Published December 18, 2018

Hit The Ground Running With These Runaways Essential Reads

Get more insight into Season 2 of 'Marvel's Runaways' with these inspired comic selections!

Marvel's Runaways Season 2

At the end of Season 1, "Marvel’s “Runaways" left us on the edge of our seats with the Runaways finally on the run and out on their own. With Pride right on their tail, the kids may be free but it’s clear that information on their every move is somehow getting out. Life on the run can be difficult but as long as they stick together and work it out, they’ll make it through...hopefully.

Before Season 2 debuts on Hulu this Friday, December 21, discover some of the origins and inspirations for "Marvel's Runaways" pulled from the comic pages with this essential reading list! You may even learn a little about new series character Topher, challenges, and more thanks to Marvel Unlimited

RUNAWAYS (2003) #1 - 6

With the team on the run, the kids need a place to stay. Lucky for them, they discover an abandoned mansion that becomes their refuge, which they christened "The Hostel." It’s here that their story begins and this safe haven becomes their base of operations.

Runaways (2003) #1

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RUNAWAYS (2003) #7 - 10

As the kids get used to life on the run they come across Topher, who knows how to survive and can help the team get used to their new chaotic life, but will he be an asset or an enemy? He becomes a part of the group but he has a secret....

Runaways (2003) #7

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RUNAWAYS (2005) #7

Karolina discovers herself and her feelings for Nico, which unfortunately goes unrequited. With Nico rejecting Karolina’s advances, Karolina tends to a 15-year long war between her race and another. How much of a role will a mysterious new character's presence play in the lives of Karolina and the rest of the Runaways?

Runaways (2005) #7

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RUNAWAYS (2017) #10 - 12

Nico and Karolina finally have their time together. After the initial rejection 13 years ago, feelings have changed and romance has blossomed once again and it’s just getting started!

Runaways (2017) #10

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Interested in additional recommendations? Ryan Penagos AKA Agent M gives you a perfect comic book pull list on Earth's Mightiest Show below!


Season 2 of "Marvel's Runaways" premieres Friday, December 21, exclusively on Hulu. You can watch Season 1 now.

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