Published December 4, 2018

Spider-Man Wins the Marvel Battle Royale 2018

See how Spidey took the title over Deadpool!

16 Marvel Comics editors chose their champions. And you decided who won the Marvel Battle Royale 2018...

Battle Royale

The final came down to Tom Brevoort's mercenary and Devin Lewis' web-slinger, and the results were delightfully definitive:


The Merc with a Mouth put in a mighty performance, though! In fact, he book-ended the contest, starting with a first round match-up win over Squirrel Girl.


The biggest margin of victory came when Jean Grey dismantled Machine Man...


And the closest result was between the Regeneratin' Degenerate and the Hulk in the semifinals...


And the highest number of votes were cast in the other semifinal, when Wolverine attempted to slow down Spidey's momentum...


But it wasn't to be, and the champion of the Marvel Battle Royale 2018 was clear from the start. Swinging into victory was the people's champ...


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Thanks for voting in the Battle Royale! And as ever, stay tuned to and @Marvel for more fabulous fun from across the mighty Marvel Universe!