Published December 21, 2023

Meet Oblivion, the Cosmic Entity Obsessed with Destroying Reality

Who is Oblivion? Meet the cosmic entity whose ultimate goal is the end of all life and matter in the Multiverse.

In the Marvel Universe, a number of cosmic entities embody concepts, including the idea of Oblivion itself. Formed at the rebirth of the universe alongside his powerful siblings, Oblivion is an immensely formidable figure who is obsessed with destroying reality as a natural extension of his core identity. 

A nigh-unstoppable entity that has battled many heroes across his extensive history, Oblivion has now set his sights on the uneasy alliance between The-Powers-That-Be and The-Natural-Order-of-Things as these divine figures navigate their tense peace on Earth.

As Oblivion meddles in the pages of G.O.D.S. (2023), here is everything you need to know about the cosmic figure, the impressive extent of his powers, and his long history throughout the Marvel Universe.


As his name suggests, Oblivion is the personification of nothingness. The sibling of Death, Eternity, and Infinity, Oblivion is particularly close with Death, as he believes they share a common goal, and holds a deep grudge against Infinity, seeing him as his thematic opposite. Ultimately, Oblivion wants to see the total annihilation of all life and matter in the Multiverse, but his siblings Infinity and Eternity keep his ambitions in check.

Oblivion doesn't operate completely on his own. He selects avatars to assist him and once even created a daughter to keep him company in his never-ending mission. Oblivion's first associate was the Chaos King, who wielded the cosmic entity's forces of chaos as well as his eternal crusade to upend and destroy the natural order of the universe. This obsessive goal pits Oblivion against many heroes of the Marvel Universe.


As the living embodiment of non-existence, Oblivion is one of the most cosmically powerful figures in the Marvel Universe, on par with figures like the In-Betweener and Eternity. Oblivion is vastly intelligent, possesses a degree of cosmic awareness that keeps him apprised of events occurring around the universe, and can move through time and space with relative ease. 

Oblivion has superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, as well as the abilities to teleport, fly, and create energy blasts and force fields. He can manipulate matter, which allows him to annihilate, create, or transform objects in the blink of an eye. This led him to create his daughter Mirage to help him contend with his supreme loneliness. 

Just as Galactus can empower heralds with a fraction of his energy, Oblivion can create avatars or imbue existing individuals with the power to operate as his agents. While enormously powerful, Oblivion does not possess full omnipotence, which means he is unable to completely manipulate time or resurrect anyone he so chooses. As such, he is not completely invulnerable himself.


The first super hero to cross paths with Oblivion wasn't a conventionally cosmic hero, but rather one of the founding X-Men: Bobby Drake. Debuting in ICEMAN (1984) #1, Oblivion was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Alan Kupperberg as an antagonist for Bobby that was more powerful than any other foe he had ever known at that time. Oblivion summoned Bobby to his pocket dimension, where he tasked the mutant hero with tracking down his missing daughter Mirage on Earth and returning her to him.

After getting to know Mirage under her civilian guise as Marge Smith, Iceman confronted Oblivion alongside Mirage, knowing full well he risked total annihilation for his defiance. Through Iceman's courageous last stand, Oblivion gained a greater understanding of the human condition and the concept of selfless love, permitting him to leave his realm intact.

Meanwhile, Mirage willingly stayed behind after realizing her father had created her out of a need for platonic companionship. As Bobby returned to Earth, Oblivion and Mirage merged into a single composite being once more, with Oblivion also absorbing his daughter's experiences on Earth.


The encounter with Iceman didn't change Oblivion's outlook for long. The cosmic being soon created a new avatar in Maelstrom, along with his associate Deathurge, who set out to destroy all reality. Quasar, a cosmic hero empowered by the Quantum Bands, ultimately defeated Maelstrom and effectively saved the universe. Following this setback, Oblivion reluctantly entered a fragile truce with his siblings, agreeing to play a less active role in destroying reality in QUASAR (1989) #25.

Maelstrom continued to try to destroy reality to appease his master, putting him and Deathurge in direct conflict with the Great Lakes Avengers. To these cosmic villains' surprise, they were defeated by this unassuming Avengers team. Oblivion even expressed his disappointment that his subordinates were unable to triumph over even the most unorthodox and unserious heroes. Frustrated, Oblivion selected Doorman as his new avatar in G.L.A. (2005) #4, as he felt that Deathurge had failed him for the last time.


Debuting earlier this fall, G.O.D.S. (2023) revolves around the uneasy peace between The-Powers-That-Be and The-Natural-Order-of-Things, as well as their avatars in the Marvel Universe. While Doctor Strange and The-Powers-That-Be's avatar Wyn were distracted with an unstable Cubisk Core in G.O.D.S. (2023) #3, Oblivion's newest, unwitting agent on Earth—a young woman named Amelia Addison—began to carry out his will before anyone around her became aware of what she was doing. 

With Doctor Strange and Wyn one step behind Oblivion, the cosmic entity has the upper hand once again, and he is already reveling in the chaos and devastation that is sure to come. And when dealing with a threat as calculating and formidable as Oblivion, the entire Marvel Universe should be on the defensive.

Behold Oblivion in G.O.D.S. #3, on sale now!

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