Published September 26, 2023

Ms. Marvel & Bruno's Greatest Hits

As Kamala and Bruno join forces to investigate Orchis in 'Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant,' revisit a few highlights from their longtime friendship.

No matter how mighty they are, super heroes can't always save the day on their own. Between family, friends, allies, and confidantes, no hero truly stands alone, especially in their quieter moments. Much of Kamala Khan's support comes from Bruno Carrelli, her best friend. In addition to acting as her "will-they/won't-they love" interest, Burno has helped Kamala since she claimed the super hero mantle Ms. Marvel.

Bruno and Kamala grew up together in their hometown of Jersey City and, as a result, he became the first person to learn about her Inhuman super-powers after she was exposed to the Terrigen Mists. Since then, Bruno has been a firm source of support for Kamala as she continues to defend the Marvel Universe—although their relationship has occasionally been complicated by their complex feelings for one another. However, regardless of their relationship status, Kamala and Bruno have always been best friends and allies, ready to stow aside any interpersonal drama when it matters most.

To highlight their friendship and how it has evolved up through MS. MARVEL: THE NEW MUTANT (2023), here are some of Kamala and Bruno's best moments together so far.


As Kamala learned the ropes of how to be a hero with her newfound powers, she stopped a robbery at the local Circle Q, a convenience store where Bruno worked. Though Kamala was successful in protecting Bruno from the robber, she got shot in the confusion. As Kamala healed from the grievous injury thanks to her powers, she revealed her identity to Bruno while he helped her with her wound.

This moment marked just how much Kamala trusts Bruno and how quickly Bruno would reciprocate Kamala's faith in him. After agreeing to keep Kamala's super hero secret, Bruno went so far as to give Kamala a makeshift costume to conceal her identity from the authorities when they arrived on the scene. Kamala and Bruno were close friends before she became Ms. Marvel, but this pivotal scene in MS. MARVEL (2014) #4 proved just how deep that trust runs.


Being a super hero sometimes means staring down the end of the world, and Kamala faced an apocalyptic event relatively early into her time as Ms. Marvel. As universes literally collided in the lead-up to the crossover event SECRET WARS (2015), Kamala helped the community rally together amidst the cosmic chaos. Faced with the very real possibility of total annihilation, Kamala and Bruno finally admitted how much they loved each other as reality ruptured around them in the final issue of MS. MARVEL (2014).

The moment really captures Kamala Khan's role in the Marvel Universe by shining a light on her human heart and emotion amidst this super-powered spectacle. Though reality was reset after SECRET WARS (2015) and this heartfelt confession was forgotten, the moment provided a window into the truth behind Kamala and Bruno's relationship. While the almost-couple lived to love another day, all the usual complications of articulating those emotions also resurfaced.


After an accident left Bruno gravely injured, he and Kamala began to drift apart. Bruno even blamed Kamala for all the chaos that came into his life after she shared her super hero secret with him. In the face of this bitter acrimony, Bruno decided to transfer to a school in Wakanda, while Kamala visited family in Pakistan to learn more about her heritage and find herself. When she came back to Jersey City, Kamala became romantically involved with her fellow teenage super hero Red Dagger, inadvertently making Bruno jealous.

At their high school dance in MS. MARVEL (2015) #30, Bruno decided to remain in Jersey City rather than continue his studies in Wakanda. This decision coincided with Red Dagger opting to go his own way and leave New Jersey behind, with Kamala respecting her brief beau's choice to depart. Bruno vowed to eventually tell Kamala his real feelings for her, but—as the dance came to end—he was happy just to reconcile his friendship with her and eliminate the strife between them.


Bruno nearly made good on his vow to be honest about his feelings for Kamala the following summer vacation. In the midst of a cosmic adventure that brought her and her father to an alien world, Kamala recalled a personal moment she had with Bruno before she was whisked away. As the two walked together through a park, they nearly kissed each other, only to be interrupted when Kamala caught sight of her father Yusuf with another woman.

Kamala initially believed Yusuf was having an affair, only to learn that the woman was his nurse when she abruptly left Bruno behind in MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL (2019) #4. The memory of nearly progressing their relationship to the next level would haunt Kamala during her off-world voyage, even as she encountered otherworldly marvels. However, the matter was tabled until the two were reunited when Kamala returned to Earth.


Bruno and Kamala dismissed their near-kiss when they resumed classes together after the summer—until tragedy struck, at least. When Yusuf faced a life-threatening health crisis, Bruno quickly discarded any pretense to check in on Kamala and make sure she was alright. During the discussion, Bruno tacitly admitted he was in love with Kamala, only to be interrupted by a sudden attack from the monstrous super villain Mr. Hyde in MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL (2019) #9.

Before leaping into battle to save the day, Kamala reciprocated Bruno's feelings by kissing him. The two began a secret relationship shortly after Yusuf recovered, so that they wouldn't upset Kamala's parents. Ultimately, they decided they worked better as best friends than significant others, but the romantic tension between them remained.


In a tumultuous turn of events, Kamala died heroically to save Mary Jane Watson's life, only to be resurrected by the mutant nation Krakoa. There, she learned she is actually a mutant-Inhuman hybrid in X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA (2023) #1. As Kamala acclimated to these shocking discoveries, Emma Frost used her telepathic powers to erase knowledge of Kamala's death from the public, including from her family and Bruno. However, when Kamala moved to New York City for an undercover mission at an Orchis-run Empire State University program, she was torn about keeping her temporary death and mutant heritage a secret from her best friend.

Although Frost encouraged Kamala to keep her recent news a secret in the face of growing anti-mutant sentiments worldwide, Kamala entrusted Bruno with the truth in MS. MARVEL: THE NEW MUTANT (2023) #1. Bruno immediately embraced Kamala, giving her the emotional support she needed. The two spent the night commiserating the best way they knew how: playing video games together. Naturally, they insisted they are only friends when Kamala's new roommate Michelle walked in on them together.

Kamala and Bruno swing back into action in MS. MARVEL: THE NEW MUTANT #2, on sale this Wednesday, September 27!

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