Published September 23, 2022

'New Mutants' #31 First Look Sends 'Marvel's Voices: Pride' Breakout Escapade to Krakoa

Kicking off a three-issue story arc by Charlie Jane Anders, 'New Mutants' #31 brings 'Marvel's Voices: Pride' breakout character Escapade on a new adventure.

Welcome to the New Mutants, Escapade – hope you survive the experience! 

Alongside artist Alberto Alburquerque, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Charlie Jane Anders will take her MARVEL'S VOICES: PRIDE (2022) breakout character Shela Sexton, AKA Escapade, to Krakoa for an exciting new adventure in NEW MUTANTS (2019) #31. Over the course of a three-issue story arc, Shela reluctantly goes to the mutant nation-state in the hopes of saving her best friend Morgan Red from certain death. However, Emma Frost may not have been entirely forthcoming about her reasons for recruiting Escapade in the first place, sending Shela on a collision course even as she attempts to fit in with the New Mutants.

In a special first look at NEW MUTANTS (2019) #31, Shela mingles with fellow mutants like Anole and Scout by showing off the tech in her gloves, before intervening in an argument. Another page shows Shela reuniting with her friend Morgan and his winged turtle Hibbert, after which she takes the stage with Rahne Sinclair, AKA Wolfsbane, in the face of a protest against mutants. In another page, a glowing green portal suddenly opens by the stage, revealing a handful of masked soldiers who are armed to the teeth. Then, a final page reveals those soldiers have captured these Krakoan representatives – including Shela and Morgan!

"I have been such a fan of everything Vita AyalaRod Reis et al. have been doing in NEW MUTANTS, so it was a total thrill to bring Escapade, Morgan, and Hibbert into their world,” Anders said. “The characters we introduced in MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE #1 took on a whole new life when they were hanging around with the New Mutants and the Lost Club, and I've been having unconscionable amounts of fun. And as a huge admirer of Alberto Alburquerque's work on No One's Rose and other comics, I was psyched to hear that he'd be bringing this tale to life. It's going to be a wild ride!"

See Escapade's first team up with the New Mutants in this special first look at NEW MUTANTS #31 below!

NEW MUTANTS (2019) #31 interior artwork by Alberto Alburquerque

On Sale 10/26

Will all these mutants make it out alive? Find out in NEW MUTANTS #31, on sale October 26!

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New Mutants #31 Preview



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