This is still so exciting for me. Every step of the process is exciting."

Congrats and good luck to Seanan McGuire, Takeshi Miyazawa, Rosi Kämpe, Ian Herring and Clayton Cowles, as well as all Hugo Awards finalists!

The winners for the 2021 Hugo Awards will be announced at a ceremony at DisCon III, which will be held December 15-19, 2021, in Washington, D.C. 

The collected edition of GHOST-SPIDER VOL. 1: DOG DAYS ARE OVER—plus more from the series—are available to read at home! Read the entire series right now as well as the creative team's SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST-SPIDER series on Marvel Unlimited!

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