Published October 24, 2018

The West Coast Avengers Will Make Their Super Hero Debut on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

'West Coast Avengers #4' will also have a variant cover by David Nakayama!

The West Coast Avengers are taking the next giant leap as a Super Hero team -- WEST COAST AVENGERS #4 will see them making their late-night debut on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"! The upcoming issue, which goes on sale Wednesday, November 21, will put the West Coasters in the spotlight in the midst of tons of monster-sized threats in Los Angeles.

The "Kimmel" appearance will put team leader Kate Bishop (aka Hawkeye) to the test as she and the WCA try to convince the TV-viewing audience that they can come together and save the day. Series editor Alanna Smith said, “We wanted the new West Coast Avengers to be able to debut to the rest of the Marvel Universe in a big, bombastic way—and what’s a better place for a team that’s courting the LA limelight to debut than 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'? (Or, at least, the Marvel U equivalent!)”

West Coast Avengers Jimmy Kimmel cover

WEST COAST AVENGERS #4, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Stefano Caselli, also marks the second time a hero named Hawkeye made a late-night TV appearance. Smith pointed out: “This is actually Hawkeye’s second time in the hot seat of a famous talk show—[Clint Barton] went on 'Late Night with David Letterman' in AVENGERS #239, an appearance which we’ve paid homage to with our Jimmy Kimmel variant cover!”

The variant cover featuring the show's host was created by David Nakayama. You can view a preview page of the Kimmel appearance below!

West Coast Avengers Jimmy Kimmel comic preview

Will the "Kimmel" appearance make or break the West Coast Avengers? You'll have to tune in -- or read -- to find out!

WEST COAST AVENGERS #4, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Stefano Caselli and a "Jimmy Kimmel Live" variant cover by David Nakayama, goes on sale Wednesday, November 21. Pre-order your copy now online or at your local comic shop!



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