Published November 4, 2022

Meet Tiger Division, South Korea's Own Super Hero Team

Who is Tiger Divison? Read on to learn more about White Fox, Luna Snow, Lady Bright, and the other members of South Korea's very own Super Hero team!

The South Korean Super Hero team Tiger Division is leaping into the spotlight with an all-new comic series by writer Emily Kim and artist Creees Lee. Now on sale, the five-issue limited series TIGER DIVISION (2022) brings the eponymous ensemble together as they defend South Korea from overwhelming threats, even as their individual histories are revealed. With a colorful cast that boasts a dazzling array of superpowers, this team is ready to show the Marvel Universe what they’re made of.

The Tiger Division debuted in Jed MacKay and Joey Vazquez’s BLACK CAT ANNUAL (2021) #1, though several of the characters have appeared elsewhere around the Marvel Universe, including MacKay’s TASKMASTER (2020) run. Here is a quick breakdown of each member of Tiger Division and where readers may have seen the Korean heroes before.


Tiger Division is led by Ami Han, who took on the Super Hero mantle White Fox in a nod to her mythical origins. Ami is the last of the kumiho, fox-like monsters in Korean mythology who can shapeshift and feast on human hearts – at least according to legend. However, it’s worth noting Ami is half-kumiho and half-human. 

As an adult, Ami joined South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) and quickly rose to the rank of director, which led her to oversee the Tiger Division. Originally appearing in the South Korean webcomic AVENGERS: ELECTRIC RAIN (2014) by Young Hoon Ko, White Fox made her American comic book debut in CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS (2015) #1 by Al Ewing and Paco Medina. She later served on the Agents of Atlas.

Tapping into her kumiho ancestry, White Fox is able to transform into a nine-tailed fox, with each of her tails possessing its own power. She also boasts superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. White Fox can extend her fingernails into razor-sharp claws and has enhanced senses, while her magical background allows her to communicate with animals and mesmerize others with her hypnotic voice. To help fuel her White Fox abilities, Ami can absorb human life force on contact, which she often does with a kiss on the mouth.


On the field, Seol Hee – AKA Luna Snow – takes point for Tiger Division. As both a Super Hero and a pop star, Luna that has built up an impressive reputation for herself and as an occasional member of the Agents of Atlas. 

After being orphaned at an early age, Hee decided to support her grandmother by launching a music career. She founded the pop group 4L1T, dubbing her public persona Luna Snow. During a 4L1T performance at the Stark Arena, the concert venue was attacked by A.I.M., which triggered an accident involving a cold fusion reactor. As a result, Luna gained cyrokinetic abilities, empowering her just in time to defeat A.I.M. and launch a Super Hero career.

Introduced in the mobile game MARVEL Future Fight, Luna Snow made her comic book debut in WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS (2019) #1 by Greg Pak and Gang Hyuk Lim. Luna uses dark ice constructs to launch offensive techniques, while her light ice can be used to heal people from grave injuries. While maintaining her pop star career, Luna is ready to leap into action and defend her native South Korea at a moment’s notice.


The Squadron Supreme isn’t the only team in the Marvel Universe to have its own high-flying, nigh-invulnerable Super Hero. Tiger Division’s heavy hitter is the South Korean champion Taegukgi, who took his moniker after the South Korean flag. Hailed as a national icon, Taegukgi is one of the Tiger Division’s most beloved public figures. With superhuman strength, speed, endurance, flight, and the ability to fire energy beams from his eyes, Taegukgi may be one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Created by MacKay and Alessandro Vitti in TASKMASTER (2021) #3, Taegukgi has been compared to The Sentry and Hyperion in regards to sheer power. Taegukgi goes by the civilian name Tae-Won when he isn’t on hero duty, but the true nature of his background remains a mystery at the start of TIGER DIVISION.


Originally introduced as Auntie Ante, Lady Bright fuels her incredible abilities through magic linked to her penchant for gambling. Wielding a deck of traditional hanafuda cards, Lady Bright can magically enlarge them to become flying platforms, powerful shields, or portals to different locations. In addition to her mystical cards, Lady Bright is implied to be far older than she physically appears, though the source of her apparent immortality is unknown.

Little of Lady Bright’s background is currently known, including her real name, personal history, and how she gained the magical cards she uses to channel her awesome abilities. It is similarly unknown why Lady Bright decided to take on her current moniker and how she ended up working for the Tiger Division. Though Lady Bright visibly cares for her teammates, these unanswered questions about her origins make her something of a wild card.


True to his name, the most mysterious member of the Tiger Division is Mr. Enigma. Mr. Enigma is described as a demigod with a penchant for partying when he isn’t keeping himself entertained by the thrill of battle. However, Mr. Enigma’s greatest ability appears to be his immortality, as the demigod can fully recover from virtually any injury he endures.

Initially, Mr. Enigma wasn’t a voluntary member of Tiger Division; he was forced onto the team after an explosive device was implanted in his neck to ensure his obedience. However, after the device detonated, Mr. Enigma made a full recovery and decided to remain with the Tiger Division anyway because they supplied him with booze and genuinely exciting fights. Falling into the role of the team’s loose cannon, Mr. Enigma still continues to prove his worth in his own freewheeling way.


The original Gun-R was an android programmed by the South Korean government to fight crime for the NIS, but he was killed in action by Maestro in CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS (2015). A second android Super Hero working with the NIS, appropriately named Gun-R II, was introduced in BLACK CAT ANNUAL (2021) #1. Gun-R II is programmed with a noticeably more sarcastic personality than his predecessor.

Thanks to the advanced technology in his composition, Gun-R II has incredible strength, speed, and endurance. He can also fly and project powerful energy blasts. When Taegukgi had his body controlled by the villainous Mongal, Gun-R II was among the heroes who stood up to his compromised teammate and faced the champion’s full might. Quick with snarky quip but ready to help the Tiger Division whenever they’re in a jam, Gun-R II is an android with a surprising amount of humanity.


The General is another inorganic member of the Tiger Division. While Gun-R represents the synthetic future of Super Heroes, the General is a nod to its ancient history. Towering in size, the General is a looming mystical totem brought to life. Due to his solid stone composition and the magic used to animate him, the General possesses extraordinary levels of strength and endurance, making him a bonafide bruiser.

In contrast to Gun-R II’s sarcastic personality, the General is an old softie and is perhaps the most compassionate member of the Tiger Division. The General goes out of his way to ensure innocents are safe as he defends his homeland. Introduced alongside the rest of the Tiger Division by MacKay and Vasquez, the General is the team’s stony muscle with a heart of gold.

Catch Tiger Division in action in TIGER DIVISION (2022) #1, on sale now!

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