Published October 25, 2019

'Spider-Man: Noir' Will Rise Again in March 2020

Spinning out of 'Spider-Verse' #5, Margaret Stohl and Juan Ferreyra will bring back this slick Spidey in 2020!

Face front, Spider-Fans! One of your favorite Spider-Characters will make a comeback in March 2020 -- SPIDER-MAN: NOIR #1, written by Margaret Stohl (THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL) with art by Juan Ferreyra (KILLMONGER), will bring the fedora-loving Spider-Man of Earth-90214 back for a five-issue limited series. Here's some concept art from the series:

Spider-Man Noir concept art
SPIDER-MAN: NOIR concept art

Stohl previewed what she had planned for the darker Spider-Man's story: “Spider-Man Noir has become this kind of rogues’ gallery of all my favorite things: a deadpan Spidey Noir sensibility, a classic globe-trotting adventure, a femme fatale, a doomed excavation, loot, punching Nazis, Aunt May, camels, heroes of legend, and oh yeah, an actual rogue’s gallery of classic Spider-Man Noir Super Villains — all done up 1933 style! I mean really, how could I pass this one up?

“I’m so excited to bust Spider-Man Noir out of New York City and let him loose on the other side of the pond. Without saying too much — London, I hope you’re ready for this, because the friendly Noir neighborhood just got about five countries bigger.”

Spider-Man Noir concept art
SPIDER-MAN: NOIR concept art

Marvel Editor Devin Lewis provided some more scoop: “The last time we saw him, Spider-Man Noir was murdered at the hands of the Inheritors during SPIDER-GEDDON. But you can’t keep a good spider down, and Spidey Noir is one of the best. After being resurrected through magical means in the forthcoming SPIDER-VERSE #5, Peter Parker of Earth-90214 is going to learn that his world is a whole lot bigger than two-bit gangsters tearing up his friendly neighborhood. The shadow of war looms on the horizon, and in SPIDER-MAN: NOIR #1 it reaches New York!"

SPIDER-VERSE #5, written by Christos Gage, goes on sale in February, paving the way for SPIDER-MAN: NOIR #1 in March!

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