Published September 9, 2022

Fan-Favorite Series 'It’s Jeff' Returns to Marvel Unlimited

He’s back! Read three new adventures starring Jeff the Land Shark on the Marvel Unlimited app.

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New on the Marvel Unlimited app: Jeff the Land Shark takes the Marvel Universe by storm (and sea) once again in the exclusive Infinity Comics format! Starting today, fans can read three new issues from the Eisner-nominated fan-favorite IT’S JEFF INFINITY COMIC written by Kelly Thompson with art by Gurihiru. In the first issue, “Cone of Doom,” little Jeff injures his tail, but has a hard time leaving the healing wound alone!


Read more about the new bonus issues, then head over to the app to read these three adventures in full!

IT’S JEFF INFINITY COMIC #14: "Fire-Eater." Jeff frolics in a field of fireflies...and takes an unfortunate snack break!

IT’S JEFF INFINITY COMIC #15: "The Jeff-Verse." Jeff discovers a whole toy store full of Jeffs!

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