Published November 25, 2021

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Jeff the Land Shark

Your first look at ‘It’s Jeff’ #12!

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Jeff the Land Shark celebrates Thanksgiving in this Infinity Comics special, a brand-new release starring Hawkeye: Kate Bishop and a who’s who of Marvel heroes!

Kate Bishop has something yummy in the oven, and little Jeff just can’t wait to take a bite. No, really. He cannot wait.

It's Jeff #12 Key Art

Grab your first look at IT’S JEFF #12 Thanksgiving Special by Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru here, and continue the celebrations with a whole serving of Thanksgiving comics.

It's Jeff Preview Page 1
It's Jeff Preview Page 2
It's Jeff Preview Page 3

And, this isn’t the last you’ll see of the Land Shark! Because Jeff fans are the most adorable fans in the world, we’ll be coming ashore in 2022 with more weekly issues of IT’S JEFF! This Marvel Unlimited-exclusive series has even land mammals flapping their fins in excitement, so download the Marvel Unlimited app on iOS or Android devices today.

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