Published December 21, 2022

'New Mutants Lethal Legion' Propels Escapade into a World of Mutants & Monsters

Arriving in March, Charlie Jane Anders and Enid Balám's 'New Mutants Lethal Legion' pits Escapade and the New Mutants against a mysterious new group of Super Villains.

Bestselling writer Charlie Jane Anders is back with a fresh New Mutants adventure starring Wolfsbane, Karma, Escapade, and more.

After her introduction in MARVEL'S VOICES: PRIDE (2022) #1, Marvel's new trans mutant Super Hero starred her very own NEW MUTANTS (2019) storyline by Anders and Alberto Alburquerque. Starting with issue #31, Escapade arrived on Krakoa and battled the U-Men alongside her best friend Morgan and their flying turtle Hibbert, as well as Wolfsbane, Cerebella, and Leo. Now, Anders will propel Escapade into a five-issue miniseries: NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION.

On March 8, Anders and rising superstar artist Enid Balám will launch NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION, which will pit Escapade and the New Mutants against an all-new team of Super Villains called the Lethal Legion. But who is behind the Lethal Legion? Has Krakoa’s youngest class finally met its match? Everything leads to the Fall of X – don’t sleep on the start.

"I had so much fun writing a few issues of NEW MUTANTS, I didn't want to get off this ride. So I was overjoyed when Marvel asked me to do a whole NEW MUTANTS miniseries of my very own, where I can stretch out and explore these characters in more depth," Anders told "After the dark, scary storyline in 'The Sublime Saga,' I was eager to change gears and do something funnier and lighter, and it's been a total blast getting to play around in the Marvel Universe."

"I've really loved getting to explore the classic NEW MUTANTS themes around coming of age, dealing with trauma, and making plenty of mistakes along the way," she added. "And of course, I'm overjoyed to write more story for Escapade, Morgan, and Hibbert and show how they continue to find their place in a world of mutants and monsters."

NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION #1 cover by Javi Fernández

On Sale 3/8

Escapade and the New Mutants' fight for their lives begins in NEW MUTANT LETHAL LEGION #1, on sale March 8!

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