Published May 2, 2023

Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Ghost-Spider, and More Spider-Verse Heroes Unite Against an All-New Foe

The story a year in the making begins in ‘Spider-Verse Unlimited’ #48! Read the Infinity Comic out now on the Marvel Unlimited app.

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New on the Marvel Unlimited app from creators J. Holtham, Nathan Stockman, and Pete Pantazis: The story a year in the weaving kicks off in SPIDER-VERSE UNLIMITED #48! Spider-Man: Miles Morales finally gets a little time to take stock and have a romantic moment with Tiana…before Madame Web slams him with a psychic blast! Then, a fight with a mystery man costs him more than he ever would have expected. The team-up to save the Spider-Verse begins!


Story arc “Along Came the Spiders” marks the grand finale of the SPIDER-VERSE UNLIMITED anthology series, exclusive to the app’s vertical Infinity Comics lineup. Told weekly across six parts, new chapters will drop each Tuesday on the app, uniting Spider-Heroes like Spider-Man: Peter Parker, Ghost-Spider, and Silk. The entire Spider-Verse has been imperiled by a dangerous, all-new foe—one who’s been lurking in the shadows this whole time…

Grab your first look at “Along Came the Spiders” in SPIDER-VERSE UNLIMITED #48 before reading in full on the Marvel Unlimited app!

Preview panels from SPIDER-VERSE UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC (2022) #48.
Preview panels from SPIDER-VERSE UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC (2022) #48.
Preview panels from SPIDER-VERSE UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC (2022) #48.

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