Published October 31, 2018

Spider-Geddon: Profiling the Inheritors - Part 1

Learn more about the villains getting tangled in the Spider-Geddon web!

As the Spider-Geddon rages across universes, the villains at the eye of the maelstrom – the Inheritors – come into sharp focus. They’re a clan or family of immortal hunters dedicated to tracking, subduing, and utterly destroying animal and human totems on every Earth but with a particular interest in spider-beings.

The following guides will help in identifying these nasty creatures. If any Inheritors make incursion in your reality, do not engage. Please notify your local spider-hero immediately.

Bora and Brix – First Appearance: SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #33

Spider-Geddon Inheritors Bora and Brix

The twin terrors designated Bora and Brix seem well-dressed and stylish in their long crimson coats, tall boots, and long blonde tresses, but their outward appearance belies an underbelly of decadence and evil made evident in their cruel eyes, sharp fangs, and murderous appetites.

Both siblings boast superhuman strength, stamina, resilience, and agility, all gained temporarily by their uncanny power to drain the literal life energies from living beings. These abilities can be acquired in purer fashion if Bora and Brix absorb the life from creatures of certain groups such as humans, insects, birds, etc. In addition, they may also “sense” any life force they’ve merely touched, even across universes. But if in the presence of radiation, both Inheritors weaken. Overall, they both claim immortality, provided they’re not killed by untoward means.

Bora and Brix view their hunting of totems as great sport, one they’ll play throughout eternity. Unfortunately for them, they both also see it as a competition, one which they’ll carry to extreme lengths, even to the point of interfering with each other’s prey and that of their fellow Inheritors. The siblings have held their own against such powerful opponents as the Six-Armed Spider-Man and the Cyborg Spider-Man.

During recent clashes with these spider-heroes and the so-called “Spider-Army,” Bora’s been know to favor dagger-like knives in her attacks, while her brother Brix utilizes a wicked-looking whip not unlike an Earth cat-o-nine-tails.

Daaroh – First Appearance: EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #3

Spider-Geddon Inheritors Daaroh

Precious little information exists about the Inheritor known as Daaroh. His one sighting occurred on Earth-31411 during a battle with that universe’s spider-hero, Aaron Aikman, aka The Spider-Man. Daaroh sent his mind out from an unknown location to possess a comatose human on that Earth and adopted a cybernetic rig that emulated a spider’s body complete with extra mechanical legs ending in sharp edges and blank, glowing eyes.

Upon encountering Daaroh, the Spider-Man first mistook him for another Inheritor, Naamurah, whom the hero had clashed with before, but once he defeated the weird menace realized it as a separate entity who possessed one of Naamurah’s previous victims. To compound the horror, Aikman also discovered the device used by the Inheritor to control the host was one he created himself.

Daaroh fought well, but ran afoul of the Spider-Man’s web-shooters. Upon being subdued and identified, he issued a warning to Aikman that others of his clan would follow and the situation would bring an end to the hero and his world. Though Daaroh subsequently released his host and presumably fled that universe, his ultimate survival as a threat remains to be seen.

Daemos – First Appearance: SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #33

Spider-Geddon Inheritors Daemos

Thick and stout, the Inheritor called Daemos dresses in a somber style that echoes that of a century long past on Earth, but in reality he stands as an evil person with insidious aims.

Like his Inheritor siblings, Daemos boasts superhuman strength, stamina, resilience, and agility he derives from stealing the life forces from other beings. He must do this to maintain his hold on immortality or he’ll perish from normal means like any other living thing. He also possesses the ability to recognize those humans he’s touched, even across realities.

Daemos’ personality runs to intense jealously and envy for the other Inheritors, most especially the wayward Karn, who he sees as their father’s favorite, and also Morlun, another sibling he believes to act superior to the rest of them. In combat, Daemos wields an immense hammer with which he batters his foes into submission and their ultimate demise.

While on an excursion to one Earth, the Inheritor battled several spider heroes, including Assassin Spider-Man, Six-Armed Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Woman, and the unfortunate Cyborg Spider-Man whom he managed to kill. Subsequently, Daemos met his own fate at the hands of Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man, but soon returned in a cloned body to murder Old Man Spider. Daemos remains at large and a threat to all spider-heroes and Totems.

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