Published March 3, 2023

Black Panther Pays 'Rogue & Gambit' a Violent Visit in Issue #2 First Look

In a special first look at 'Rogue & Gambit' #2 by Stephanie Phillips and Carlos Gómez, the couple get into a tussle with Black Panther.

As if their day could not get any worse, Rogue and Gambit are about to receive an unexpected (and very unhappy) visitor.

In Stephanie Phillips and Carlos Gómez's ROGUE & GAMBIT #1, Destiny convinced the eponymous couple to go to Manifold and persuade him to join Krakoa, but their mission quickly went sideways, leaving them both powerless and stranded in the desert. Now, in ROGUE & GAMBIT #2, they'll have to contend with an antagonist they never saw coming: the one and only Black Panther!

A special first look at ROGUE & GAMBIT #2 finds Manifold trapped in a containment unit alongside Deathstrike and many, many others. One page shows Black Panther encountering Rogue and Gambit at a bar, only for a fight to breakout between Black Panther and Gambit in another. Finally, Rogue joins the fray when Gambit realizes his kinetic powers are still on the fritz—just in the nick of time!

Catch Rogue and Gambit's close encounter with Black Panther in a special first look at ROGUE & GAMBIT #2 below!

ROGUE & GAMBIT #2 interior artwork by Carlos Gómez

On Sale 4/5

What does Black Panther want with Rogue and Gambit? Find out in ROGUE & GAMBIT #2, on sale April 5!

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'Rogue & Gambit' #2 Preview


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