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Published December 18, 2018

Go Behind the Scenes of 'Marvel's Runaways' Season 2 With A Special Look at the Hostel and Pride HQ

All 13 episodes of 'Marvel's Runaways' Season 2 to premiere on December 21!

"Marvel's Runaways" is back! Season Two of the fan-favorite series will drop all 13 episodes this Friday, December 21, exclusively on Hulu.

With the Runaways officially on the run from Pride at the end of Season 1, get ready to discover new parts of Los Angeles in this upcoming season. The Runaways find a new home in a rundown mansion, dubbed the Hostel, below Griffith Park. However, the Runaways aren't the only group getting new digs. As James Marsters and Ever Carradine, who play Victor and Janet Stein, mentioned last week, the only way Pride have a chance at getting their kids back is that they have to work together despite their ill intentions toward each other. 


We talked with some of the cast behind the Pride on some of their favorite elements behind Pride HQ.

Marvel's Runaways - Pride HQ

It's one thing to have to find your missing children. It's a whole different ball game if your missing children possess superpowers and don't want to be found. This season, Pride have their work cut out for them, and all that extra brainpower requires a home base for LA's brightest families—Pride HQ. "Pride is using everything that they know how to do well, together, and they're surrendering to work it out together even though they don't really like each other," said Carradine.

"There are three main areas of Pride," shared Brigid Brannagh, who plays Stacey Yorkes. "One is the war room. The other is the conference room, with the walls glossed over so you can't see in here, but the other is actually the headquarters for our humanitarian efforts."

Kevin Weisman, who plays Dale Yorkes, added, "It's nice because those who work Pride don't really know what we're up to so there's this duality that exists within this chamber of three rooms." 

"The secretive element of it is pretty fun," revealed Annie Wersching, who plays Leslie Dean.

In the photo above, the Yorkes and the Minorus are inside the conference room with their charity office behind them. Below, you can find photos of the true Pride lair with their state-of-the-art war room.

Marvel's Runaways - Pride HQ

According to Angel Parker and Ryan Sands, who play Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder, their hi-tech lair has facial and dinosaur recognition software as well as tables that light up and move.

"I love that Robert [Minoru] designed facial recognition software for Old Lace in case there are other dinosaurs running around Los Angeles," shared Brittany Ishibashi, who plays Tina Minoru.

However, the stand out piece across the board among members of the Pride was the giant framed Forbes' Impact & Philanthropy issue featuring all the members that hangs in Pride's charity office. 

Marvel's Runaways - Pride HQ Forbes Cover

"My favorite piece is the huge picture of me, surrounded by the other Pride," joked Marsters. "I'm in the center, and it says 'L.A. Entrepreneurs Saving the World,' but they're really talking about me."


However, the biggest set piece of the season has to be the Runaways' new hideout—the Hostel, constructed at Paramount Studios. Inspired by the comics pages, the Hostel saves the Runaways from living on the streets and provides them with battleground for them to prepare to go to war with their parents. The Hostel was originally built in the 1920s by a magician, and have survived several decades despite collapsing below Griffith Park sometime in the 60s or 70s.

According to Samantha Rattner, the series’ costume designer, early discussions with showrunners and executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage revealed that the Hostel provided the Runaways with full closets that perfectly captured their personalities.

In a special bonus clip from Earth's Mightiest Show below, Aelynn Durham takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Hostel set where we get to learn insider secrets on how they brought the set piece to life and what was needed for each of the Runaways' bedrooms.

Discover the Hostel, Pride HQ and more when "Marvel's Runaways" returns with Season 2 on Hulu December 21. You can watch Season 1 now.

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