Published November 28, 2018

Marvel Battle Royale Semifinals: Wolverine vs. Spider-Man

Decide which Marvel Comics editor chose best!

16 Marvel Comics editors chose their champions. Now you decide who wins.

It's the Marvel Battle Royale 2018!

Battle Royale

Yesterday, the final quarterfinal matchup saw Wade Wilson face off against T'Challa, and the winner was...


Today, the semifinals begin, as Mark Basso's berserker goes up against Devin Lewis' legendary web-slinger...

Wolverine vs. Spider-Man

Not only did the editors nominate their own gladiators, they've also laid out exactly why you should be on their side! Here's the throwdown on behalf of...


"Who better to stand alone as the sole survivor of this Battle Royale than our resident survival expert, Wolverine?

"Ever spend a frigid Saskatoon night covered in the blood of enemies you can’t even remember, Parker? Didn’t think so.

"And let’s face it, any wounds caused by Spideyhowever deep they may cut through Logan’s thick sweater of body hairwill heal faster than even the best Uncle Ben-based therapy session that scrawny nerd's ever had.

"He's the best at what he does, and what he does is toss lightweight city punks into maple trees. Come and get some, bub."

Absolutely vicious. And here's the case for...


"Healing factor? Let’s talk real healing abilities here, Logan.

"You ever walk out of your big wrestling debut and lose your father figure to a crazed criminal? Those emotional wounds cut deeper than your claws ever could.

"We all know your superficial injuries heal nice and easy, but let’s face ityou’re too scared to get close enough to people to ever get truly hurt.

"Spidey is fighting crime, juggling his love life, and honoring the legacy of Uncle Ben all while being the face of the Big Apple. He won’t just uproot and run off to the woods like some kind of word-slurring lumberjack. Guess what, pal, no matter how much you etch 'Jean + Logan' into a tree, it's never happening.

"Get out of isolation and face front like a true hero would. Like Spider-Man would."

Decide who gave the best pitch and cast your vote below right now!

The Marvel Battle Royale 2018 takes place every day throughout the month of November! Stay tuned to and @Marvel as the semifinals continue tomorrow!